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January 17, 2017

Injury Update #2: Stress Fracture Recovery Begins

In case you missed it, I was diagnosed with a 4th metatarsal stress fracture at the very end of October/beginning of November and survived almost 4 weeks in an Aircast boot doing pretty much zero exercise of any type. Yup, I did pretty much nothing besides a few workouts during my time recovering. 


What I'm Doing

Physical Therapy
Das boot came off in December after an X-Ray and getting the okay from my orthopedist. I wore an ortho sandal for 2 weeks after the boot to still offer some protection, but could at least get around better. Luckily I was not having any pain in my foot. 

The second week of December I began to see a physical therapist once a week as recommended by my orthopedist. A gait analysis was completed and the body mechanics of muscles involved in running were analyzed.  Not so shocking, but I found out I have weak hips (main problem) and weak glutes. ::whomp::whomp::

But really though. Happy Gilmore, anyone?

To help strengthen these muscles I was prescribed weekly exercises to do at therapy and at home daily during with a Theraband. Lots of variations on clamshells, squats, step-ups, lunges, and fire hydrants. This article from Runner's Connect has a nice set of exercises which includes some that I have been doing. These will continue to be a staple in my life to help prevent any injuries in the future. 

Theraband exercises are why PT is short for Pure Torture, right? Just hitting you with some rehabilitation professional jokes. 

Working on My Running Form
I'm always sweating and doing hard work when I'm at physical therapy. As a future occupational therapist and science nerd, getting my gait analyzed has been really awesome. It's also been a little depressing because I want to have this great running form and then look at the recording all slowed down of me on the treadmill and am like GEEZ, THAT LOOKS TERRIBLE.

I have been working on transitioning from a heel striker to a midfoot striker as well as trying to keep my feet underneath me during my stride instead of reaching out with my legs and overstriding. Overstriding increases the force put through my foot and increases injury potential so that's not good. 

This graphic I found makes it easier to visualize. {Source}

December 5, 2016

How to Survive Being an Injured Runner {Stress Fracture Life!}

Disclosure: I received Mizuno winter gear through a campaign with Fitfluential, LLC. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I survived 3.5 weeks in a boot due to a  a stress fracture and over a month of not running or working out really at all. This crazy runner lady has not run in over a month. If I can do it so can any injured runner. Honestly being swamped with school and work has made the time fly by.  I still am in a little bit of a funk and just got cleared to seated cycle so I'm hoping to hit the gym and start working on my cardio again this week. Running and working out makes me feel good about myself and is stress-relieving so it has been a difficult transition. Here's some of the ways I found to make an injury bearable. 

How to Survive Being an Injured Runner


1. Catch up on sleep. 


I have been running on fumes for the past 6 months and have been trying to catch up on sleep on the weekends because I was averaging 6 hours of sleep a night during the week. I don't know what caused my stress fracture, but I'm assuming that lack of solid sleep and recovery may have played a factor.  No early morning runs or workouts means an extra hour or so of sleep!

2. Netflix and chill, literally. 

At the moment at least! {source}

I spent lots of time relaxing on the couch, putting my foot and boot up, and catching up on my Netflix queue, guilt-free. Find a new show to binge when you get home from work or school. I'm currently making my way through Parenthood-it's SO good.  

3.  Stay off of social media. 


November 8, 2016

So I Have a Metatarsal Stress Fracture

So this really isn't the thing you want to be given (aka pay for) at the doctor's office as a runner. 


It seems I have a metatarsal stress fracture in my right foot. 

According to OrthoInfo a stress fracture is "a small crack in a bone, or severe bruising within a bone. Most stress fractures are caused by overuse and repetitive activity, and are common in runners and athletes who participate in running sports, such as soccer and basketball." Recovery time for healing is 6-8 weeks. 

How it started
So 6 days after the Chicago Marathon on 10/9 and a couple easy runs, I decided to run the 5K and a leg of the marathon relay (Leg 4- 7 miles) at the Baltimore Running Festival on 10/15/16. It was super fun and the excitement got to me so I ran a little fast. The next day as I took my first steps during my run with the Charm City Run training group I was coaching, I had pain on the bottom side of my foot that did not go away.  In fact it continued to hurt the next couple of day as I took each step walking. It was mostly this pain on the outside of my foot which made me suspect tendinosis, but there was also this achy not sharp pain on the bottom top and heel of my foot that also felt kinda burning sometimes.  

Initial Steps
I took a a bunch of rest days, iced my foot, and used some KT tape to tape it up. It was feeling better later that week by the time of the appointment I made with the orthopedist. I've never had any injuries so I was freaked out and wanted to get it looked at. Things felt good and the X-Rays came back clear. I did a couple shorter runs with my training group (3, 4 miles), and it felt a lot better.  

Monday 10/24 I went for a 9 mile run with a friend, and my foot felt great until just after mile 4 where it was in pain. After the run it was in a lot of pain-no bueno. So I called my doctor and got an MRI scheduled for 10/29. Perhaps for another post, but MRIs are SO weird. 

MRI & Where I'm At Now
The MRI saw some bursitis between my 2nd, 3rd, 4th metatarsals (inflammation between my toes), tendinosis and fluid at my peroneal longus tendon (inflammation in my tendon along the outer edge of my foot), and a 4th metatarsal stress reaction (stress fracture almost in my 4th toe). 
Image from AAOS

My doctor said it's a stress fracture from what he sees on the MRI despite there not being a ton of pain. It hurts more when he presses on it than the next toe but not a ton and way less than there was initially.  Honestly the tendinosis is bothering me on the bottom/side outer edge of my foot more lately.  As a future clinician the science of it all and looking at my MRI was pretty cool. Minus the fact that it was MY foot. 

The doctor think it is just an overuse activity from running and marathon training since nothing else seems glaring wrong. Although we're going to get my bone density tested as a precaution (despite not having the Female Athlete Triad), and in a few weeks I'll go to physical therapy and get my gait analyzed to see if it's something bio-mechanical in how I'm running as well as re-strengthen my foot. I just had my calcium and Vitamin D levels tested with Insidetracker, and both were in the normal range (which I tried hard to make sound legit when I explained to my doctor, haha).  

I got the MRI results on Thursday and pretty much spent all weekend watching Netflix and having a pity party party for myself. There was a lot of sobbing, beers, and some ice cream. Plus reading every Google search results on metatarsal stress fractures and running, of course. 

It just sucks because medical issues cost lots of money and time which I am happy to do to be healthy but still I'm a poor graduate student. Also I LOVE RUNNING, and JUST came off some great races and was finally feeling stronger and faster for the first time in a while. 

Now I feel like I'm going back to square one.

I went to a yoga class (that was actually great) last Tuesday and haven't worked out since. 

For now I'm in the Aircast boot for 3 weeks all the time except sleeping, until I go see my Dr. again and get re-evaluated with some X-Rays to see how its healing. He said for now pretty much just rest unless I can get in a pool and go swimming.  

Feelings About It All
Honestly I go back and forth between being fine and accepting my body-mandated rest period, and then just crying and freaking out. I'm actually really bummed that I can't run the Philadelphia Marathon anymore, but clearly it wasn't meant to be this year.  

Despite this I have a lot of gratitude. It's sucky but hey this all happened after training for the Chicago Marathon and then running a big PR and BQ and amazing race. I'm assuming since it's November it should get colder and take a couple months off from running at the holidays to rest won't be so badly. Lastly (and only second importantly to already getting the PR/BQ), is that I am lucky enough to still have healthcare through my job even though working full-time ish hours during full-time grad school sucks. That means I have a Hopkins sports medicine orthopedist to work with through all this which is awesome. He thinks I should be back to my running self in January/February which is great to hear.

Now I'm that runner who is on #injurydeck and can't run. Bring on the Netflix marathons and stay tuned!

So anyone ever had a stress fracture? How do you stay sane during injuries?

January 29, 2015

The Still Point at Haven on the Lake Spa Afternoon

When I received an email with an invitation to tour and experience the newly opened The Still Point at Haven on the Lake in Columbia, MD I was excited.  Relaxing at a spa sounded like the perfect way to chill last Sunday afternoon.  


Columbia is around a 30 minute drive outside of the city and Haven on the Lake is conveniently located near the mall and below a new Whole Foods. Yes, fresh food and drinks from Whole Foods are actually delivered to Haven on the Lake so you don't have to bring your own lunch! 

Since it's nestled right in the middle of things, I was surprised at how relaxing and calm the environment was from the minute I walked in.  There was something about the huge space, open layout, and their signature scent in the air that made me right at ease.  

When you walk in The Still Point is on the left and the on the right are the studios and pool and therapy areas.  


The Still Point offers a large selection of wellness services including acupuncture, massage, holistic skin care, body treatments, natural nail care, and nutrition coaching. The spa looked pristine and was well-staffed.   

The first part of the afternoon was a tour of Haven on the Lake itself.  It has a huge pool area which includes a hot tub, relaxation pool, cold plunge pool, sauna, and steam bath.  All the areas looked stunning, and I was absolutely regretting not bringing my bathing suit to sneak in a dip! 

Two of the most interesting things available are the tropical rain shower and the Crystal Salt Room.  Apparently the Crystal Salt Room is used as alternative medicine for common ailments and skin conditions and is surprisingly the most-booked area at Haven on the Lake! 

Yes, I;m talking gorgeous pools like this.  
Haven on the Lake also offers meditation and relaxation lounges, childcare services and a plethora of Mind Body classes including barre, aqua pilates,and yoga. 

I chose to try out the Yoga Wall class instead of the barre class. The studio literally is right on the lake and provides a beautiful, peaceful environment to practice in. .They even have an terrace for outside classes when the weather warms up.

March 24, 2014

Monday Motivation-Be Nice to Yourself

In the healthy living and fitness communities you are always hearing the messages: make no excuses, get your workout done no matter what, and keep pushing yourself. I even come across these mantras on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest:  


Don't get me wrong, I love some tough love, and sometimes that motivation style is necessary to get you pumped up to get your workout in.  Sometimes though, you don't need to push yourself but rather need to take a step back and breathe.  

This week especially has been crazy busy with an anniversary dinner, midterms for my class, an impromptu concert on Friday, and a growing to-do list. Oh yeah, and I'm running another half marathon this weekend and another at the end of April so I should probably be running more. Whoops. 

 I think I got in three solid workouts last week. Instead of letting that stress me out, I went with it and felt at ease. My eating wasn't exactly on point with my big anniversary dinner, french fries & beer, oh and those braised short ribs I whipped up in the crockpot last night (amazing, I might add).  So what, that's what enjoying life is about for me. This week, I've got a fridge full of healthy snacks and lunches prepped.

September 25, 2013

Work, but don't forget to live

Things have still been moving at a whirlwind pace, and I've been taking a step back to remember to do what I gotta do, but just live.

My cup of Yogi tea gave me some serendipitous wisdom last night, as it always seems to.


Besides some personal life drama, I feel like fall is here and I need to be doing more. I've discussed before how I get caught up in life and neglect myself sometimes. Especially lately, I've been meditating on that notion more. I'm also trying to stay healthy and strong for that marathon I'm running in 17 days and all (WHAT?!).

Here's some things I've been doing instead of blogging, studying, stressing out, and working (too hard):

1. Going out for ice cream with my siblings and getting a two scoop sundae with vanilla vegan (due to my tummy troubles) ice cream, gooey caramel sauce, Reeses Pieces, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. I ate all but a few spoonfuls because then my stomach hurt. Probably due to the massive amount of sugar I devoured in 5 minutes. It was worth it though because I haven't had a legit ice cream sundae in so long, and it was DELISH. No photo because I ate it too fast, haha.

2. Waffles. Yes, if I happen to have some extra time in the morning, I'll treat myself to some waffles for breakfast, since they take a bit longer to make than pancakes and all. Even on a weekday. I'm worth it, and waffles are delicious, especially when you pan cook some banana slices in coconut oil to top your waffles with. 


3. You deserve the best. Thank you, Chobani, I need to think that more often. I already received my coupons for free yogurtto replace a few bad cups I had purchased when they were having issues with fizzing,moldy yogurts. I still love you, Chobani, especially with your great customer service.


4. Going to Virgin Mobile FreeFest Music Festival even though it poured rain all afternoon and evening to see Vampire Weekend, Robin Thicke, City and Colour,The Avett Brothers, Kaskade, and Pretty Lights. Yeah the rain made it pretty miserable, especially since I had woken up at 5:30 AM and ran lots and lots  of miles (22!), but I love music and couldn't pass up a free concert. I had never seen Vampire Weekend live and LOVED it.  

Oh hey, Robin Thicke!

5. Sleeping in. I haven't been really working out in the mornings because I've been choosing sleep over exhasution later in the day. I need to buckle down with the marathon race day quickly approaching but figure being well-rested is better for my body! Stay healthy people, I hear lots of coughing and sniffling on the bus and at work with the changing of the seasons. 


Have you been taking care of yourself this week? What do you do to de-stress?

September 19, 2013

Just keep breathing {marathon training update week 13}

This week has been trying for me. Before I get to that, here's my Week 13 (AH!) marathon training update. 

The Road to 26.2 -Marathon Training Week 13
Short runs: My training group was another short hillwork run. The weather was supposed to be unusually hot and humid again so we only did 3 of each of the 4 hills. It was a shorter workout and ended up not being as hot as the forecast predicted, but it's better to be safe than sorry! 

Long Run- There was 18 miles scheduled for Saturday. I was feeling okay and the run had us starting out with a flat stretch along the harbor and then climbing some hills over near Patterson Park. I hadn't gotten up as early as I should have so for the first time in my training runs I had to deal with bathroom issues in the middle of a long run. Of course they started in the park area where there are no bathrooms or businesses in sight. I suppose it was good practice to learn how to run when you're feeling uncomfortable and just push through it. Eventually about 4 miles later I pulled off from the group and stopped to use a Starbucks bathroom. This was a good reminder to get up early, get things moving, and go to the bathroom before a long run.  Otherwise, the weather was lovely, and my fueling was on-point.  I was conscious of my nutrition intake but not over or under using the GU and Honey Stinger chews I had brought along. 

What was awesome last week:   I've been good at listening to my body. Fueling it, resting it, and stretching it out are so important, especially towards the end of training. I will take a rest day or skip a run if I need to. 

What I need to work on this week: I need to de-stress and try to keep calm. Stress only wreaks havoc on my body and mind. I've noticed I've been remembering bits of dreams, all involving less than pleasant situations which I think is a manifest of some of my stress. I certainly don't need to get myself sick or run down.

Remember, tomorrow (Friday 9/20/13) is the last day to enter the Delta Labs fall recipe contest! Entries should be original recipes with photos if possible and can be submitted via email to winner will receive a $50 VISA gift card and gets to have their recipe featured on the Delta Labs website and made into a Delta Dishes video

This week has been quite the doozy in my personal life so I've been kind of absent from blogging, social media, and life in general. I'm trying to get my priorities straight and just remember to breathe. Deep, yoga breathing. 

Everything happens for a reason and it's nice to have those moments where you know somebody, somewhere was looking out for your family.  Remember to tell people that are important to you that you love them. 

here are some reminders I pinned on Pinterest!




If you're training for a race, how is it going? What do you focus on when times get tough?

September 3, 2013

Oh wait, it's Tuesday?

My family was in town this weekend and my sister stayed through Labor Day. I was a cool sister and took her out to the bars and ate lots of greasy food and eggs. Sorry I missed my marvelous monday post!

Yesterday was spent resting, doing homework, food shopping, Neftlix, and looking like this:


Today I needed one of these in the morning to get some veggies in, along with a big bowl of peanut butter overnight oats :
picked this up at Whole Foods

Work has been extra crazy today with lots of things going on and as I try to get myself situated with the week and what I have to do I need to keep reminding myself that it's September. 

It's also already Wednesday tomorrow, which makes me feel like this: 


I'm coming up with some September goals this week and running a fun NFL Ravens football 5K tomorrow that begins and ends at M&T Bank Stadium where the Ravens play so that should be exciting and of course you'll hear all about it. Or at least see a photo or too :)

Did you do anything fun Labor Day weekend? Are you having trouble adjusting after a long weekend? 

June 11, 2013

Importance of Catching Zzzs

I had another one of those weekends where I'm just going going going and feeling exhausted when I wake up. I took about 6 naps this past weekend and still feel drained.  After my  vacation (Bonnaroo!!!)  through the end of this week I'm going to work on getting better sleep. I was going to post something else but decided that this was something important to discuss after I realized yet again I was exhausted this morning.  

 On my run on Sunday I felt crappy which is mostly due to the fact that I was just exhausted combined with the heat and humidity.  That's not going to cut it when I start marathon training in a week!

A 2006 Harvard Study found that chronic sleep loss majorly affects our health in a negative way. I am usually getting from around 4-6 hours of sleep lately.  Apparently most people sleep less than 6 hours a night, which can lead to weight gain, higher blood pressure, and suppressed immune system.  Mostly people need at least 7.5-8.5  hours of sleep (and I know I do!).  During sleep the brain is committing new information to memory which is clearly important.  Constantly being sleep deprived also causes weight gain due to altering appetite-affecting hormone levels.  Another obvious effect of sleep deprivation is that my mood is definitely more irritable and less focused.  

February 20, 2013


I wrote before about how I've been trying to unplug before bed and not spend half an hour on my Instagram or twitter.  Honestly all the bombardment of social media, aka a place for people to share but also show off has been causing a lot of anxiety for me. 

 I've decided for the next month to limit my social media time to 30 minutes approximately a day. I'll check out some of the blogs I like, do a quick Facebook check since I keep in touch with people that way, and limit my time online in general.  Seeing everybody who has 5 social media sites and instagrams their abs or oatmeal everyday causing a lot of comparisons and makes me feel down about myself about how much more I should be working out, eating less, and burning more calories.

The beginning of this week I felt so good and happy and strong and want to keep that going.  I'll try to blog probably about once or twice a week.  The interwebs and the strange world it is will go on whether I'm on it for a half an hour or 4 hours.  I'm going to get back into reading more books with my free time instead of just flipping through magazines on the bus to work or spending my lunch break on my phone. Hopefully as the weather warms up I'll spend some more time outside.

I've been thinking about my priorities and what I want in my life these past few months (residual New Year thoughts, perhaps?).  I have been working on removing negativity from my life and therefore stress.  I want to spend my time doing things that me happy and are productive while also giving myself enough time to recharge everyday.  This past week I've been working out because I want to, not because I feel like it is a chore I need to day. Monday there was a strength training circuit for Best Body Bootcamp that was on the schedule, but I was upset and just needed to run 4 miles, so I did.

If you are caught up in the craziness of life, which is how I usually feel around Wednesdays in the middle of the week, take a moment and breathe. 

Do something that makes you happy :)