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April 13, 2015

Summer Snacking Tips with Kozy Shack® Simply Well® Pudding {Giveaway}

At least here in Baltimore, it actually felt like spring this weekend.  I'm putting away my winter coat and busting out my flip flops.  I don't believe in stressing out about the upcoming "bikini season", but I still think try to focus on better-for-you snacking. With spring and summer comes more events, parties, barbecues, and social activities.That means more cold beers, yummy party snacks, and less-routine food options. I never try to get stressed out about having lots of fun food and drinks, but I always try to at least keep my snacking smart.

 Check out these simple tips I follow for summer snacking below. 


A new lighter snack I've been enjoying is the Kozy Shack® Simply Well® rice and tapioca puddings. Now I'll admit I'm a fan of packaged puddings you can buy in any grocery store even though I sometimes feel a pang of regret for buying a packaged snack when I could make my own healthier batch of pudding at home. 

 I was excited to try the Kozy Shack® Simply Well® puddings because they are only 90-calories, gluten-free, and have no added sugar.  I found them right in the supermarket next to other refrigerated puddings in 4-packs. 

March 27, 2015

5 Friday Favorites: Five Favorite Spring Foods 3/27/15

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Since spring is my favorite season, and I love food, the DC Trifecta Friday Five linkup of five favorite spring foods seemed to be a great match. Read what my five favorite springtime foods are. 

5 Friday Favorites: Good Things

1. Jersey Peaches

I grew up in South Jersey and was always around fresh produce and farms when I was younger. It may be surprising to you, but New Jersey is called the Garden State for a reason! I love all types of fruit year round, but there is something great about a fresh Jersey peach in season. Juicy, sweet, the size of a softball and absolutely delicious! 

2. Ice Cream 


I love ice cream in any weather-I heard they actually sell more in the winter! However as the weather gets nicer I definitely find myself enjoying it more. I love taking walks to grab some local ice cream in the city or visit a local shop in my travels. A childhood favorite is always a big soft-serve cone from Kohrs Bros. at the Jersey shore right before the summer is in full swing. I posted the photo on Instagram and apparently others thought it looked delicious as well! 

3. Huge Fresh Salads

Baltimore needs a SweetGreen for sure!

March 3, 2015

Dear Winter, It's time to go.


Dear Winter,

It's been real, but it's time for you to leave. I'm blaming you for my craptastic running this winter. I'll also be cursing you when I run a half marathon in less than two weeks that I'm wholly under-prepared for (I'm looking at you Rock 'n' Roll DC with those hills).  You forced me to struggle through a ten mile run on the treadmill yesterday morning that was only slightly bearable thanks to 3-4 episodes of Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

You're not all bad. I do like the beginning of winter and how lovely the season goes with the holidays. Bundling up around the fire with some hot chocolate is lovely.  A white Christmas always makes me smile too. Winter can be magical around the holidays. 

Not returning from a run drenched in sweat is nice. I can re-wear some of my layers because everything I wore isn't disgusting after a run. Having to put on 10 layers and bundle up before leaving the apartment is not so nice. I'd also like to be able to feel my fingers and toes again when I'm outside, thanks. 


Snow is pretty. It does make everything look like a winter wonderland. I'm all for having fun and building snowmen and making snow angels. Snow that causes a big mess and doesn't even get me ANY snow days off from work this year is not cool.  A couple measly two-hour delays are all you doled out to me this year which still forces to me to have a less than pleasant work commute.  I know Baltimore didn't get hit as hard as other cities, but it's just been annoying here. Slightly warmer and okay weather one day and then below freezing and an ice storm the next day. 

The main culprit lately has been ice. The devil of winter. I'll bundle up and take on the cold with minimal complaining. Taking a chance of wiping out and possibly busting myself up on a patch of ice? No thank-you. It was very unpleasant on Sunday to see the weather forecast as "ice pellets". 

April 10, 2014

5 Things that Make Me Happy Lately (Thinking Out Loud Thursdays)

It seems right now the world can't escape Pharrell, his huge hat, and his hit single Happy. It's everywhere. and I love it.  I'm okay with a catchy song with a nice message on the airwaves among so many empty, dime-a-dozen pop songs (which can be fun, but still). Today I'm talking about being happy. Yes, clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth.  Now I'm not saying I'm completely happy-I'll always be chasing that. Lately even amid the stress and negativity I've been focusing on the positive things,even if something isn't going my way.  I'm obsessed with my daily TUT emails (there will be more TUT-inspired posts on here) and this one from a week ago really sparked these feelings for me: 

Nothing is worth your unhappiness, Lauren; not because the awful and ugly don't happen, but because there's always more of the really good stuff. 


    The Universe

Nothing is worth my stress and unhappiness. Life is too short to not be happy and time does fly. It's like that motivation saying "a year from now, you'll wish you started today" or however it goes. Maybe it's just my birthday coming up far too fast that is causing me to be so reflective. Anyways counting all the good little things in my life makes the rest seem not so disastrous. Today I'm sharing some things that have me feeling positive.  This might become a regular little exercise of reflection for me! My random moments of happiness and tips for focusing on the present are also a great fit for Amanda's Thinking Out Loud linkup

5 Things that Make Me Happy Lately

1.  Taking time to cook leisurely. Last night I made some butternut squash veggie mac & cheese. I added some noodles, sauteed kale and mushrooms in with my cheese sauce. The recipe for my cheese is below if you are interested-it was tasty! You could make this completely dairy-free if you wanted-I added a little cheese from a local farm from my CSA. I just kind of winged it because I was in the mood for some comfort food and had some frozen butternut squash also from my CSA to use up. You could roast or boil and puree your own butternut squash to use.  

It was nice not just throwing something together because I was tired or eating something I meal prepped. Even though I made up this recipe on the fly, I  took my time to cooking it and even ate dinner without my phone next to me or the TV on. 

(serves 2-3)

April 17, 2013

Spring is here to stay!

Well this week has been an off week so far for me. Boston, trying to plan my summer weekends because apparently half of them are taken, and trying to get into the groove of a spring schedule! I'm currently trying to figure out the right balance this week of work, running, crossfit, and me time!  Due to some personal stuff I didn't make it to the gym last night. Breathing and not letting exercise become a stressor instead of a stress reliever is really important to me. I'm still working on releasing guilt from my life so it's tough. I spent some time with my bf and if we've learned anything from this week, it's to cherish the people we love. I still can't believe how warm the weather has been, but I definitely welcome all the sunshine and extra Vitamin D in my life.  My favorite things to look forward to in the beginning of spring are:

1. Iced coffees
I had one from Dunkin Donuts earliers this week that was delicious! I need to peition that they carry almond milk or figure out some way to transport it with me when the iced coffee craving strikes!

2. Sundresses
Target is so awful because I need to stop myself from buying another sundress when I go there. Who am I kidding, most times I cannot resist!

3. Baseball
Haven't been to my first game yet, but love heading out to the baseball park and enjoying an  ice cold beer!


4. Running in shorts
This was very exciting the first time I did it a few weeks ago. I hate bundling up and dealing with cold wind when running, ugh. Too bad I am vampire pale and rock some really white legs in shorts!