July 23, 2015

If You Run, You are a Runner {No Matter What Size, Ladies}

Between Women's Running Magazine's August 2015 cover and the profile on Mirna in Runner's World, the whole world (not just the running community) has been on fire about celebrating different body types of runners. I love both magazines and always read them cover to cover each month. Monica pretty much covered a lot I have to say yesterday, but I still wanted to share my thoughts

Also you should TOTALLY pick up the August issue (on stands now!) of Women's Running Magazine because it's a great publication and because you might recognize a face in the Blogger on the Run column. YEP THAT'S ME. I know it's super silly and there's bloggers who are in magazines or write for big websites all the time, but I'm really damn proud. I'm a little runner lady who started this blog to share my story, hopefully inspire some people, and connect with others. I'm small enough that I don't worry much about SEO, make a profit, or have a huge following but big enough that I get some sponsored posts and swag and some cool opportunities. 

It's really awesome to see that my hustle with upkeeping this blog and always trying to make it better is paying off (so that people enjoy it and so that my thoughts aren't a big random pile on the interwebs). Celebrate your hard work and all the small moments. I literally might laminate this page and put it on the wall above my desk (#I'MAHUGENERD). 

There is an awesome little Q&A with the cover model Erica online. I totally agree when she says "Running is for everybody anytime".  

It's always cool to see someone strutting their stuff who is a strong runner lady, especially because I've read many snippets of interviews with models who just say they do pilates and yoga.  I also was really moved in a different way about the article featuring Mirna of Fat Girl Running in the latest issue of Runner's World.  The first line of the article hit me so hard:

"People always say to me, ‘Anyone who runs as much as you do deserves to be skinny.’ Of course, what they're really saying: ‘If you do all this running, why are you still so fat?"

It may seem silly to you, but I feel like this some days.  I've got this blog & social media and all my friends know about my running adventures so it sometimes feels like well, people expect me to be skinny and ripped with a six-pack because I workout so much and eat things like chia seed pudding.  Even though I can totally put away some pizza and ice cream it should be okay because I work out so much. 

Of course other days I feel great and am all like: 
{source} Queen Bey tells it like it is. 

Mirna's story is so inspiring because of all she has done in her life and how much she has helped her community.  She is so honest and talks about accepting her weight but of course not being satisfied with it. The article also focuses on the running group she started and how many people she has truly helped with her life including encouraging other women to start running.  I literally teared up after reading it. 

From Runner's World, photo by Brian Metlz
I love seeing things like this. However a small part of me gets irritated that being a "curvy runner" is such a big deal. Body love and acceptance seems to be a hot topic and changing a lot for the better which is AWESOME. However there is always backlash though about skinny-shaming and how we shouldn't glorify just one body type.  

I don't want this to come off the wrong way. I think it's totally awesome to see a woman on the cover of a running magazine who actually looks like a lot of runners. I just don't want the pendulum to swing too far in that all magazines feel the need to sort of insincerely use "curvy" models just because it's trendy right now. It would be cool to see a day when there are women of all sizes in magazines and for it not to be a big deal or create news about a the fact that there's "plus-size model" (a term I also dislike).  

As long as people are healthy, who cares what your clothes size is or what what your weight is.I wish for a day when that number on the scale or in your pants tag is like your shoe size, just kind of a fact

Besides all of that, I'm excited to see a woman that many female runners can relate to getting some press in a fitness publication. If that encourages just one woman to start running or sign up for a race, then that is AMAZING. While I am pretty average and maybe considered thin to some people, I've got some body issues like many ladies and definitely don't see a fit runner in myself sometimes. I've critiqued those unflattering race photos- my pudgy stomach, my thighs that would chafe in shorts without BodyGlide, and my boyish & uncurvy figure.   

When I first saw Ashley's post about running in a sports bra, I thought I wish I could do that. Really what's stopping me? People will see my un-flat stomach and disapprove? Do people at races really think anything at all of how I look, let alone that I don't look like a lean, tall, speedy runner? 

I just see a happy, fit runner lady. 

If you made it through my ramble, just take away this: if you run, you are a runner. It doesn't matter what shape, size, color, fitness level, or speed you are. You just are one. And feeling insecure about how you look compared to other "runners" should not hold you back from running or racing. 

Running has brought me so much happiness & strength so if you think you're too [fill in blank with negative idea] to run and that is keeping you from experiencing it in your life, that's just plain silly.  


Have you read either of those articles? What's your favorite health & fitness magazine?

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  1. You should be SO proud of being in the magazine!!! That is incredible and I would have it hanging in my office too. Also, I agree with what you said about the magazine cover. I thought it was a step in the right direction that the cover wasn't plastered with "Look! Curvier women run too!" It was just a pretty, strong woman running. I hope we (as society) get to a place where it's no big deal to have someone like her on the front. Great post :)

  2. Great post! Women look at me and think I have the perfect figure but I have my body image issues as well and have yet to run in a sports bra. By the end of summer though, it it my goal to just run in a sports bra. I have slowly gotten more comfortable with the idea by stretching outside after a run and taking my tank top off to cool down or doing yoga indoors with just a sports bra and capris. One day I will run the streets in just a sports bra!

  3. I totally agree with you. If you run, you are a runner! Great post!

  4. Congratulations on being in the magazine! I have to stop by CVS later on today and I plan on picking up the magazine :) Its great to see this movement toward celebrating runners or all shapes and sizes.

  5. Congrats!! This is a great post, and so true. We may all have our insecurities, but what matters is that we are out there running.

  6. Great job getting into the magazine! Definitely save the article and put it in some form of portfolio, whether it's your wall or a book. I have weak ankles so I don't run. I have seen women of all shapes and sizes walking in the two 5Ks I've walked this year and there was no judgement.

  7. I read the Runner's World article and absolutely loved it. I normally read their feature articles in bits and pieces, but I couldn't put that one down. I found the medical aspect of it to be SUPER fascinating - that even though this woman doesn't appear to be fit/healthy at first glance, she actually is. You just assume someone who is bigger can't be healthy, needs to eat better, exercise better, etc., but that's not necessarily the case. I thought that was so, so interesting.

  8. YES.You nailed it with this entire post. Yes yes yes.

    p.s. CONGRATS on being in the magazine!

    p.p.s. I'll put away pizza and ice cream with you anytime. Two of my main food groups ;)

  9. YES to everything you said. Whether you're running, doing yoga, weight training...whatever.. it doesn't matter what your size is. It matters that you're doing it and putting in your best effort :)

  10. Congrats on being in a magazine! And I agree with you 100%. I think people are confused by how much I "work out" (AKA train for races) and assume that I'm doing it to be skinny. Nope, totally just running because I love it (and for the record, I weigh more than I'm comfortable with!)! There's so much focus on body stuff and it should just be about running!

  11. you are a superstar! congratulations on your feature.

  12. As much as I love fitness magazines bringing awareness to the fact that not everyone looks like a fitness model, I wish it wasn't so news worthy. It's just normal life.

  13. So cool that you are in a magazine, congrats. And fully agree, if you run, you are a runner, no matter what shape or size. And I don't read fitness magazines much anymore, I felt the stories were the same over and over and way too much advertising !

  14. I'm sad this didn't comment earlier. I love that Women's Running is putting people of all different levels of running on their cover. I think it's important because not everyone is elite and we all have different goals. It's so awesome you are in the magazine as well.

  15. I love this, Lauren. I've had someone make that comment to me about running so much that I should be skinny. Gahhh!! Love that you're in the magazine too!

  16. Congrats on being included in the magazine!! That is so cool! I was once on the cover of Woman MBA magazine, a publication I think about 5 people read and I was still SO excited!

  17. This post is so spot on, Lauren. I love it!

    And you totally SHOULD hang that feature above your desk -- so awesome! :)

  18. I haven't read either of the articles and clearly I missed out. Congrats on the feature! That is so awesome.

    Have an amazing weekend Lauren!

  19. Awesome! Congrats on the magazine. I think you totally hit the nail on the head with this one. It is 100% true in every way!

  20. I haven't read these articles but it's SO cool that you were featured! I would totally laminate and hang that baby up if it was me :) #NERDHERETOO!

    I agree - runners come in all shapes, sizes and paces!
    Amy @ http://www.livinglifetruth.com/