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July 23, 2015

If You Run, You are a Runner {No Matter What Size, Ladies}

Between Women's Running Magazine's August 2015 cover and the profile on Mirna in Runner's World, the whole world (not just the running community) has been on fire about celebrating different body types of runners. I love both magazines and always read them cover to cover each month. Monica pretty much covered a lot I have to say yesterday, but I still wanted to share my thoughts

Also you should TOTALLY pick up the August issue (on stands now!) of Women's Running Magazine because it's a great publication and because you might recognize a face in the Blogger on the Run column. YEP THAT'S ME. I know it's super silly and there's bloggers who are in magazines or write for big websites all the time, but I'm really damn proud. I'm a little runner lady who started this blog to share my story, hopefully inspire some people, and connect with others. I'm small enough that I don't worry much about SEO, make a profit, or have a huge following but big enough that I get some sponsored posts and swag and some cool opportunities. 

It's really awesome to see that my hustle with upkeeping this blog and always trying to make it better is paying off (so that people enjoy it and so that my thoughts aren't a big random pile on the interwebs). Celebrate your hard work and all the small moments. I literally might laminate this page and put it on the wall above my desk (#I'MAHUGENERD). 

There is an awesome little Q&A with the cover model Erica online. I totally agree when she says "Running is for everybody anytime".  

It's always cool to see someone strutting their stuff who is a strong runner lady, especially because I've read many snippets of interviews with models who just say they do pilates and yoga.  I also was really moved in a different way about the article featuring Mirna of Fat Girl Running in the latest issue of Runner's World.  The first line of the article hit me so hard:

"People always say to me, ‘Anyone who runs as much as you do deserves to be skinny.’ Of course, what they're really saying: ‘If you do all this running, why are you still so fat?"

It may seem silly to you, but I feel like this some days.  I've got this blog & social media and all my friends know about my running adventures so it sometimes feels like well, people expect me to be skinny and ripped with a six-pack because I workout so much and eat things like chia seed pudding.  Even though I can totally put away some pizza and ice cream it should be okay because I work out so much. 

Of course other days I feel great and am all like: 
{source} Queen Bey tells it like it is. 

Mirna's story is so inspiring because of all she has done in her life and how much she has helped her community.  She is so honest and talks about accepting her weight but of course not being satisfied with it. The article also focuses on the running group she started and how many people she has truly helped with her life including encouraging other women to start running.  I literally teared up after reading it. 

From Runner's World, photo by Brian Metlz
I love seeing things like this. However a small part of me gets irritated that being a "curvy runner" is such a big deal. Body love and acceptance seems to be a hot topic and changing a lot for the better which is AWESOME. However there is always backlash though about skinny-shaming and how we shouldn't glorify just one body type.  

I don't want this to come off the wrong way. I think it's totally awesome to see a woman on the cover of a running magazine who actually looks like a lot of runners. I just don't want the pendulum to swing too far in that all magazines feel the need to sort of insincerely use "curvy" models just because it's trendy right now. It would be cool to see a day when there are women of all sizes in magazines and for it not to be a big deal or create news about a the fact that there's "plus-size model" (a term I also dislike).  

As long as people are healthy, who cares what your clothes size is or what what your weight is.I wish for a day when that number on the scale or in your pants tag is like your shoe size, just kind of a fact

Besides all of that, I'm excited to see a woman that many female runners can relate to getting some press in a fitness publication. If that encourages just one woman to start running or sign up for a race, then that is AMAZING. While I am pretty average and maybe considered thin to some people, I've got some body issues like many ladies and definitely don't see a fit runner in myself sometimes. I've critiqued those unflattering race photos- my pudgy stomach, my thighs that would chafe in shorts without BodyGlide, and my boyish & uncurvy figure.   

When I first saw Ashley's post about running in a sports bra, I thought I wish I could do that. Really what's stopping me? People will see my un-flat stomach and disapprove? Do people at races really think anything at all of how I look, let alone that I don't look like a lean, tall, speedy runner? 

I just see a happy, fit runner lady. 

If you made it through my ramble, just take away this: if you run, you are a runner. It doesn't matter what shape, size, color, fitness level, or speed you are. You just are one. And feeling insecure about how you look compared to other "runners" should not hold you back from running or racing. 

Running has brought me so much happiness & strength so if you think you're too [fill in blank with negative idea] to run and that is keeping you from experiencing it in your life, that's just plain silly.  


Have you read either of those articles? What's your favorite health & fitness magazine?

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July 16, 2015

Nuun Discount, Stress, and RNR Philly {Thinking Out Loud}

Random posts that cover a bunch of topics are my favorite because I love thinking out loud and sharing lost of things with you all! I've been uber busy so there will probably more posts like this in the future.  

1. From what I read lots of people like me are training for races and events this summer. If you aren't training, there is a good chance you are still spending time outside, and the weather is getting hot & humid which means upping hydration.  Nuun Hydration, my favorite electrolyte company, is offering a friends & family discount that I'm sharing with you as part of Team Nuun just in time. 

Save 20% off orders with code "NuunSummer15" through 7/23/15. My favorites right now are the Nuun Energy Lemon-Lime, Watermelon Nuun Active, and Kona Kola Nuun Active. 


2. My grad school plans all changed (for the better) a couple weeks ago and now I'm going to the program I wanted to all along! Yay! That means all the Fall plans I had cancelled or tried to make have to be switched around due to a new schedule. That also means I'll still get a chance to run the Rock 'n' Roll Philly half marathon on October 31

It was my first ever half marathon and this year despite scheduling issues early on due to the Pope's visit to Philadelphia in September, this race is still going to be amazing. 

I've got a really busy October & November but I couldn't pass up using my Tourpass to run this race. Since it's post-Chi marathon, I'll probably be limping along and might be begging people to give me piggyback rides.  I'll definitely be grabbing candy from all the aid stations.  I plan on rocking a costume and having fun with it, and you should totally join me

  If you are still skeptical, here's 10 Reasons to Run Philly including how it has the lowest price for the race since 2010, it's on Halloween (which means costumes galore and CANDY at aid stations!), it's a fast, PR-perfect course, raises money for the American Association for Cancer Research, and you can go explore the city and grab a post-race cheesesteak to celebrate. I mean, c'mon.

The just released race bling for Philly RNR
As always, you can even save $15 on race registration on mostly any Rock 'n' Roll half or full marathons in 2015 here with my code below.   


3.  This past Tuesday was my favorite run of the month-Shack Track and Field Baltimore! It was a really humid night, and after running the 3 miles to Charm City Run I was already quite sweaty. I ran an easy 4 miles along the water because I'm a rebel and didn't stick to the 3 or 5 mile run routes.  Actually my legs were really tight so 5 miles wasn't happening. After I got back to Shake Shack I made a big sweat puddle as I waited in line for my free drink. I went with a chocolate milkshake, and sadly it was gone way too quickly. A really cold (and free) milkshake after a sweaty run tastes amazing. It was definitely the highlight workout of the week. 

Milkshake lovin. 
Be sure to the check out the next Shack Track and Field on August 11 starting at 7 PM at Charm City Run (it's always the 2nd Tuesday of the month!) 

4. I read & shared this article about female runners getting attacked in Southeast Baltimore this morning. It's things like this that make me sad about Baltimore because most of the time I feel really safe in the city. It's not like Baltimore needs more bad press either. I have talked with my boyfriend and friends multiple times lately about how being a female is completely different than a being male. I think about my "femaleness" all the time because everyday I have flashes of concern about walking around the city, running, and my safety in general. It sounds silly when I type it out, but I really believe that women worry or think about the possibility of things like getting attacked way more than men. 

 This is just a reminder to be always be aware of your surroundings when running, especially all my fellow lady runners. 

5. I was feeling pretty good last week, but this week has been a big ball of stress. I'm constantly tired, stress-eating, and feel like there isn't enough hours in the day. Training, work, paperwork & finances for school, and generally life issues have all been colliding.  I'm going to try to ride this week out and come back more organized and ready to go next week!  I am attending a barre class with REV at the Four Seasons this evening just for me. I really have been trying to save money but a rooftop barre class on a beautiful evening and a cocktail included sounded like something I needed in my life right now. 

What is something you did for yourself this week? What has been your favorite workout this week so far? 

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May 14, 2015

TOL: Everyday I'm hustlin'

Yes I've been hustlin', as always it seems. I'm still behind on blogging and have like 10 overdue race recaps. Life has been crazypants. So here's some random thoughts and updates as for Thinking Out Loud Thursdays


1. I've been so busy I can't even be bothered to put my socks on the correct feet, even though I'm not sure it makes a difference.  
Shout-out to my comfy Feetures! Running socks. 
2. My birthday was pretty low-key but awesome. 27 is a pretty weird age to turn, but I'm trying to just focus on continuing to do awesome things. If "nobody likes you when you're 23" I don't know who likes you at 27, haha. The actual day involved a couple margaritas, a cupcake & some unpictured cannolis leftovers from when I was with my parents, and tacos with my boyfriend. 
Clearly eating is my favorite. 


3. I also was really pumped to be sung to by the November Project Baltimore tribe after the workout a couple days after my birthday. It's the little things. It's also definitely how I talked myself into getting out of bed last Wednesday.   


January 22, 2015

My Rockstar Spring Half Marathon 12-Week Training Plan {and other Thursday Thoughts}

I love Amanda's Thinking Out Loud Thursdays linkup because it's a place for me to dump some thoughts and share some random tidbits from my life. I hope you like my rambles and that it's not boring or annoying!

1. I'm never going to be a good little blogger that has all her posts done the night before and scheduled to publish in the early morning. Most of mine of half done and finished in the morning or typed up write before lunch. I work full-time so this is as good as it's going to get. Unless I win the lottery of life and can gallivant around all day not having to work and just being able to run, eat, and hang in my sweatpants. A girl can dream, right?
I also have a laundry lists of blog posts I need to write and race recaps from last year-whoops.   

2. Our November Project buffs that some of us ordered finally came into yesterday and now I can look like a ninja when I'm running around Baltimore in the cold.  A November Project member designed them, and it's the best $10 I've spent in a while.  They are lightweight,  UV-resistant, and can be worn a bunch of different ways!


3. Is it just me, or does anybody just need to cry when they are stressed out and anxious? Yep, work + life + never enough hours in the day led to a mini post-work break-down last night. In case you didn't know, breathe deeply and smile is an actual mantra that I use in my life. 

4. I really need more than 24 hours in a day if I'm supposed to work and do chores and finish anything on my to-do list.  I sat down after work, class, dinner,and cleaning up last night to find it was already 10 PM. I should have gone to bed but I needed an hour of Netflix to decompress #nightowlproblems. 

5. I know we're only halfway through winter, but I'm already excited for spring. March doesn't feel that far away anymore. One big snowstorm that gets me a full snow day would be nice, but other than that I'm over cold wind and layering up to go outside.

6. I fully approve a bottle of red wine being on this Lululemon destination half marathon packing list. I also approve the choice of Apothic Red wine because it's tasty and affordable. Bravo.  

7. I bought this Chobani green tea blended yogurt a couple weeks ago after getting excited when I saw a couple other people post about it. Sadly I was disappointed in the flavor. It was vanilla-y with a hint of green tea, not the green tea flavor bomb like I wanted. Boo.

8. So it's been hard for me to get into a schedule/ out of my running funk so I finally decided to type up a half marathon training plan schedule for myself. My target race is the Philly Love Run Half Marathon (recap from last year here) on March 29,2015.  
I hope I feel like a rockstar at the end of the race!

I may still sign up for the Rock and Roll DC Half Marathon 2 weeks before and just count that as my long run.  

I keep my training plans flexible and switch workouts/rest days around to fit my schedule. Sometimes that means switching my long run to Sunday, especially with winter weather wreaking havoc some days.Wednesday is a cross training day because I go to November Project in the morning, but that always involves some running too. I may decide to make a couple of my long runs longer too depending on future race plans, but I like at least having some sort of structure to follow. 

 It's an intermediate half marathon training plan with some cross-training, so if you were interested in a 12 week schedule feel free to save away!

Note: I am not a running coach or professional, this is just a plan I put together from looking at other plans and my own experience.  Always consult a professional before starting a new training regimen! 

Save, share, and pin me!
Be sure to enter my iHerb $50 shopping spree giveaway and the UD Kitchen Ultimate Fitness giveaway! 

What's something you always pack for a destination race? Do you like following a scheduled training plan? 

January 8, 2015

Thursday Thoughts 1/8/15

I have lots of random thoughts floating around so joining Amanda's Thinking Out Loud linkup sounded perfect. 

1. Obligatory comment about the cold and how it's awful it is.

2. What is not awful is your boyfriend convincing you to go to Dooby's in Baltimore for dinner since your apartment is freezing, and there's snow on the ground after the city's first substantial amount of snow on Tuesday. I am convinced that ramen (or pho!) is the best meal to cure the winter blues, especially when it's Ramen night at Dooby's and a free draft is thrown in the mix. 

I devoured all of this leek and mushroom ramen and drank all the warm miso broth-it's good for the soul. 


3.. Yesterday was a fabulously freezing November Project  workout with snow and ice still all over Baltimore.  When you get up at 6 AM to run down to the Inner Harbor to get your fitness on outside with a bunch of other people and have lots of fun doing it, you know you are officially crazy and hardcore.  I, however, seriously couldn't feel my fingers on my run back to my apartment and it took me a while to thaw out. 

#weatherproof #justshowup 
Yes, NP_BAL snow angels happened. 
Any coffee and hot chocolate vendors want to sponsor NP-Baltimore for the season? Anyone?  Bueller?

August 14, 2014

Thinking Out Loud Thursday 8/14/14

Lots of randomness in my brain today so I was happy to link up for Thinking Out Loud Thursdays

1.  HOLY MOLY. Hood to Coast is less than a week away now. I'm not packed, literally ordered my headlamp off Amazon yesterday, and am not feeling ready to run almost 16 miles in 24 hours. Also it's been a few years since I've been on such a long flight, and I've never travelled so far completely alone. However, I'm beyond excited to make a bunch of Nuun friends and see the Pacific Northwest. I also flipped out when I read on the itinerary we'd be touring the new Brooks Headquarters in Seattle! Crossing my fingers for some free shoes...or a job offer-one can dream! And yes I'm still holding out that Kara Goucher drops by.

2. My quads are SO sore today from the November Project workout yesterday. I don't know why but lunges always kill my legs. I didn't foamroll last night either, whoops

Good lucking sweaty group of people on Wednesday morning

Teams of 4 split a ladder workout of 500 mountain climbers, 400 squats. 300 lunges, 200 push ups, 150 burpees, and 100 box jumps plus running stairs in between each one. My team only made it past the push ups, but don't worry, it was still a killer workout!

April 24, 2014

Thinking Out Loud: Boston Recap

Since it's been a while-HEY I'm BACK, linking up with Amanda's Thinking Out Loud post is perfect for me to talk about random things from my little trip up to Boston along with lots of photos! I have lots of feelings about the marathon and various things so there will be multiple Boston posts!

1. Being back from vacation is one of the worst things ever. The only good thing is that my we did wash before we left so I only have to unpack a massive suitcase of clean clothes. We had some apartment issues while we were away so now I need to deal with repairs. Oh and dealing with a million emails and snail mail is always fun too. I need some coffee to get through work today! 

2. I would totally live in Boston if it wasn't so cold/expensive. It is a fabulous city, and I can't wait to get back. I really loved all the marathon/runner love too. 

April 3, 2014

Thinking Out Loud Thursday-Heat it Up!

Seriously, how is it already Thursday? or April? I need more hours in the day! Blogging has been way more sporadic than I've wanted, but I've got lots of fun things lined up for the next few weeks so keep reading!  I'm linking up with Amanda's Thinking Out Loud Thursdays since I'm feeling all over the place today (again). 

1. I'm trying to do a couple challenges this month. First, I'm doing the Heat it Up April Instagram challenge some of my fellow I'm Fit Possible and Fitfluential ladies organized. It has all sorts of topics to post photos so I'm not just posting photos of my food or bowls of oatmeal!  Use and search for the hashtag "heatitup to join me for a fun challenge!

January 9, 2014

Thinking Out Loud -Pizza on the Brain

Hello, today I'm participating in Amanda's Thinking out Loud Thursdays since I've got all sorts of random thoughts floating around in my head.


1. My juice cleanse was pushed back to next week due to delays with shipping because of the polar vortex and the juice being perishable. It has thrown my week off, but I don't mind eating lots of food for another few days! I'm also really looking forward to pizza on Friday. 

2. Speaking of the polar vortex, last night was the first night in a few days where I didn't sleep in two pairs of socks and a hoodie over my pajamas. It's supposed to be warmer this weekend/next week which has me really excited to run outside in the next few days. 

3. I really need a haircut. I just need to find time ASAP because all the layers have grown out, and I've given up trying to do anything with it. I think I'm keeping it right above shoulder length for now but don't know what style to get-I'm easily bored with my hair. 

I should probably repaint my nails which are sporting some badly chipped New Year's Eve sparkly polish.  I've also started taking Delta Labs Advanced Hair, Skin, and Nails formula so hopefully that continues to help keep my nails from chipping and help my hair to look healthy and awesome. I've been taking biotin to help with my peeling nails but this formula but this formula has 28 other vitamins, minerals, herbs, bionutrients, and antioxidants, including biotin to support healthy hair and nail growth. Sounds great and can't wait to see results!

As always, you can use the code "BREATHEBLOG" for $5 off any Delta Labs order!