July 16, 2015

Nuun Discount, Stress, and RNR Philly {Thinking Out Loud}

Random posts that cover a bunch of topics are my favorite because I love thinking out loud and sharing lost of things with you all! I've been uber busy so there will probably more posts like this in the future.  

1. From what I read lots of people like me are training for races and events this summer. If you aren't training, there is a good chance you are still spending time outside, and the weather is getting hot & humid which means upping hydration.  Nuun Hydration, my favorite electrolyte company, is offering a friends & family discount that I'm sharing with you as part of Team Nuun just in time. 

Save 20% off orders with code "NuunSummer15" through 7/23/15. My favorites right now are the Nuun Energy Lemon-Lime, Watermelon Nuun Active, and Kona Kola Nuun Active. 


2. My grad school plans all changed (for the better) a couple weeks ago and now I'm going to the program I wanted to all along! Yay! That means all the Fall plans I had cancelled or tried to make have to be switched around due to a new schedule. That also means I'll still get a chance to run the Rock 'n' Roll Philly half marathon on October 31

It was my first ever half marathon and this year despite scheduling issues early on due to the Pope's visit to Philadelphia in September, this race is still going to be amazing. 

I've got a really busy October & November but I couldn't pass up using my Tourpass to run this race. Since it's post-Chi marathon, I'll probably be limping along and might be begging people to give me piggyback rides.  I'll definitely be grabbing candy from all the aid stations.  I plan on rocking a costume and having fun with it, and you should totally join me

  If you are still skeptical, here's 10 Reasons to Run Philly including how it has the lowest price for the race since 2010, it's on Halloween (which means costumes galore and CANDY at aid stations!), it's a fast, PR-perfect course, raises money for the American Association for Cancer Research, and you can go explore the city and grab a post-race cheesesteak to celebrate. I mean, c'mon.

The just released race bling for Philly RNR
As always, you can even save $15 on race registration on mostly any Rock 'n' Roll half or full marathons in 2015 here with my code below.   


3.  This past Tuesday was my favorite run of the month-Shack Track and Field Baltimore! It was a really humid night, and after running the 3 miles to Charm City Run I was already quite sweaty. I ran an easy 4 miles along the water because I'm a rebel and didn't stick to the 3 or 5 mile run routes.  Actually my legs were really tight so 5 miles wasn't happening. After I got back to Shake Shack I made a big sweat puddle as I waited in line for my free drink. I went with a chocolate milkshake, and sadly it was gone way too quickly. A really cold (and free) milkshake after a sweaty run tastes amazing. It was definitely the highlight workout of the week. 

Milkshake lovin. 
Be sure to the check out the next Shack Track and Field on August 11 starting at 7 PM at Charm City Run (it's always the 2nd Tuesday of the month!) 

4. I read & shared this article about female runners getting attacked in Southeast Baltimore this morning. It's things like this that make me sad about Baltimore because most of the time I feel really safe in the city. It's not like Baltimore needs more bad press either. I have talked with my boyfriend and friends multiple times lately about how being a female is completely different than a being male. I think about my "femaleness" all the time because everyday I have flashes of concern about walking around the city, running, and my safety in general. It sounds silly when I type it out, but I really believe that women worry or think about the possibility of things like getting attacked way more than men. 

 This is just a reminder to be always be aware of your surroundings when running, especially all my fellow lady runners. 

5. I was feeling pretty good last week, but this week has been a big ball of stress. I'm constantly tired, stress-eating, and feel like there isn't enough hours in the day. Training, work, paperwork & finances for school, and generally life issues have all been colliding.  I'm going to try to ride this week out and come back more organized and ready to go next week!  I am attending a barre class with REV at the Four Seasons this evening just for me. I really have been trying to save money but a rooftop barre class on a beautiful evening and a cocktail included sounded like something I needed in my life right now. 

What is something you did for yourself this week? What has been your favorite workout this week so far? 

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  1. Ugh, it's so upsetting when bad things happen to people while running :( I hate that idiots can make people feel so unsafe doing an activity that's is intended to be uplifting, healthy, and fun!

    I hope this stressful week turns around for you!

  2. I'm really disappointed RnR Philly isn't offering a 5k this year! I did it last year and really enjoyed it. I would do the half marathon but I already decided I want to do the Hershey half and they're too close together for me. Eventually I'll get to it though!

  3. I just read that article about the attacks..so crazy and scary! Especially since there were lots of people around. I always felt safe running in the city but you really never know what can happen.

  4. I loved running the RnR Philly race when I lived there! And so jealous you get to run on Halloween! I would totally dress up. I'm running NYC the next day or else I would just HAVE to make the trip! So much fun : ) Have a fabulous day!!

  5. Congrats on getting into your first choice for grad school! Will you be going back full- or part-time? Just curious as a fellow 20-something who also went back to school recently! :) You're getting into an awesome field...I worked with a lot of great OTs during my clinical rotation this summer (I'm going into my second year of PT school). --Kristen

  6. Thanks for the Nuun code! A barre class with a cocktail afterwards sounds amazing :) I love that I found your blog...I live near DC but my friend lives in Baltimore so I'm up your way sometimes :)

  7. That rock'n'roll half marathon looks awesome!!!! Looking to do my first half soon!

  8. I was just having a conversation with someone a couple of weeks ago about how I feel I need to be very careful about when, where, and how I run due to the fact that I'm a girl - and honestly, sometimes that doesn't even make a difference! I had someone grab at my butt when I ran past him several months ago on a very busy street in a very busy neighborhood in Chicago during rush hour while I was running against traffic (meaning that oncoming drivers would have been able to see what he did, and there were plenty of oncoming drivers). It's so frustrating - and made even more frustrating by the fact that it seems to just be the reality of being female.

  9. Oh man I had no idea about these attacks. This is scary. Be careful!!

  10. Hope your barre class was fun! A rooftop event sounds like perfection!

  11. Awe man! I'm doing the Philly marathon but not RNR. Sorry I'll miss you! I hope your weekend is stress free! Thanks for linking up :)

  12. I don't want to sounds complainy but trying to sell my apartment is definitely stress-city. I've had to leave 1-2x a day for agents to do showings and there still isn't anything on the market where I'd like to live. Since their offices are closed tomorrow I'm hoping no one schedules anything for Sunday and I can finally have a whole day to myself. Tonight is takeout and 500 days of summer and being free of electronics.

  13. Congrats on the grad school program!!! I loved my experience in grad school - I hope yours is just as fabulous!

  14. Sounds like that shake came in handy! Thanks for the Nuun code. They are awesome! Coming from the Friday hop!