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December 19, 2016

8 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Fitness Fans

I seriously can't believe it's the week of Christmas. SERIOUSLY. Between moving, bouncing around between doctor's and physical therapy appointments, plus finals, this past month has moved crazy fast. Luckily I have done some online shopping plus braved the crowds at Target this weekend so I only have a couple gifts left to purchase.  

If you have been mostly shopping deals to buy presents for yourself and now need to finish all your shopping in T-7 days, here are some great last-minute gift ideas for you! 


I shared lots of products that you can purchase on Amazon because I'm an Amazon Prime addict with that free 2-day shipping. You can't beat getting things in 2-days if you are short on time!  Check out some of my favorite items for runners, yogis, and any other fit fans in your life. 


8 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Fitness Fans

1.  Believe or Complete Training Journal and Believe Logbook

I have been using the Believe Training Journal for the past two years to record my weekly workouts, log my miles, and write down my goals and progress.  I love that it includes articles on different topics like goal-setting and nutrition. This year I was given the chance to review the Complete Training Journal and Believe Logbook


The Complete Training Journal is a souped-up version of the Believe Training Journal and focuses more on competitions and tracking progress towards goals and races more in-depth. The Believe Logbook offers an open and customizable, minimalist workout logbook with an annual calendar. 

All three are also available on Amazon with Prime shipping: Believe, Compete, Believe Logbook

2. Namast'ay in Bed candle

The Brooklyn Artists and Fleas Market is open Saturdays and Sundays in Williamsburg, BK and carries this cheeky 100% natural soy wax candle from the 125 Collection. The candle is hand-poured in NY and features one of my favorite quotes-perfect for the yogi (or sleepyhead) in your life.  

If you're not near Brooklyn, you can order the candle from the store's Etsy site

November 18, 2016

{Friday Favorites} Grilled Cheese, BCAAs, and StrideBox

Disclosure: I received 3 complimentary boxes from StrideBox. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Happy Friday! It's been a while so I decided to share some of my favorites from the past couple of weeks. I haven't run at ALL in 2 weeks, and it's been okay. I am letting myself rest and recover while I'm in the boot. 3 weeks of no exercise won't kill me. Besides I have a LOT of studying to occupy myself with this weekend.  Be sure to enter my blog birthday giveaway

Favorite Easy Cause to Support: Tab for a Cause


So I I'm one of those people who always has tons of tabs open in my Google Chrome Internet browser window. I can't help it. I've always have a few tabs I'm actively using, a few that I am saving to work with later as a reminder, plus constantly am clicking on things. My friend Kate suggested checking out Tab for a Cause, an internet browser extension that replaces your tab page with a beautiful page that raises money for charity. It's free and for every tab you open, you earn hearts which you can choose to give to your favorite charity. The extension's sponsors provide money to charity divide all the money raised amongst the charities based on the number of Hearts donated to each charity/cause. 

 It hasn't slowed my internet down, and if my excessive internet browsing can help a charity that is awesome! 

Favorite Snail Mail: StrideBox

October's StrideBox goodies

October 3, 2016

Running into Fall with Lululemon {gear review}

Disclaimer: Lululemon Baltimore offered me a complimentary outfit for review purposes. As always all thoughts & opinions are my own. 

As much as I love lots of different running gear, there are always some pieces that end up being worn the most. The couple Lululemon tops and tanks I have are an example of that.  I have only splurged on pieces from Lululemon every so often, but have been impressed in the comfort and quality I've found. I've actually worn Lululemon capris or skirts for all of the 4 marathons I've run-no chafing at all!

Running the 2015 Chicago Marathon in a Lululemon Cool Racerback tank and PaceSetter Skirt 

I dare you to go try things on in that store and leave the store empty-handed! However I gained a lot of respect for the brand after running Lululemon's Seawheeze Half Marathon this summer and seeing what an amazing event they put on.  

post-Seawheeze Half Marathon 2016 in a (tagged) Lululemon Run Swiftly tee and Speedsport shorts

When I was asked to review a couple piece of running gear for my local Lululemon store, of course I jumped at the chance. By the way, the Lululemon in Baltimore, Harbor East is a great store with fabulous employees and local ambassadors, in case you were wondering. 

With the Baltimore Running Festival coming up and the weather still a little bit variable, it was tough to choose what outfit I wanted to review. I run 'hot' (#thesweatylife) and am still loving wearing tanks so I chose out a Run Swiftly tank (MRP $58) in one of the newer colors for Fall, a mixed black/sapphire blue shade . I always think warm colors for Fall but since blue is one of my favorite colors, I love adding this almost midnight blue shade as a Fall favorite. 


I love the Run Swiftly material because it feels soft, lightweight and comfortable as well as wicks sweat well. 


One of my favorite features is that it is prevents you from smelling bad due to the X-STATIC® which inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. The color is a deep blue that is perfect for Fall plus it has that Swiftly tech that I love. 

August 11, 2016

Remora Tracking: Safety for Runners and Beyond

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I am friends with one of the entrepeneurs behind Remora Tracking and wanted to share information about their product. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

As a female runner living in a city, safety is always on my mind. There have been two recent unfortunate incidents and attacks on female runners in NY and MA that were in the news recently that always serve as a reminder to me to stay vigilant. I’m sharing a new awesome product that promotes safety and is a project that my fellow 2014 Hood to Coast Nuun teammate Sean as well as 4 other Phoenix-based entrepreneurs just launched on Kickstarter called Remora Tracking.

I spend lots of time running around the city by myself. 
Remora Tracking is a car-key sized device that clips onto pretty much anything and can locate anything in real time WITHOUT the use of a cellphone. That part is key for me especially because sometimes I don’t run or race with my cell on me.  It’s also waterproof so it can be used for swimmers, boaters, and more.  It has safety alerts that get automatically sent to stored emergency contacts in case you are wearing it and get hurt, go unconscious, leave a pre-determined geofence area, or if the temperature in your location rises or drops to a pre-determined level. 

Remora Tracking Founder and CEO Nicole Zeno said “I got the idea because in the 12th hour of the Ironman Arizona race, my dad asked me, ‘Where is your friend on the course?’ All I could answer was, ‘I don’t know,’ and I thought there must be a better way’.

What exactly is Remora Tracking? 


Remora Tracking is a small and lightweight device that uses cellular and GPS technologies and doesn’t have to be connected to a phone to work. After using GPS to determine the device’s location, it communicates with the built-in cellular antenna to transmit the location of the device to Remora’s database where it can then be accessed by your emergency contacts or friends. 

Along with your location, Remora uses an Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Thermometer to send other important metrics to the database as well. Besides athletes or runners, it can be used for pets, children, teens, valuables, and persons with special needs to help keep people or valuables safe. You could know when your pet escapes the yard by attaching it to its collar or have peace of mind knowing someone is safe.


I definitely encourage you to support the Remora Tracking Kickstarter campaign and check out their page to see a demo and get more information. I think this is a really great product for everyone but especially as a female and a runner. Sometimes I have my phone out on runs or when travelling, and I don’t have any cell phone service so knowing that this doesn’t require my phone makes it really innovative.  

May 23, 2016

Summer Running Gear Essentials {Miles & Pace hat giveaway}

Disclaimer: I received Miles & Pace product for review. As always all thoughts & opinions are my own. 

As the weather heats up, some different gear gets more heavily rotated in my runs. Think a lot less layers and lighter fabrics.  I rock the neon colors and prints year round but especially love wearing crazy colors when the weather is warm. Instead of protecting myself from the wind and cold, I need to protect myself more from the sun.  Here are some of my summer running gear staples: 

Summer Running Gear Essentials {Miles & Pace hat giveaway}

1. Hat. 

When's it sunny out I need something to protect my head and face from the sun and keep the sun or rain out of my eyes. It's a great way to protect yourself from UV rays in style whether you're logging miles or relaxing on the beach. It did take me years to embrace wearing a hat. If it's not for you, try a visor!

Or taking a nap outside. 

2. Running Socks. 

Running socks are an important staple year round. I'm partial to Feetures! running socks (I'm an ambassador for the brand!), but at least recommend finding any type of wicking socks that you like. Aside from rainy runs, if you are a sweaty runner like me, during those hot & humid runs the last thing I want is sweaty feet and toes rubbing around in my shoes giving me blisters. Throw down a few extra dollars for some pairs of solid running rocks! 

3. Sunglasses. 

Like hats, sunglasses protect my face and eyes from sun exposure. Plus shades make you look super cool. I also use sunglasses to partially hide some ugly running faces during races-bonus! I always pick up a couple of fun cheap pairs of sunglasses at Target to last me through the summer. 


4. Shorts.

I am a shorts girl. I just slick some Bodyglide and sunscreen on my thighs, and I'm ready to go in the summer! I love wearing breathable shorts in a fun pattern during the summer instead of my collection of black capris. I'm also a fan of shorts that have a little pocket perfect for my house key or a gel. I have a few pairs of Lululemon, Oiselle, and Under Armour shorts that I really like but this brand new pair in the photos is courtesy of the Old Navy sale rack for less than $10.  They are really light, semi-waterproof, and feature a pretty pattern! 

From my previous Miles & Pace review you know that I'm a big time supporter of the brand. In case you it's been a while since you read my post, to recap Miles & Pace is a super cool and laid back active lifestyle brand that pairs running motivation with awesome graphic tees and trucker hats. Their products totally fit in with my summer style.

As you can tell, I was super excited to receive one of the Miles & Pace trucker hats in the new neon pink style. I LOVE pink & black as a color combo and think neon pink is a perfect summer color. I also received their awesome "Sunday Runday" top in a black tank style perfect for when I'm enjoying a post-run beer on a hot summer day. If summer ever decides to grace us with its presence in the mid-atlantic that is! 

Now Miles & Pace hats and "Sunday Runday" tanks come in many shades of colors so you can choose your favorite (or grab them all!). 

Trying to look cool modeling this gear. #fail
Since I'm totally on board with the brand's philosophy of spreading inspiration and motivation in the running community, I thought I'd kickoff summer running with a giveaway for my readers. I had an extra black and white trucker hat from a giveaway so I thought I'd pass it along to a fellow runner! I'm giving YOU the chance to win the classic trucker hat.  

All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter below to win one Miles & Pace trucker hat-giveaway ends June 6th at 12 AM EST. This giveaway is sponsored by me and prize will not be coming directly from Miles & Pace. Open to U.S. residents only, sorry! 


Check out Miles & Pace on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter

This post was linked up with Weekend Snapshots,

What is your favorite piece of summer running gear?

May 18, 2016

Live Healthier with the new Microsoft Band {Review}

Disclosure: In partnership with Women's Health as a WH Action Hero, I received a complimentary Microsoft Band for review purposes. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Now that I’ve made some big fall race decisions and have new fitness aspirations, it’s time to get motivated. I’m always looking for ways to keep living happier and healthier while getting involved in bigger and better things.  As a busy person, I’m also always looking for things that can help me do that.  With the school semester winding down (thank God) and a light summer class load (thank God again), I have more time to get into a really solid routine and focus a little more on getting stronger.  

I was lucky enough to get to try out another new fancy fitness band, this time the new Microsoft Band, thanks to my partnership as a Women’s Health Action Hero. While I’m not a huge numbers person I do find that casually knowing my steps and being reminded to move on more sedentary days can help. Also the sleep trackers on fitness devices is a great reminder of how much my body actually needs more sleep which leads to stronger fitness and better overall productivity. Getting better sleep is pretty much always a work in progress for me, le sigh

Out of the box, the new Microsoft Band was really easy to use and figure out, which is a huge plus. The Microsoft Band itself comes with a USB charging cable and a paper manual and quick start guide.  It's a little bulky but fairly comfortable to wear. 

Live Healthier with the new Microsoft Band {Review}

Using the Microsoft style of tiles took a little getting used to but merely because I had never used it before on their phone or OS interface.  It was easily to configure what tiles you wanted in what order to display on your band as well as change the settings. You can also customize the home screen color and design;  I chose a blue patterned screen.  You can tap or swipe the home screen to get information. Tapping lets you look at metrics like steps. 
Live Healthier with the new Microsoft Band {Review}
Home screen with step count
I found the step and floor count comparable to other devices, based on what they usually tell me my average is. I think they are all slightly inaccurate, so I don’t focus on it too much, but I do like to compare my daily averages to each other sometimes. 

Here are my thoughts on some of the Microsoft Band's features: 

Features Overview

Heart Rate Monitor
            I don’t find the HR sensor on the wrist as accurate as the chest band, in general. For basic HR though, this device was fine. It has an optical HR sensor on the inside of the device with two little LED green lights that supposedly read blood-flow in your wrist and determine your heart rate continuously throughout the day. 

  Microsoft Health App
            Their app gives you all the basic health & fitness metrics you want. I accessed this app on my Android™ phone, but it also works with the Windows Phone and iPhone®. The Microsoft Band can also connect to other for those only delivers basic data.   

Run and Exercise Tracking
            Obviously, this was one of the biggest tests for me since I usually use a Garmin watch (and not my phone) to track runs. I also used this to track my heart rate and calorie burn during a Yoga Sculpt class and a couple lifting sessions. During runs, I was surprised how much I liked it. I simply turned on my GPS if I was outside, tapped on the "running man" icon, and pressed the bottom button to start the run. I turned off the screen during runs to save battery, besides periodically checking my distance or pace. 

Live Healthier with the new Microsoft Band {Review}

The Microsoft Band has really nice functionality and statistics for workouts. You can download guided workouts, although I haven't used that feature. 

Phone Stuff
 Like smart watches, you can receive basic information from your phone, such as text messages, calls, emails and calendar, if you set it up. I found it burned the battery more, so I just had text and calls synced with my phone’s Bluetooth. 

GPS and Zzzzs
GPS during runs seemed surprisingly accurate and didn’t take long to connect in the city.It also tracks sleep automatically-without having to turn on it on-which was a big plus.

You can only have a certain number of tiles or apps on the band, which was a little annoying.  The battery lasted about two days which is comparable to my FitBit. I thought it was pretty for solid day-to-day use and a nice alternative to other fitness trackers and smart watches. 

Overall I think the Microsoft Band is a nice mid-range functionality-wise device that I can see myself wearing on a regular basis for daily tracking or workouts.  

Do you use a fitness tracker? What's the most motivating feature for you? 

March 18, 2016

Miles & Pace Running Apparel {Review}

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Miles & Paces. I received Miles & Pace product for review. As always all thoughts & opinions are my own. 

Miles & Pace is a super cool and laid back active lifestyle brand that pairs running motivation with awesome graphic tees and trucker hats.  I found the company via social media and ended up winning one of their trucker hats in an Instagram giveaway.  I was really excited to get the chance to review a few items from Miles & Pace after reaching out to them. I love running and athlesiure apparel that is cute and graphic and goes perfectly with my almost daily uniform of yoga pants and leggings. 

Miles & Pace Running Apparel {Review}

I also love the fact that the company is run by an awesome woman from California and that her and her husband are both runners.  They hadn't really found the kind of cool and comfortable running-inspired gear they were looking for at race expos so decided to make their own!

Miles & Pace is all about not only creating cool laid back running gear, but also spreading inspiration and motivation in the running community that anyone can run. The little phrase on the trucker hats says "I run because I can", which is a beautiful reminder that all runners can relate to. My running motto and mantra is "stronger than you know", and during tough runs I always remind myself how lucky I am that I am able to physically run.  Miles & Pace has a message and brand philosophy that I can totally get behind!

Miles & Pace Running Apparel {Review}

I rocked their St. Patrick's Day green trucker hat at the Asheville Half Marathon this past weekend. It was perfect for keeping me a little shady after the race when there wasn't a cloud in the sky and the sun was shining. Plus trucker hats instantly make you look cool. 

Miles & Pace Running Apparel-asheville-half-marathon

In addition to fun trucker hats that Miles & Pace sells they also have these awesome shirts and tanks in men's and women's styles. I picked out the Sunday "RUNDAY" scoopneck black tee. They have the tops in all different colors so you can choose your favorite! I will say in the ladies style of shirts it runs a little small & fitted so I would size up one size larger than your normal size. 

Miles & Pace Running Apparel {Review}

C'mon, I definitely needed a shirt that proclaimed I was the "original bling chaser, USA".  From my experience, it is also the perfect shirt to wear post-run at Sunday brunch. It also lets everyone know that you are a runner and are therefore awesome as well as shouldn't be judged for devouring a stack of pancakes because you ran today. Just saying. 

Miles & Pace also just came out with this awesome craft beer-themed shirt which I am definitely ordering ASAP because it combines two of my favorite things-running & craft beer.  I run for beer all the time! 

Miles & Pace Running Apparel {Review}

Go check out their hats and shirts and be sure to give Miles & Pace a follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

What is your favorite running motto?

March 4, 2016

Get MOTOvated with the Moto 360 Sport

Fitness trackers and wearables are all the rage and are only getting more advanced and integrative as we move into 2016. Through my partnership with Fitfluential I was given the chance to try the new watch on the block from Motorola, the Moto 360 Sport. My boyfriend was super jealous because he had been reading about it for a while so I was excited to try it out. 

Now this isn't just a GPS watch, it's a watch for an entire active lifestyle. It has what I need for my everyday life including fitness, run-tracking, music, social media, weather updates, and calls or texts. Now all I need is for it to make me dinner and do my homework for me.

Get MOTOvated with the Moto 360 Sport

Sleek, easy-to use

The Moto 360 Sport works with both IOS and Android platforms, but integrates more of the functionality through Google if you have an Android Device. It connects via Wifi and Bluetooth to your device, and you can download Android Wear™ like I did so everything from my Android phone automatically synced up to the watch. When I first unboxed it, I immediately noticed how sleek the design was. I loved how it looked like a regular watch with the not too larger round LCD screen and silicone band. The watch comes in 3 colors-Black, White, and Flame Orange.

The standard screen is the sport watch face which shows daily steps, number of calories burned, a stopwatch, and how close you are towards a daily goal of 30 minutes of elevated heart activity. However you can change the watch face or download a bunch of other really pretty faces for your watch which completely makes it look more stylish and less like a fitness device.

Get MOTOvated with the Moto 360 Sport

The Moto 360 Sport features Anylight hybrid display which means it looks like an LCD screen indoors but if I'm outside and it's sunny it will use the natural sunlight to illuminate the screen so it isn't all washed out.

Run free

Of course you want to know just like I did how the Moto 360 Sport works as a running watch. It's really easy to just swipe over and open the Moto Running app on the watch. You just choose if you are indoors or outdoors and then can hit quick start or choose a workout goal based on time, distance, or calorie burn and GO! It synced to the GPS easily and allowed me to easily swipe or tap to see my heart rate, and lap details or pause/end the run. The main screen had exactly what I wanted to see displayed during my run-clock time, activity time, miles, and pace. You can also download music onto the watch to listen with Bluetooth headphones or even sync up the app Spotify like I did.

March 1, 2016

Good Luck Box Review {CUCB Edition}

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Good Luck Box as a Credit Union Cherry Blossom Race Ambassador. No other compensation was received. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Subscription boxes and gift boxes having become increasingly popular in the last few years. There is a box of goodies you can buy for every interest it seems. I was intrigued by the idea of Good Luck Box when I heard I'd be receiving one as a Credit Union Cherry Blossom (CUCB) Race Ambassador because it seemed unique. It's a box you can order online that comes with surprise handpicked running essentials for before, during, or after a race. It can be a gift for you, a friend, a family member, or teammate and is delivered the week before the specified race. 

You can even tell the team a little bit about the person as well as selecting the gender of the box recipient to further tailor the items. 

Good Luck Box Review {CUCB Edition}

Obviously because it was a box of surprises, I was excited when it arrived on my doorstep a couple weeks ago. Once I opened it I was even happier. The box was adorably wrapped with teal shoelaces and contained a little note card with some cherry blossom petals. I definitely "awwed" out loud when I saw how cute it was. 

Good Luck Box Review {CUCB Edition}

I loved the message of good luck as well as the small touches such as the "lucky penny", safety pins, and printed words "Good Luck" on the shoelaces. 

February 12, 2016

5 Friday Favorites featuring Mizuno Running & Snacking

Disclosure: I was sent a pair of Mizuno Running Wave Catalyst shoes as a part of a sponsored campaign through the Fitfluential Network. I was also given a complimentary code for 3 meals through Galley Foods. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Workouts have been not too great this week because of being so busy plus trying to avoid running outside in the below freezing windy temperatures we've been having this week. Apparently it's going to be in the single digits this weekend. Um, is it spring yet? I plan on knocking out a workout and then getting nice and cozy and warm and watching the Olympic Marathon Trials from LA on Saturday, rooting for my #TeamNuun lady Kara Goucher, Shalane, and Meb of course as well as some other awesome runners.  I have a lot of exciting things planned for the spring, but need to survive a lot of work this semester and this crazy winter weather. Here are some of my favorite things from the past week:  

5 Friday Favorites

1. Favorite Package: Mizuno Running Wave Catalyst

5 Friday Favorites featuring Mizuno Running & Snacking

Thanks to a campaign with Fitfluential I was sent the new Mizuno Wave Catalyst shoes. Besides loving the neon color, I was really excited to try a lightweight shoe from Mizuno since I've only tried their more supportive shoes. I'm a fan of more lightweight shoes and so far like it. The bottom is still a little stiffer than I normal like, but I appreciate the light weight feel and the thinner upper on the shoes.  I skipped a bitter cold run last night, but still took these babies to yoga class!

2. Favorite Dinner: Lamb Bolognese Fettuccine from Galley Foods

February 9, 2016

New Running Gear I'm Loving Lately

I've been really overwhelmed with life a bit lately and had no idea what to blog about. So of course, I decided to talk about one of my favorite things-shopping! More specifically, some of the awesome running/fitness gear I've picked up in the last few months.  

1. Under Armour Haul
I was SO ridiculously lucky enough to win a huge Under Armour gift card giveaway right after Christmas which  was a fabulous holiday surprise. I stocked up on some fun new pieces for spring as well as some cold weather basics, most of it on sale (#winning). This winter break I cleaned out some of my old running & workout clothes so it was nice to get a few new pieces. 

The tights were full-price and a splurge, but I love the pattern and am all about flashy leggings. I love Under Armour's Coldgear turtlenecks for winter running so I grabbed one in black because it matches everything. I grabbed a girls XL in that Star Wars shirt which is perfect to bring to the RunDisney Star Wars half marathon in April (btw, UA needs to step up the women's Star Wars gear).  My friend recommended the Eclipse printed sports bra (#7) which is really comfortable and supportive. I'm trying to get rid of old sports bras and replace them with a few quality ones so this was perfect. 

New Running Gear I'm Loving Lately-Under Armour

(1)  (2)  (3)  (4)  (5)  (6)  (7)  (8) (9)

2. The Original Worm
New Running Gear I'm Loving Lately-Original-Worm-Mizuno
Rolling out is better with wine. And new running shoes (Mizuno Wave Catalyst)! 
I first came across the Original Worm on Facebook and then read some blogger reviews about it. I liked the idea that it was a massaging muscle therapy ball/ foam roller in one.  For Christmas I asked for and received the small 6.3 version in pink. You can order it online, but apparently my mom later saw it in Kohls too. 

December 11, 2015

Brooks Running Fall 2015 Apparel and Adrenaline GTS16 Review

Disclosure: I received a complimentary top and bottom from Brooks Running to review on my blog as well as a pair of the Adrenaline GTS 16 shoe before launch to wear test. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I have always been a HUGE fan of Brooks Running. Their Ghost running shoes were my first ever pair of real deal running shoes I got fitted for. I love that their slogan is Run Happy. I ran my first marathon in their Ravenna shoes.  I even got to tour their new headquarters when I was out in Seattle for Hood to Coast.  I love that the brand is really supportive, innovative, and does awesome things like sponsor the Beer Mile world record holder. They also just started a really awesome running community called The Run where you can talk about-you guessed it, running! with other people via message boards. That's why I was really excited to work with Brooks Running after being invited to check out The Run community-I've been dying to work with them! 


Brooks Running offered to send me some apparel to review as I enter the new year and chase bigger and bad-asser goals. I was interested in trying the Brooks Running Drift Shell jacket (Retails for $135) and the Greenlight Tight (Retails for $90) because I wanted some cold weather gear that was also bright and high visibility for these dark fall and winter days. Just a note, I find that Brooks running tops run a bit small so I got the Drift Shell in a size medium and the tights in a small.  

The Drift Shell is breathable and lightweight while also providing great waterproof and windproof protection.  I love the pattern and the fact that it's lightweight, has multiple water-resistant pockets, and is a little stretchy. It also was semi-fitted so it was a nice layer on top when the weather was windy or wet and wasn't flapping around as I ran, even when I wore it during a really windy night leg of Ragnar Vegas last month! 

Post-3 AM Ragnar Vegas leg in my Brooks Running gear
I did find that I would sweat a lot when I wore this as a layer which was the only thing I didn't like about the jacket. 


I was mostly drawn to the neon green Greenlight Tight because of its appearance and cool pattern but was happy to find out they are super practical. They are reversible so if you wear them with the fuzzy side in like I have been you'll stay warm but if you where them reversed with the smoother pattern side in you'll stay cool!  I LOVE THESE TIGHTS


I wore them during Ragnar Vegas and they were awesome for staying bright during my night run.  Unfortunately the weather has been pretty mild in Baltimore so far so I haven't gotten to wear them as much as I'd like, but I wore them to the November Project workout yesterday and literally got 5 compliments/questions about what brand they were from various people, including a random guy on the bus who told me I'd never get hit by a bus in those, haha

Besides the fact that I love the print and color, the tights are super soft and wicking with a nice wide waistband that stays put so I'm not constantly pulling them out even after doing lots of burpees and squats at NP. They also have super cute ruching on the side hem at the ankles which is a nice touch. 

I spotted these tights at the
Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon expo!
After receiving the apparel, Brooks asked me if I wanted to wear-test the new Adrenaline GTS 16 running shoes. I have never worn their best-selling Adrenalines before but have enjoyed have a few pairs of more supportive shoes that I've gotten through reviews for runs when I need more cushioning, especially during recovery runs or when I need to do a lot of walking. Superficially, the shoes I received are in my favorite colors of a light teal and hot pink, which is obviously awesome. 


The Adrenaline GTS 16 are heavier than I would wear for everyday running, but they do have responsive cushioning and provide a lot of support all through my foot. I actually really like wearing them to things like November Project where I'm doing lots of jumping and plyometrics because of the support they provide. They fit nice and snug on my foot and I liked the upper, however if you have wider feet the toe box might feel a bit narrow so try them on before you buy! 

Crunching it out at November Project-Baltimore
According to the Brooks Running website " the BioMoGo DNA midsole responds to every step and the full-length segmented crash pad that gives you ultra-smooth heel-to-toe transitions". Overall, I think it's a great shoe to check out if you need some extra support when running.

Definitely check out Brooks Running and add some of their apparel or shoes to your Christmas wish list!   


Have you ever run in Brooks shoes or apparel? What's your current favorite piece of running gear? 

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