I've partnered with some of my favorite brands to share some discounts with my readers. 
I also love sharing discounts, referral links, and coupon codes for people to try out some awesome brands. Check out below for everyday and limited time discounts!

Everyday Discounts/Coupons 
  • Koala Clip- Save 10% off purchases with code LAURENS10 
  • Save 10% off Squirrels Nut Butter salves on their website with code Timberfriends
  • Seattle Gummy Company (I love their Mocca Shots caffeinated gummies!)- Save 15% off purchases with code "lauren15"
  • 10% of orders of $30 or more at SmartSweets via my link or with coupon code BREATHEDEEPLYANDSMILE10
  • Save on Noxgear Visbility and Safety gear including the Tracer light up vest with my code BREATHEDEEP which saves you 35% off your purchase
  • Referral link for HoneyStinger products-my favorite ways to fuel include the Salted Caramel gluten free Waffles
  • Referral link for beam functional supplements with hemp-save with my code BEAM-LAURENSESERKO
Limited Time Discounts
  • Save on Previnex vitamins and supplements here with code LAUREN15 to save 15% off your order
  • cariPRO oral care products including electric toothbrush and water flosser: save on your order with code breathedeeplyandsmile20

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