July 28, 2015

Chicago Marathon 2015 Training Recap {Weeks 5&6}

{Read about Weeks 1&2, 3&4 of my training} Week 6 has been a really solid week of training! I also really can't believe it's almost August and I'm already 1/3 of my way through training. Oh my. 


Chicago Marathon 2015 Training Recap

Week 5

Week 5 was not the week of training I wanted, but oh well. I got a solid long run in on Saturday but ended up taking rest days on Friday and Sunday. For my long runs with shorter mileage I've been committed to trying to follow my plan and add in race pace miles. I did 2 race pace miles in the beginning of my long run and 2 towards the end. Obviously my legs feel heavier towards the end, but I think it's really good training for race day. I was tired and ended up sleeping in and the weather was really humid during midday. Otherwise I had some nice easy runs, the Shake Shack Track & Field run, and a beautiful outdoor barre class

Sunny waterfront running
Week 6
This past week was a really solid of week of training.  I went to Crossfit for the first time in months-and I could tell!  The front squats in the WOD really left my quads sore all week. I was walking funny for days like oh my quad. 


July 23, 2015

If You Run, You are a Runner {No Matter What Size, Ladies}

Between Women's Running Magazine's August 2015 cover and the profile on Mirna in Runner's World, the whole world (not just the running community) has been on fire about celebrating different body types of runners. I love both magazines and always read them cover to cover each month. Monica pretty much covered a lot I have to say yesterday, but I still wanted to share my thoughts

Also you should TOTALLY pick up the August issue (on stands now!) of Women's Running Magazine because it's a great publication and because you might recognize a face in the Blogger on the Run column. YEP THAT'S ME. I know it's super silly and there's bloggers who are in magazines or write for big websites all the time, but I'm really damn proud. I'm a little runner lady who started this blog to share my story, hopefully inspire some people, and connect with others. I'm small enough that I don't worry much about SEO, make a profit, or have a huge following but big enough that I get some sponsored posts and swag and some cool opportunities. 

It's really awesome to see that my hustle with upkeeping this blog and always trying to make it better is paying off (so that people enjoy it and so that my thoughts aren't a big random pile on the interwebs). Celebrate your hard work and all the small moments. I literally might laminate this page and put it on the wall above my desk (#I'MAHUGENERD). 

There is an awesome little Q&A with the cover model Erica online. I totally agree when she says "Running is for everybody anytime".  

It's always cool to see someone strutting their stuff who is a strong runner lady, especially because I've read many snippets of interviews with models who just say they do pilates and yoga.  I also was really moved in a different way about the article featuring Mirna of Fat Girl Running in the latest issue of Runner's World.  The first line of the article hit me so hard:

"People always say to me, ‘Anyone who runs as much as you do deserves to be skinny.’ Of course, what they're really saying: ‘If you do all this running, why are you still so fat?"

It may seem silly to you, but I feel like this some days.  I've got this blog & social media and all my friends know about my running adventures so it sometimes feels like well, people expect me to be skinny and ripped with a six-pack because I workout so much and eat things like chia seed pudding.  Even though I can totally put away some pizza and ice cream it should be okay because I work out so much. 

Of course other days I feel great and am all like: 
{source} Queen Bey tells it like it is. 

Mirna's story is so inspiring because of all she has done in her life and how much she has helped her community.  She is so honest and talks about accepting her weight but of course not being satisfied with it. The article also focuses on the running group she started and how many people she has truly helped with her life including encouraging other women to start running.  I literally teared up after reading it. 

From Runner's World, photo by Brian Metlz
I love seeing things like this. However a small part of me gets irritated that being a "curvy runner" is such a big deal. Body love and acceptance seems to be a hot topic and changing a lot for the better which is AWESOME. However there is always backlash though about skinny-shaming and how we shouldn't glorify just one body type.  

I don't want this to come off the wrong way. I think it's totally awesome to see a woman on the cover of a running magazine who actually looks like a lot of runners. I just don't want the pendulum to swing too far in that all magazines feel the need to sort of insincerely use "curvy" models just because it's trendy right now. It would be cool to see a day when there are women of all sizes in magazines and for it not to be a big deal or create news about a the fact that there's "plus-size model" (a term I also dislike).  

As long as people are healthy, who cares what your clothes size is or what what your weight is.I wish for a day when that number on the scale or in your pants tag is like your shoe size, just kind of a fact

Besides all of that, I'm excited to see a woman that many female runners can relate to getting some press in a fitness publication. If that encourages just one woman to start running or sign up for a race, then that is AMAZING. While I am pretty average and maybe considered thin to some people, I've got some body issues like many ladies and definitely don't see a fit runner in myself sometimes. I've critiqued those unflattering race photos- my pudgy stomach, my thighs that would chafe in shorts without BodyGlide, and my boyish & uncurvy figure.   

When I first saw Ashley's post about running in a sports bra, I thought I wish I could do that. Really what's stopping me? People will see my un-flat stomach and disapprove? Do people at races really think anything at all of how I look, let alone that I don't look like a lean, tall, speedy runner? 

I just see a happy, fit runner lady. 

If you made it through my ramble, just take away this: if you run, you are a runner. It doesn't matter what shape, size, color, fitness level, or speed you are. You just are one. And feeling insecure about how you look compared to other "runners" should not hold you back from running or racing. 

Running has brought me so much happiness & strength so if you think you're too [fill in blank with negative idea] to run and that is keeping you from experiencing it in your life, that's just plain silly.  


Have you read either of those articles? What's your favorite health & fitness magazine?

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July 22, 2015

Work It Out Wednesdays #2: Hi-Lo 30 Minute Elliptical Workout with Kaila Proulx

It's time for another Work It Out Wednesdays. On Wednesdays I share a new workout or special topic for you all to learn about featuring some of my fellow amazing 2015 Women's Health Action Heroes.  These fitness queens have so many fun workouts and great fitness & nutrition tips that I can't wait to share with all my blog readers.


This post features my my fellow WH Action Hero & total badass, Kaila Proulx from the Healthy Helper blog (which I love reading!) who is sharing an awesome interval-based elliptical workout. My favorite ways to cross-train are with November Project Baltimore, Crossfit ,and spinning, but the elliptical is a great alternative to running on the treadmill at the gym. 

Hi friends! I'm Kaila from Healthy Helper and I'm happy to be hanging out in Lauren's corner of the web today for Work it out Wednesday. I love this weekly feature and I think it's a great way to discover new workouts and learn more about the cool stuff happening in the fitness world.


I am a recently certified personal trainer through NASM and I love sharing my passion for movement and healthy living with others. On my blog you'll find a ton of cool workouts, lots of healthy (and tasty!) recipes, and daily tips on motivation and self acceptance. I believe we are at our best when our mind and bodies are working in sync. There is nothing better than a healthy relationship with food and exercise. Easier said than done though, right? Well, that's okay. Life is a journey and we're all on our own path to wellness! Right now since it's summer, and since I am finally healed from an injury that's been burdening me for the past 9 months, I've been slowly getting back into running. Running is my fitness passion and I love the way I feel after completing some tough miles!


 What I've learned though, is that I need to be smart about my training. Now I stretch, foam roll, do physical therapy exercises, and properly fuel my body after each and every run. Another thing I'm doing more consistently? CROSS TRAINING

July 20, 2015

{MIMM} A Humid and Artsy Weekend

This weekend I did so much yet not enough. Seriously weekends fly by. More fun and less chores, which is a good balance for a change.  That means I have another busy week ahead of me though.  I'm glad to report that this mid-summer weekend had many marvelous parts. 

The bad 

Hottest day of the year so far? Check. 

Humidity makes for a really sweaty run and a post-long run smiley face of sweat coincidentally on my "Run Happy" shirt. Ending a run drenched is a bit unpleasant. 


Still having a huge to-do list after the weekend is over. 

The weekend only lasting two days. I need at least three!

Feeling really tired from a busy week led to two rest days this weekend. Good for my body, bad for my training because I wanted at least another easy run in this week. 

The good 

New cell phone FINALLY. Went from the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the S6. Huge difference and my camera looks fabulous! 

Thursday I took an awesome barre class with REV on the Four Seasons pool deck with a post-class cocktail and some pool-side relaxation.  Look at that view!


July 16, 2015

Nuun Discount, Stress, and RNR Philly {Thinking Out Loud}

Random posts that cover a bunch of topics are my favorite because I love thinking out loud and sharing lost of things with you all! I've been uber busy so there will probably more posts like this in the future.  

1. From what I read lots of people like me are training for races and events this summer. If you aren't training, there is a good chance you are still spending time outside, and the weather is getting hot & humid which means upping hydration.  Nuun Hydration, my favorite electrolyte company, is offering a friends & family discount that I'm sharing with you as part of Team Nuun just in time. 

Save 20% off orders with code "NuunSummer15" through 7/23/15. My favorites right now are the Nuun Energy Lemon-Lime, Watermelon Nuun Active, and Kona Kola Nuun Active. 


2. My grad school plans all changed (for the better) a couple weeks ago and now I'm going to the program I wanted to all along! Yay! That means all the Fall plans I had cancelled or tried to make have to be switched around due to a new schedule. That also means I'll still get a chance to run the Rock 'n' Roll Philly half marathon on October 31

It was my first ever half marathon and this year despite scheduling issues early on due to the Pope's visit to Philadelphia in September, this race is still going to be amazing. 

I've got a really busy October & November but I couldn't pass up using my Tourpass to run this race. Since it's post-Chi marathon, I'll probably be limping along and might be begging people to give me piggyback rides.  I'll definitely be grabbing candy from all the aid stations.  I plan on rocking a costume and having fun with it, and you should totally join me

  If you are still skeptical, here's 10 Reasons to Run Philly including how it has the lowest price for the race since 2010, it's on Halloween (which means costumes galore and CANDY at aid stations!), it's a fast, PR-perfect course, raises money for the American Association for Cancer Research, and you can go explore the city and grab a post-race cheesesteak to celebrate. I mean, c'mon.

The just released race bling for Philly RNR
As always, you can even save $15 on race registration on mostly any Rock 'n' Roll half or full marathons in 2015 here with my code below.   


3.  This past Tuesday was my favorite run of the month-Shack Track and Field Baltimore! It was a really humid night, and after running the 3 miles to Charm City Run I was already quite sweaty. I ran an easy 4 miles along the water because I'm a rebel and didn't stick to the 3 or 5 mile run routes.  Actually my legs were really tight so 5 miles wasn't happening. After I got back to Shake Shack I made a big sweat puddle as I waited in line for my free drink. I went with a chocolate milkshake, and sadly it was gone way too quickly. A really cold (and free) milkshake after a sweaty run tastes amazing. It was definitely the highlight workout of the week. 

Milkshake lovin. 
Be sure to the check out the next Shack Track and Field on August 11 starting at 7 PM at Charm City Run (it's always the 2nd Tuesday of the month!) 

4. I read & shared this article about female runners getting attacked in Southeast Baltimore this morning. It's things like this that make me sad about Baltimore because most of the time I feel really safe in the city. It's not like Baltimore needs more bad press either. I have talked with my boyfriend and friends multiple times lately about how being a female is completely different than a being male. I think about my "femaleness" all the time because everyday I have flashes of concern about walking around the city, running, and my safety in general. It sounds silly when I type it out, but I really believe that women worry or think about the possibility of things like getting attacked way more than men. 

 This is just a reminder to be always be aware of your surroundings when running, especially all my fellow lady runners. 

5. I was feeling pretty good last week, but this week has been a big ball of stress. I'm constantly tired, stress-eating, and feel like there isn't enough hours in the day. Training, work, paperwork & finances for school, and generally life issues have all been colliding.  I'm going to try to ride this week out and come back more organized and ready to go next week!  I am attending a barre class with REV at the Four Seasons this evening just for me. I really have been trying to save money but a rooftop barre class on a beautiful evening and a cocktail included sounded like something I needed in my life right now. 

What is something you did for yourself this week? What has been your favorite workout this week so far? 

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July 14, 2015

Chicago Marathon 2015 Training {Weeks 3 & 4 Recap}

Congratulations to Amy for winning my training kickoff giveaway with Momentum Jewelry! {Read about Weeks 1 & 2 of my training} After a slower start, I'm in it. I ran 15 miles this past weekend and once I'm running more than a half marathon each weekend I know that this ish is getting real.  


Chicago Marathon 2015 Training Recap

Week 3

Week 3 was the first week I tried to really follow a schedule.  I had some nice easy runs and cross-training including a total body workout and barre class. I also got in my first tempo run and the humidity and muggy air made it feel hard to stick to a pace at times.. I know that with the summer weather sometimes my body isn't going to cooperate as well.  For my long run I got in some really nice, slow miles with fellow Gundalow ambassador Emily before the 4th of July festivities began and ended up with a solid 10 miles for the morning. 

Post-Independence Day runfie time. 
I took the mileage down a notch from the week before because I definitely felt my body needed some more rest, and I didn't want to ramp up too quickly.   

Week 4
Week 4 definitely showed me that I need to up my hydration game with this summer training.  I had a couple really humid & uncomfortable runs again .  I took a great spin class at Rev in the beginning of the week which I love as cross-training for running.  My best friend was in town Friday night so I knew that keeping my long run on Saturday wasn't going to happen. I was up and at 'em later than I wanted Sunday morning and the thought of 15 miles alone was daunting. The furthest I've run since October has been 13 miles so I wasn't sure how it would go and was having trouble getting pumped up.  

My plan called for 15 miles with 3x2 miles at race pace. I ended up doing 3 miles and then 2 miles spread apart at race pace or (close enough to it!) and kept the rest easy.  I took my run to Fort McHenry which gave me a nice place to continuously keep my tempo miles and offer a change of scenery mid-run.   
Water/fuel pit stop at Fort McHenry. 
After mile 11 my legs and booty were definitely feeling sore but I pushed onward and finished up at Starbucks so I could grab a post-run iced coffee before heading back for a shower & pancakes. 

The bad: I'm really feeling sore and tight. I've got a weird slight pain on the top of my right foot that I'm obsessing over too.  Definitely need to stop neglecting my yoga, foam rolling, and stretching.  

The good:  My fueling seems to be better-I was slightly less ravenous this week. Slightly.  I am trying to keep a good balance of eating when I'm hungry and getting solid amount of protein in while also keeping tabs on myself to make sure I don't become a snack monster. Because, it happens

I've been loving these Yummari bites before workouts or as something quick I can eat after a run before I shower and make a proper meal.  I was sent some complimentary Yummari samples to try out in all their flavors: coffee, cranberry , coconut, chocolate banana, and chocolate chip. They are little superfood endurance nuggets made with chia, hemp, omega-3s while also being gluten-free, organic, peanut-free and packed with 5g of protein.  

They are really yummy and perfect for when I need to get some nutrition in before or after a workout but can't really stomach anything big yet.  They are small little nuggets about half the size of a regular protein bar and aren't too sweet yet still have a nice flavor.  

Long run immediate re-fueling

Check out the Yummari Plum Alley crowdfunding campaign to get in at the beginning before their official launch on July 21 or order some for yourself here!  

Things to Focus on: Hydration. I need to get back in the routine of drinking a big cup of water right when I wake up and getting through at least 64 ounces during the day. I've noticed headaches and that I just generally feeling crappy when I don't drink enough. Also trying to stretch out and alleviate tightness like I mentioned.  

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How was your week of workouts? What is something you need to pay extra attention to with summer weather?

July 7, 2015

Work It Out Wednesdays #1: Dance Cardio Workout with Nikki Pebbles

I'm really excited to bring a new post series to the blog called Work It Out Wednesdays where each Wednesday, I'll feature a new workout or special topic for you all to try out or learn about. What better place to start off the series then by featuring all of my other amazing 2015 Women's Health Action Heroes.  I recruited some of these fitness queens to share with my blog readers a fun workout or fitness & nutrition tips. 


This first post is an amazing start to the series with my fellow WH Action Hero & total badass, Nikki Pebbles who is sharing an awesome dance cardio workout. While I'm not very comfortable (or very good at!) cardio dancing, I'm definitely going to try this out, in the privacy of my own apartment of course.  I'll trip to not look completely ridiculous!

Here’s an easy dance cardio combo that you can literally do ANYWHERE! Even if you aren’t a dancer, this routine has a number squat variations and offers a great cardio alternative to the treadmill! Take your time, smile, and WORK IT, GIRL!

If the embedded video file is not working, you can check out the video here

Meet Nikki Pebbles!

About Nikki
I am a Badass Redhead who is the co-founder of the dance fitness program, Kerboomka, the creator of the cycling program, Rip n’ Ride,Certified Personal Trainer, NAFC Nutrition Coach and Social Media Ninja. I believe that EVERY woman is a powerful badass. I want to show that not only can women be leaders, but we can literally rule the world. O and if you don't know... I want to be the Beyonce of the fitness and business world. 

Find me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for more fitness tips and empowerment!

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Do you enjoy dance cardio? What's your favorite workout lately?

4th of July Festivities & Race Recap {Link-Up #11}

I had a rather chill and relaxing holiday weekend. I was still feeling a bit blahh from some sort of summer cold that hit me last week so I took it pretty easy this weekend. I took a nice 60 minute barre class with Annie at Rev on Friday followed by refueling with my current fave Gundalow Juice and then getting some errands done. 

My outfit matched for once, even with my Mizuno Running #Enigma5 shoes! 
On Saturday morning I got up early for a long run with a friend and made sure to rock some patriotic gear. I felt great during my slow 10 miles and was happy we even beat the rain!

Socks from Crazy Compression
My boyfriend cooked ribs all day (they were AMAZING) and after stopping by the Monument Bicentennial and re-opening festivities, we lounged and watched Netflix before heading to a party and watching fireworks. Yes, I ate my weight in ribs on Saturday.  The fireworks are my favorite part of the holiday and Baltimore's did not disappoint!  


I made these awesome & festive mini cheesecakes from Skinnytaste-they were delicious and light! 
Topped with berries and edible silver glitter
I was asked to guest-host the Race Recap Link-Up again so please share your own race recaps and check these other ones out. I don't have any big races coming up, but I love reading about people's experiences in races near and far! 

Welcome to the 6th Race Recap Link-Up!! I love reading recaps from other bloggers. Its a great way to learn about different races, support other runners, and gain motivation. A recap is the final leg of the race. It’s your chance to relive your race and allow others some insight. The training miles, the race day jitters, the glory of crossing the finish line. the good - the bad - the ugly We want to hear it all….

Meet the hosts...

collage jul 7 

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Featured post from last week...

 The Fairfield Half Marathon recap by The Kooky Runner.

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GOTR SoleMate
GOTR SoleMate
Be sure to check out my race training kit giveaway before it ends on Friday, 7/10!

What was your favorite part of the 4th of July? What race is coming up for you soon?

July 3, 2015

Chicago Marathon 2015 Kickoff with Momentum Jewelry {Weeks 1 & 2 Recap}

Disclosure: I am a Momentum Jewelry ambassador and receive complimentary products. This blog post contains my affiliate link. As always, all opinions are my own. Momentum is sponsoring my race and supplied complimentary samples of their products. All other items in the giveaway prize were purchased by me.  

Believe it or not, marathon training season is here! It seems like only yesterday I was getting the email that I received entry to the 2015 Chicago Marathon. I ran Chicago last year so I'm familiar with the race and ready to come back and kick butt. What's even freakier is that the Chicago Marathon is only 100 days a way.  October 11 sounds far away, but it's really not because it's already freaking July. HOW?!


Chicago Marathon 2015 Training Recap

You can follow my training updates with the nifty hashtag #breathedeeplyandrunchi on social media. The first two weeks of training really flew by. I actually just finished tweaking my training plan today. The one thing I did not miss from training which I've noticed since upping my mileage last week is the runger! I'm generally a hungry person but now it's pretty constant. Amanda's post on the subject hit right at home for me.  #foreverhungry


Week 1

This week wasn't really a true week of training.  I got in a couple easy runs, a November Project workout, and then my first long run. I ran 10 miles with a group of my lady runner friends which was lovely because we spent the whole run basically catching up.  I've been running a half marathon every month since March so 10 miles didn't feel too bad.  The humidity made some of my runs really sweaty and uncomfortable.  

Week 2
I've been trying to add more easy runs and get some more miles on my feet this training cycle so I actually hit my highest mileage in a while this week with just over 36 miles. Surprisingly I'm just feel my usual levels of soreness.

 For cross-training I  took a great barre class at Beachfit Baltimore with my fellow Gundalow ambadassador Annie. I got some speed work in at the November Project Sunrise 6K and the Baltimore Women's Classic 5K.   Sunday's long run called for 13 miles so I tacked on an extra 10 easy miles later in the afternoon after the 5K to get it done. BOOM. And then I ate and napped and ate some more!

Post BWC 5K 2015 at the lovely Inner Harbor
One of the things that has made me super excited for marathon training is that I've got Momentum Jewelry to sponsor and support my race. I've been loving their athletic jewelry for over a year since now plus am really happy to be an ambassador for the company. 

Their wrap bracelets and footnotes with motivational sayings on them are my favorite accessories for working out or just going about my day. I was already planning on rocking my wrap bracelets and footnotes with my favorite mantras throughout training anyways, but I love that I can also spread the Momentum message. It also doesn't hurt have a little extra help staying motivated when the going gets tough.  


Check Momentum Jewelry out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

As always you can use my link to save 10% off any order: 


Momentum sent me a box with a couple new wrap bracelets footnotes, tech tee, and a bunch of samples to giveaway to spread the love.  You're in luck because I'm including a footnote and wrap bracelet to kickoff your training, for whatever race or event that may be, along with some of my other favorite training products like Nuun & Feetures!.  


You can enter below, and the giveaway ends next Friday, 7/10/15 at 12:00 AM EST, open to US & Canada residents only (sorry-due to my shipping costs!) 

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Are you training for a big race? What's your favorite training mantra?