April 15, 2015

Get ready, Baltimore-Shack Track and Field is Coming!

I am SUPER pumped to be sharing the news with everyone that Shack Track and Field will be starting in Baltimore next month!

What is that you ask?

Shake Shack is a delicious restaurant which serves burgers, fries, milkshakes and other yummy treats which I've previously raved about with numerous locations across the country. 

In cities including New York, Philadelphia, and DC there is a group called Shack Track & Field started by one of Shake Shack's awesome Operations Managers, Allan.  A group of people run together on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 PM usually 3-5 miles and then end up at a Shake Shack to enjoy a free beer. You could always just run the most direct route to Shake Shack though! 

It's open to anyone of any running pace.  It's one of those awesome community experiences because you know that at 7 PM in multiple cities, people are all running and ending up at a Shake Shack.   


Let's face it, people probably end up grabbing dinner there too because who could resist their yummy food?

I had initially read about Shack Track & Field in Runner's World  a few months ago (see article here)  and totally wanted to go to one of the DC or Philly runs. Lucky for me, I was invited to the demo run of the Baltimore Shack Track & Field last night.  I tested out the 5 mile route Charm City Run had come up with which included a nice run down along the Inner Harbor, through Harbor East, and into Fells Point before heading back towards the Shake Shack.  

Baltimore's Shack Track & Field will be starting next month in May (5/12) and continue at  7 PM on the second Tuesday of each month.  It's also great because Shake Shake has partnered up with my favorite running store, Charm City Run. The run starts from Charm City Run in McHenry Row at 7 PM with a 3 mile or 5 mile route, ending up at Shake Shack in the Inner Harbor at 400 East Pratt Street

Someone from Charm City Run will be bringing along a drop box to stash extra clothes, your keys, wallet, phone, etc. so you can grab them at Shake Shack right after the run.  

You can even snag an awesome Shack Track & Field shirt to rep around town! 

More information including all the dates & locations for each of the Shack Track & Field runs can be found on their website.  

They will be spreading the word around Baltimore to get people to come out next month during the next few weeks.  

It's only once a month so indulging in some beers and burgers after getting your sweat on with other runners won't leave you feeling guilty and makes for a nice monthly social gathering and way to meet fellow runners in the city.  

We all had a great time enjoying some Shake Shack after the run 
I suggest carpooling or taking public transit home if you do decide to eat though. The little over a mile run back to my apartment after a burger, 2 beers, and some fries was not the most pleasant time! 


Update: You can find information about Baltimore's May Shack Track & Field run here

Have you ever been to a Shake Shack? Do you do any social group runs?


  1. I just saw a sign for this at the Philly Shake Shack the other day! What a great idea! Too bad I don't line in Philly and can't make it :( I want a shirt!!! LoL

    1. Aw well maybe your travels will take you near a Shake Shack one lucky Tuesday!