May 14, 2015

TOL: Everyday I'm hustlin'

Yes I've been hustlin', as always it seems. I'm still behind on blogging and have like 10 overdue race recaps. Life has been crazypants. So here's some random thoughts and updates as for Thinking Out Loud Thursdays


1. I've been so busy I can't even be bothered to put my socks on the correct feet, even though I'm not sure it makes a difference.  
Shout-out to my comfy Feetures! Running socks. 
2. My birthday was pretty low-key but awesome. 27 is a pretty weird age to turn, but I'm trying to just focus on continuing to do awesome things. If "nobody likes you when you're 23" I don't know who likes you at 27, haha. The actual day involved a couple margaritas, a cupcake & some unpictured cannolis leftovers from when I was with my parents, and tacos with my boyfriend. 
Clearly eating is my favorite. 


3. I also was really pumped to be sung to by the November Project Baltimore tribe after the workout a couple days after my birthday. It's the little things. It's also definitely how I talked myself into getting out of bed last Wednesday.   


4. Speaking of November Project, I really freaking love the tribe. Sometimes I forget when my alarm goes off early Wednesday mornings, but by the end of the workout I'm so happy. I even scored this awesome 3D-printed keychain thanks to a guy from the November Project NYC tribe.


The weather was so nice and cool on Wednesday-the perfect temperature to get sweaty in. This week's workout included high-fives, piggyback rides, skipping, planks, and stairs. Yes, all of that and more. 
Oh how I love pushing through sets of stairs. 

I'm in the blue pants!

5. The first official Baltimore Shack Track & Field run (all the details here) happened on Tuesday. I'm in love. There was a huge turn out and despite my legs feeling really freaking tired, I pushed through 5 miles with friends after finishing a quick Crossfit WOD beforehand.  To be honest, all I kept thinking about was the free milkshake waiting for me at the end at Shake Shack


I had a glorious peanut butter milkshake that was gone before I even thought to take a photo.  

That cup is empty, sadly. 
I also got burgers to go for my boyfriend and I when he swung by to pick me up because we couldn't resist. I didn't think I could run back to my apartment with a milkshake in my belly, yikes. As always, #willrunforfoodandbeer. Thanks so much to Charm City Run for organizing the routes. 

 Be sure to come out the 2nd Tuesday of each month!

6. The middle of May is a reminder that marathon training starts next month.  Say what?! I'm totally not ready mentally get back into it, but am still excited for the prospect of running Chicago again. Apparently marathoners forget how painful it was so we keep signing up for them. I completely agree. I don't remember all that negativity, the tears, the pain in my legs and feet. 

All I remember from Chicago is how fun eating these were afterwards: 
Glazed & Infused ftw. 

What was your favorite workout this week? Do you forget how painful races were? 


  1. We really killed it with the workouts this week. But I'm dead today. Thank goodness for rest days. That milkshake was beyond worth it though. It's going to be the highlight of my month, every month! Wish I could be there to celebrate your birthday tomorrow! I'm sure it will be a blast.

    1. I know! Milkshake day will be fabulous haha. Take it easy this weekend!

  2. Hi! Maddie passed along that you wanted to be added to the 2015 Fall Marathoners Blog Roll I put together, and you’re now on the list! Yay!

    I totally forget how painful races were. Adrenaline high is a beautiful thing! PS, I do the same thing with my feetures socks. And then I have to change them, because OF COURSE it will affect the way I run, right? Hehe.

    1. Thanks so much for adding me, yay! Haha, it usually bothers me but this time I didn't notice until I was about to take them off!

  3. So happy I found your blog! If there was a Shack Track & Field run around me I'd totally do it! Sounds so delicious. I'd run endless miles for a milkshake at the end haha. Can't wait to catch up reading and follow along! Have a great weekend!

    1. I'm happy you find my blog too :) Yes 3 or 5 miles for a milkshake is worth it for sure!

  4. Happy Birthday! And oh my goodness, I could not go running if my socks were on the wrong feet! Yummy looking donuts!

    1. Thanks! I usually can't but totally didn't notice this time!

  5. Happy belated birthday! I have those same feetures socks! I love them! I feel a different if I put them on wrong--I started to do that once and quickly realized it lol.

    1. Thanks so much! I love Feetures! socks. I think they do feel slightly different on the wrong foot too, but clearly not enough to notice that day!