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February 12, 2021

Things That Made Me Happy This Week 2/12/21

Hello! People still read blogs right? I'm trying to get into more of a productive routine so I'm going to start writing blog posts again on a semi-regular basis. What better way to start than sharing what is making me happy this week! As always you can check out my more regular happenings, thoughts, and photos via Instagram

This series "Things That Made Me Happy This Week" is inspired by a segment on one of my favorite podcasts Pop Culture Happy Hour on NPR. So in these continued strange times, here is what is making me happy this week: 


1. Tesalate Workout Towels

Tesalate, an Australian company who makes beach and workout towels reached out to me about trying out their workout towels just prior to the holidays right after I purchased my spin bike. I was desparately in need of some good towels to prevent myself from dripping sweat all over my living room (#homeworkoutproblems) so I was happy to try them out, especially after I saw the fun colors and patterns (seriously, look at all the choices). Besides the amazing patterns I received including Wild Ones & Cassandra , I love that they are antibacterial, odor-free, and dry super fast. Despite sweating profusely, they never feel heavy or damp. I use it to towel off my face and on my handlebars during spin classes. 

2. Peggy Makeup Headband

Peggy Makeup Headband
{from Ulta}

After watching too many beauty Tik-Tokers I finally bought a Makeup headband to wear when washing my face and applying serums/lotions. I don't know why I struggled so long with pulling my hair back and having pieces still falling into my wash as I tried to wash my face or wear a face mask. I bought this Peggy Makeup Headband at Ulta because it was leopard print (my favorite!) and cheap ($6.99), but honestly I love it. It's nice and soft on my head and does the job. 

3. Freaks and Geeks on Hulu

I am a huge fan of the short-lived TV show Freaks and Geeks. It's funny, it has heart and it features SO many now well-known actors/actresses. Yes I own the series on DVD but streaming it on Hulu is much easier! I've seen it all the way through multiple times so it's my current "put this show on and half pay attention while I do something else" TV show. 

4. Bravey by Alexi Pappas

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I am a super fan of Alexi Pappas and consider myself a bravey (a part of a community she has created). She is an Olympian, runner, filmmaker, and poet who recently released her first book and memoir entitled Bravey. I am only halfway through it and already love it. It makes me feel all the feels and really is a story about life, not just sports. It touches on Alexi's journey with her mental health and her the moments that got her to where she is now. She has been making the rounds on some podcast so I also recommend listening to interviews with her including the Rich Roll podcast. She is such a wise soul. Find out more about Bravey and where to find it near you here

What is making YOU happy this week? 

April 21, 2017

5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day {Friday Favorites}

Disclosure: Boodywear sent me complimentary product in honor of Earth Day. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

This Saturday, April 22, 2017 is Earth Day. I believe in taking care of our planet, sharing it with the other creatures that live on it, and trying to live a more eco-conscious existence. Yup, I'm a little flower child as my dad would say. My lifestyle isn't 100% eco-friendly(why do I ALWAYS forget to take my reusable bags back out to the car to use again after using them?!?!), but I try to add in some little things because sustainability is important. 

Cue the Captain Planet theme song. 

For my Friday Favorites this week, here are 5 easy ways you can celebrate Earth Day in Baltimore and beyond. 


1. Recycle.

Simple concept that we hear all the time, but recycling is awesome. Don't let your trash sit in a landfill if it can be recycled! I recycle a ton and will literally carry around empty containers in my purse if I can't find a recycle bin because throwing things away that can be recycled (and have the little recycle symbol on them) hurts my heart. 


E-waste or electronic waste is actually becoming a trash issue in the states so find out where you can recycle your e-waste on the EPA's website. When I moved recently, we donated some old computer parts and cell-phones so donating is also an option-just google for local shops or organizations that accept those products. I definitely have a bag of dead batteries I need to get around to recycling this weekend.  

2. Use a reusable water bottle. 

Disposable plastic water bottles are terrible, and I rarely use them after learning more about recycling in an environmental biology class my senior year of college. Most of the country's plastic water bottles are sitting in landfills instead of being recycled, and 2.5 million plastic water bottles are thrown away every hour by Americans-SAY WHAT?! (source). 

February 10, 2017

{5 Friday Favorites} Otters, Micellar Water, and Tea

Disclosure: I received complimentary samples of Yogi Tea through my partnership as a Women's Health Action Hero. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Happy Friday! My graduate school spring semester has started, and my schedule is the craziest yet because apparently that was possible. I'm slowly building up my running to hopefully 4 or 5 miles this weekend which is great. I've also been eating a lot of Trader Joe's mini frozen pizzas for dinner, which isn't the healthiest but is quite delicious. It's all about taking life one day at a time. Anyways, here are my 5 Friday favorites this week-have a fabulous weekend! 

Favorite Animal Video: Otter pup in the snow at Yellowstone Park

So it was really tough to pick just one video. I watch so many cute animal videos during the week because they make me happy (and give me hope that is world is wonderful). I loved this video of a little otter enjoying the snow in Yellowstone Park. I am dying to get out to some of the National Parks out west. 

Favorite Beauty Find: Trader Joe's Micellar Cleanser wipes


November 18, 2016

{Friday Favorites} Grilled Cheese, BCAAs, and StrideBox

Disclosure: I received 3 complimentary boxes from StrideBox. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Happy Friday! It's been a while so I decided to share some of my favorites from the past couple of weeks. I haven't run at ALL in 2 weeks, and it's been okay. I am letting myself rest and recover while I'm in the boot. 3 weeks of no exercise won't kill me. Besides I have a LOT of studying to occupy myself with this weekend.  Be sure to enter my blog birthday giveaway

Favorite Easy Cause to Support: Tab for a Cause


So I I'm one of those people who always has tons of tabs open in my Google Chrome Internet browser window. I can't help it. I've always have a few tabs I'm actively using, a few that I am saving to work with later as a reminder, plus constantly am clicking on things. My friend Kate suggested checking out Tab for a Cause, an internet browser extension that replaces your tab page with a beautiful page that raises money for charity. It's free and for every tab you open, you earn hearts which you can choose to give to your favorite charity. The extension's sponsors provide money to charity divide all the money raised amongst the charities based on the number of Hearts donated to each charity/cause. 

 It hasn't slowed my internet down, and if my excessive internet browsing can help a charity that is awesome! 

Favorite Snail Mail: StrideBox

October's StrideBox goodies

August 5, 2016

{Friday Favorites} Seawheeze, Rio Olympics, and Acai Bowls

I meant to write a post for Thinking Out Loud Thursdays, but since it's Friday I'll make it a mash-up and talk about my favorite things of the week. 

Seawheeze Half Marathon

So I ended up getting an entry like a month out from the race to run with Team Nuun so now I'm FREAKING RUNNING the Lululemon Seawheeze Half Marathon in Vancouver next weekend. It sells out every year and you get a limited edition printed pair of shorts with entry, plus I've heard Vancouver is amazing. The excitement and the hype cannot be contained, especially because a million people have asked me about it in the past week. If you're going and have any suggestions or tips, let me know in the comments or email me ( I'd love to meet up with runners too! 


Rio Olympics 2016

So tonight is the opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, and I'm pumped! I LOVE watching the Olympics and tuning into the main events like gymnastics and swimming as well as some more obscure events that I don't normally get a chance to see. I love the national pride, the athleticism, and the stiff competition in the events. OBVIOUSLY I'm hugely excited for the men's and women's marathon event as well as other track and field events. I got an awesome shirt supporting the Challenged Athlete Foundation with the names of Team Nuun and Nuun Elite Olympians as well as my copy of Runner's World magazine with my girl Shalane on the cover this week! 


I also FREAKED out when I saw that one of my running idols Shalane liked my Instagram photo because I'm a huge fangirl like that. 

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You can find the Olympics Track & Field schedule here- I'm super excited to see the men's and women's steeplechase and the marathon events. Obviously cheering for Shalane and Meb and everyone from Team U.S.A. This video of the U.S. Olympic swimmers doing their own version of carpool karaoke is great. Shout-out to Baltimore's own Michael Phelps! 

June 24, 2016

{5 Friday Favorites} Beer, Beyonce, and Beast Mode

It's Friday and I'm here with some favorites from the past few weeks. It's been a hectic and humid week for me so I'm looking forward to a fun and sunny weekend.  

{5 Friday Favorites} Beer, Beyonce, and Beast Mode

1. Beyonce Formation World Tour


A.K.A my second time seeing the QUEEN. 

I'm a HUGEEEE Beyonce fan so if you don't like her just skip this paragraph. Yes, I'm the girl blasting Lemonade in her car and singing along.  I could go on and on about this concert I went to a few weeks ago in Philly, but I'll just say it's literally a magical experience and in a completely different way from her last tour with Jay-Z. She puts on an amazing show-even people who aren't huge fans or don't know a ton of her non-radio hits have said so to me! Bey  was sure to keep the message about self-love and how the most important relationship is the one with yourself and how you can do anything #PREACH.  I mean that's a message all ladies can get behind. 

I also want a wind machine following me and an acceptable place to wear a sparkly leotard and high heels, kthanks.

2. Beer Flights


I got to enjoy a nice little beer flight at Flying Fish Brewing Co. with my family last weekend. Anytime I go to a new brewery I also get a beer flight. Sometimes when I can't decide what I want I get one too. I also love it because some beers are interesting for a little taste, but I don't want a full pint of it. Sometimes you just want a little bit of everything. Or if you are me, you always do. What's wrong with wanting it? 

3. Summer long runs


Okay so I don't like the humidity or being completely drenched after runs (#sweatyAF), but now that I'm in my first week of marathon training I do enjoy some of the routine of a long run and the peace that comes afterwards. Plus feeling like a badass for crushing many miles.  Another pro is that I spend at least 4 miles of the run thinking about what I want to treat myself to for breakfast afterwards. Long run days go wake up, run, eat, shower, eat, nap, then restoftheday.  Tons of sweaty laundry and trying to remove a soaking wet sports bra are definite summer long run cons. 

4. KIND Snacks variety pack


A.k.a. the motherload of KIND bars. I was nice enough to have been sent this complimentary 30-pack of KIND Snacks bars which includes some new flavors such as Dark Chocolate Almond Coconut & Raspberry Cashew Chia (YUM!) and all my old favorites including Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt. I've always been a fan of variety packs becaus I like choices and a little bit of everything (see: beer flights) . 

Let's just say between my boyfriend and I, this pack did not last long in our apartment.  

4. Awesomeness alert- American Runs for Homelessness with Back on My Feet


Back on my Feet is an awesome organization  that restores hope and independence through running in over 11 cities (including a chapter in Baltimore!) and has helped more than 4000 individuals find employment and housing. With half a million homeless people in the US, that's awesome. Go here and sign their American Runs pledge to help end homelessness. For each pledge BoMF receives $1, and you are entered to win a free year of Dunkin Donuts. You know I love me some DD coffee so that's a sweet bonus for helping out a great cause! 

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What is one of your favorite workouts, snacks, charities lately? 

June 3, 2016

{5 Friday Favorites} Free Summer Fitness Events in Baltimore 2016

Another Friday already is always a great thing! I've got a jam-packed weekend that is getting kicked off with pre-race ZOOMA Annapolis festivities. If you're running ZOOMA this weekend, say hi if you see me! This week hit us with that hot and humid weather. I love summer (minus the humidity) and LOVE running in shorts again. I just be sure to take my allergy mediciation, lather up the sunscreen, and I'm good to go! One of the great parts about being in the city is all of the free events always happening. Here are some of my favorite FREE summer fitness outdoor offerings you should check out. 


5 Friday Favorites-Free Summer Fitness in Baltimore

1. Waterfront Wellness classes

Waterfront Wellness through the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore offers free fitness classes taught by local professional instructors all summer around the Inner Harbor with a beautiful backdrop. I LOVE Waterfront Wellness in the summer although usually marathon training gets in the way of me going. They added some weeknight classes this week which is awesome! Classes are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from May 28 through September 18th and include barre, yoga, bootcamp, body sculpt, Dance2Fitness. There is also a fun incentive program with prizes sponsored by Medifast. Definitely check out a class and take this chance to try out something new!  


You can get more information and the full schedule here

2. 4th Annual Outdoor Fit+ Festival 

On Saturday, June 25th, 2016 will be the 4th annual Fit+ Festival in Harbor East on Aliceanna Street from 9 AM- 1PM. There will be free fitness classes from Under Armour, Lululemon, and The MAC as well as healthy food offerings, music, a photo booth, and giveaways.  The fitness classes including a run, yoga, bootcamp, boxing, and more! 

The event is free and includes free parking, but you have to RSVP here on the website. 

3. Summer Solstice with Soul Body Barre at UAPC UA Headquarters

I love any chance I get to workout out on the water at the awesome Under Armour Headquarters in Baltimore overlooking the harbor.  You can celebrate the Summer Solstice with a free 1-hour Soul Body Barre class with the creators. If you've never tried barre, this is a great chance! The class is free and open to the public but there is only a maximum of 50 spots so sign up here. There are some more details here

Update: Yikes, someone just let me know the class is already full! All the classes at the UAPC including Soul Body Barre are only $8 drop ins as well if you want to take a class there! I also know that there is free summer solstice yoga at 8 AM on 6/19 at the American Visionary Art Museum for free-details here

4. November Project-Baltimore

I had to include it! It's free all summer. And completely free every other Wednesday and Friday during the year-never cancelled. Come out for some extra sweaty hugs and fun running & body weight workouts 6:30 AM on Wednesdays at Rash Field right in front of Federal Hill on the water and 6:30 AM on Fridays at Patterson Park (corner of Linwood & East Baltimore).If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read why I think this free fitness movement and the Baltimore tribe is awesome. 

5. Free Yoga EVERYWHERE.


There is a TON of free yoga everywhere. Here are a just a few of the offerings around the city this summer.  In Mount Vernon at Mount Vernon Park-East Square you can do outdoor yoga every Saturday from 8:30-9:45 through September 24th. 

In Canton there will be Pop Up Yoga Baltimore all-levels yoga classes at the Canton Waterfront starting June 5th and continuing on every Saturday from 9:30-10:30 AM. More details here

Free Baltimore Yoga is all-year round including summer-I love it! You can check them out Tuesdays at 6 PM at Patterson Park and Thursdays at 6:30 PM at Parks & People. More information can be found on their website

BONUS: This isn't a free workout, but if you want to try paddle boarding you should totally take a FloYo class this summer. FloYo is a full body workout class done on the standup paddle board that incorporates lots of yoga sequences. I took one a couple summers ago, and it was also the first time I had ever been paddle boarding-it was a blast! I am definitely going to make it a point to get out for a class this summer, especially since there is a location right in Baltimore in Dundalk. Check out their schedule and more information here.

What is your favorite summer workout? Do you like outdoor fitness classes? 

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May 13, 2016

5 Friday Favorites 5/12/16 featuring Sweet Note GF Bagels & Birthday Cake

Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary Bloom VoxBox through my partnership with Influenster.  I was sent two complimentary packages of bagels to review from Sweet Note Bakery. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Yikes I'm still alive, guys. A crazy busy month of schoolwork and work plus 3 weeks of assignments due like everyday and now finals has me barely hanging out here in my corner of the internet! Don't worry I'm still running and eating. Just less running and more eating lately. I'm back today with some of my favorites from the past week. I still have finals week brain so I'm looking forward to having a really relaxing weekend!

5 Friday Favorites

1. Favorite Beverage: Coffee, Espresso, etc. 


Duh, graduate school and end of the semester means lots of coffee beverages all day, everyday. You have pretty much always been able to find me lately with a 32 oz. Nalgene full of water and a coffee in the other hand.  I love popping over to Ceremony Coffee in the afternoon for a cortado or coffee. You can also grab some Gundalow Juice while you're there which is a bonus!  

2. Favorite Breakfast: Sweet Note Gluten-Free Bagels


I love carbs but know I feel better when I can limit some gluten. When I tried these bagels on a breakfast sandwich at my local bagel shop (holla THB!) I was pretty impressed with the texture. 

 Eventually I chatted Sweet Note Bakery up on Twitter (Philly-area love!) and sampled more of the flavors at Expo East this past year. Their New-York style bagels are top 8 allergen free including being vegan and gluten-free They were nice enough to send me a couple bags of frozen bagels which have been an awesome breakfast I can take with me out the door these past few weeks.  The snickerdoodle bagel picture here has all this ooey gooey cinnamon sugar on the outside which is SO yummy especially when made into a PB&J bagel. 

3. Favorite Food: Birthday Cake


It was my birthday last week on Cinco de Mayo so I was treated with this huge piece of red velvet cake (best in the city as introduced to by Sarah) after a birthday afternoon run. It was marvelous, and I ate every bite. Cake is good running fuel, right? The next day I ate some of my ice cream cake and proceeded to eat a slice for the next 3-4 days straight. Dessert is the best, especially when it's your birthday. 

4. Favorite Workout: Spinning


The few weeks I've been going to a spin class at Rev once a week, and it's reminded me of a couple things. One-spinning is a sweaty awesome workout. SO sweaty. Two- spinning is a  great complementary workout for running. This blurb I saw in an issue of Women's Health magazine only confirms that!

5. Favorite Package: Bloom VoxBox from Influenster

Through Influenster I was picked to get the Bloom VoxBox, which was actually the perfect little package for finals week. I mean of course I needed a study break to paint my toenails with the Sinful Shine nail polish. Let's be honest, the chocolate chip Sunbelt Bakery granola bar didn't make it very long either! 

What is one of your favorite breakfasts, foods, or workouts of the week?

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January 22, 2016

5 Friday Favorites: 5 Snowed-In Must-Haves (or Blizzard Essentials)

I'm back with some Friday Favorites today. The news all week in the mid-Atlantic area has been about the impending wrath of Storm Jonas and possibly/probably the Snowmaggedon of 2016. People in the area have been freaking out, as usual. I mean look what one inch of snow did to the DC area Wednesday night. I worked at a grocery store in high school so I know what the words "snow coming" does to regular people who have common sense-it makes them crazy. Apparently my mom said the Walmart in the town I grew up in ran completely out of eggs yesterday at noon. 

Honestly, we're not going to be holed up in our homes more than a couple days so there's no need to stock up massive quantities of food. I'm also a little more lax now because in the city, I already know of liquor stores and restaurants vowing to stay open through it all.  Here's my list of must-haves that are all ready for Storm Jonas (and whatever brothers he brings, so cheesy I know). 

5 Friday Favorites: 5 Snowed-In Must-Haves (or Blizzard Essentials)

5 Friday Favorites: Snowed-in/Blizzard Must-Haves

1. Hot Cocoa

I'm totally all for having some hot cocoa year-round. The past week I've really gotten into the routine of having a big mug of hot chocolate  as I watch Netflix before bed because the combination of sweetness, chocolate, and warmth can't be beat. Sometimes I make my own with cacao powder but honestly I'm sometimes lazy and resort to instant hot chocolate packets. When it snows, it seems everybody jumps aboard the hot chocolate/hot cocoa train buying up packages of mini marshmallows or grabbing extra bottles of Baileys or Peppermint Schnapps to make it more of a party hot cocoa. It's the perfect snow day beverage. 

5 Friday Favorites: 5 Must-Haves When Snowed in (or When Expecting a Blizzard)-hot-cocoa

2. A Shovel 

This may seem obvious, but shovels break and winter sneaks up on you and suddenly the weather forecast calls for snow and you find yourself calling every Home Depot and Walmart hoping they still have bags of salt and shovels left.  Eventually after some snow has fallen you'll join your neighbors outside for hours shoveling your sidewalks and digging your cars out of a massive snow bank. 

5 Friday Favorites: 5 Must-Haves When Snowed in (or When Expecting a Blizzard)
A shot earlier on from a big snowstorm last winter. It only gets deeper. 
3.  Booze of choice 
(or other favorite non-adult beverage of choice, if that's how you roll)
Obviously. If you are going to be off work and school (despite Storm Jonas rolling in on a weekend-what a waste) and snowed indoors, you might as well make it a party. Have mimosas, wine, spiked hot cocoa or cider, or heck just have a couple beers with friends and family because you can. Also to point out that while people were wiping shelves clean at the grocery stores, I didn't hear of anyone complaining that they couldn't get all the beer and wine they wanted for the storm. Less stress shopping for alcohol, for the win. 

 If adult-beverages aren't your thing, at least snag some of your favorite beverage to enjoy while you spend the day being productive or snuggled up in your pajamas finally watching some of those things that have sitting unwatched, in your Netflix queue forever.  A snow day is the definitely the day to treat yourself and take the time to make some yummy food and have your favorite drink. 

5 Friday Favorites: 5 Snowed-In Must-Haves (or Blizzard Essentials)-mimosas

4.  Flashlight 

A flashlight with batteries that actually works is ALWAYS a good thing to have because you never know when there will be an emergency or the power will go out, as in during a blizzard or something. Also I read to make sure all your electronics are already charged up the night before the storm so that they will last if your power does go out. 

5.  Boots and Running Shoes (with good traction) 

Okay so maybe you aren't planning to bundle up, strap on some Yaktrax or spikes and hit the road for some miles in the storm. I have gotten crazy enough the past couple of years to go for a few snow runs. It's actually a little nice because things haven't gotten to icy yet before everything is plowed, melted, and re-frozen. If you are going to run, make sure you have some winter accessories like Yaktrax (which are these if you are wondering what the heck I'm talking about) or a pair of trail shoes or regular running shoes with lots of good traction. I have my pair of lightly-used Brooks Ravennas ready to go. I also finally invested in a really fabulous pair of Sorel winter boots which have survived the past couple of winters and keep my feet warm and dry when I need to venture out for shoveling. 

5 Friday Favorites: 5 Snowed-In Must-Haves (or Blizzard Essentials)


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What is your snow day essential item? If you live in a fabulously non-snowy place, what is your stuck-inside must-have item?