April 3, 2014

Thinking Out Loud Thursday-Heat it Up!

Seriously, how is it already Thursday? or April? I need more hours in the day! Blogging has been way more sporadic than I've wanted, but I've got lots of fun things lined up for the next few weeks so keep reading!  I'm linking up with Amanda's Thinking Out Loud Thursdays since I'm feeling all over the place today (again). 

1. I'm trying to do a couple challenges this month. First, I'm doing the Heat it Up April Instagram challenge some of my fellow I'm Fit Possible and Fitfluential ladies organized. It has all sorts of topics to post photos so I'm not just posting photos of my food or bowls of oatmeal!  Use and search for the hashtag "heatitup to join me for a fun challenge!

Secondly, Fitfluential is hosting an April Plank-a-Day Challenge to work up a 3 minute plank by the end of April with the chance to win some Puma speakers. All the details are here, but pretty much just plank each day and post on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #FFAprilAbs! Sorry guys, I already had a fail yesterday and forgot to plank so I did two planks today. I NEVER manage to stick with these month-long challenges, but I'm determined this time. My goal is to get to a 3 minute plank by the end of the month!
2. Holy moly I'm travelling a lot this summer! I've booked three flights in the past week and all  for different parts of the country. One of them is Fitbloggin' which is a little over two months away, yay! That is so unusual for me and quite expensive. Thank goodness for Southwest fares for a couple of the trips.  My credit card is super sad though. I'm going to be a travelling pro by the end of the summer. 

3. I having been taking an Immune Support supplement from Whole Foods and trying to wash my hands a bunch outside of work, where I wash them all the time #biohazardlabproblems.  I'm paranoid about catching whatever influenzas and stomach viruses are going around, especially before I go to Boston in a couple of weeks. 

4. Speaking of Boston, I got this in the mail the other day. Don't worry, it's not a marathon packet-just the 5K bib.  I'm running the B.A.A. 5K on the Saturday before the marathon which is exciting because you cross the Boston Marathon official finish line and all. It'll be a "hello, see you later" moment because one day I'll be running the big kahuna of a marathon, hopefully

5. Yet again, I've been realllyyyyy bad at drinking water and staying hydrated. When it got really cold I was less thirsty and now I've fallen off track again, and I can tell I'm dehydrated. I'm trying to be more conscious of it as of today and am going to have to fill up my water bottle when I'm at home too. Also I got my order from Nuun last week so I'm going to start drinking a big glass of the All Day Nuun in the mornings!  Also, I'm still undecided if I can pull off the trucker hat look or not so don't judge, haha. 

6. Also I don't watch How I Met Your Mother ( I know, I know). I watched the first season and loved it and now have seen random episodes. I read the ending because everyone was all OhmygoshthisendingsucksI'msosadit'sover while I was like The Walking Dead and House of Cards ?!?why do I have to wait so long for another season. 

7.  After talking to Sarah yesterday, I was craving pizza again. I got home late last night and already had some ground turkey thawed. I've been loving ground meat recipes for dinner so after persuing Pinterest I decided to make A Dash of Meg's easy meatza recipe, a.ka. pizza with a crust made of meat. It was super simple and hit the spot for my pizza craving along with lots of protein. I topped mine with baby spinach, almondmilk shredded cheese, my mom's pasta gravy, and tomatoes with unpictured veggies and spoonful of nut butter on the side. 

8. Look at the size of this ginormous strawberry. That's it in my hand for comparison. I picked them up BOGO at the grocery store the other day and have been loving how sweet they are. I should have bought more! It only makes me more excited for all the great spring and summer produce to come. These are probably pumped with something or genetically modified to get that big, but they taste super delicious,sorry. 

Do you have any goals or challenges for the month of April? What is your favorite spring fruit or veggie? 


  1. 1. That strawberry is HUGE! 2. I'll be running the BAA 5K as well - both of my sisters live there. 3. This month I want to be better about tracking what I'm eating, how it impacts how I feel/perform etc.

    1. Ah that's awesome! I hope it'll be a fun race! Tracking what you eat and how you feel is a good idea-that really helps you see what's important to eat for good workouts!

  2. Mwahaha pizza. I'm not kidding about us going our for a pizza date. Maybe after we go on our lululemon shopping spree? I wish I had known about that 5k because I totallyyyy would have done it with you! Either way, it will be cool to go up there and see the marathon and imagine ourselves there one day. It will happen, I have no doubt.

    1. I'm not kidding either, I'm down for pizza anytime! Ah yeah the 5K is pretty popular apparently but I can't wait for Boston. SO excited.

  3. andrew and i had isabellas brick oven pizza last night in little italy. coincidentally, we sat in a park while we ate it - i should post a pic today for the instagram challenge :)

    happy friday eve!

    1. Gah I LOVE Isabellas, one of the best in the city IMO. They have great sandwiches too. That sounds like a lovely dinner!

  4. I'm horrible at keeping up with those challenges as well... I go into them all hung ho and then fall off the wagon about halfway through. I would love to be able to do a 3 minute plank though. I think the longest one I've ever managed has been a little over 2 minutes. And that strawberry is LEGIT! I'm not exactly sure what a spring fruit is around these parts, but I've been seeing berries popping up on sale occasionally and all I can say is that it's been gorgeous to have something other than bananas and apples lol.

  5. This month I want more water and less wine and sugar. I LOVE wine and sugar but it's not helpful for training.
    I'm also doing a plank challenge. I'm really good for the first 10 days or so, and then I completely forget about it. Oops!

  6. i'm not much of a runner, but if i did anything i'd want to cross that finish line in Boston! super fun experience.

  7. oh man that strawberry has me super ready for summer fruits and smoothies!