Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lentil Sloppy Joes

It's now officially fall but minus enjoying a few pumpkin beers, I have held onto summer as long as possible. 

However I think it's time to sadly put away my sandals and embrace the nice aspects of autumn before it gets too cold and miserable.  No, I'm not a super crazy pumpkin lady, but I have been known to devour a bag of those Mellowcreme pumpkins and candy corns each fall.  A bag or two plus one after Halloween when the candy goes on sale. 

When colder temperatures arrive I love making soups, stews, and chilis for dinner. I'm looking at incorporating more meatless meals into my dinner rotation so when I saw this Lentil Sloppy Joe recipe on Pinterest from Shape.com I was excited to try it. I used the recipe more as a guideline but am pleased to say it resulted in a hearty meal. I didn't end up blending the mixture and kept it chunky so I could eat it like a chili.  I piled it on top of a baked sweet potato for a delicious & filling dinner. 

Lentil Sloppy Joes 

(Adapted from recipe by Heidi Kristoffer)

Serves: 4
1 can (14.5 ounces) organic tomatoes, with liquid, divided
1/2 large yellow onion, diced 
1 clove garlic, minced
1 cup chopped carrots
1.5 tablespoons chili powder
1 teaspoon paprika
1 tablespoon oregano
1 tablespoon of brown sugar
Salt & Pepper (to taste)
1 tablespoon olive oil
14 oz of lentils, rinsed and cooked (I used bagged green lentils I boiled but you could use canned lentils to save time!)
8 oz low-sodium tomato sauce
6 oz organic ketchup

1. Place onion, garlic,carrots, olive oil, and tomatoes in a pot over medium-high heat and sauté for 8-10 minutes, stirring constantly and adding extra water as needed. I wanted it to be chunky but if you want a smoother base you could blend the vegetable mixture with an immersion blender. 
2. Next add chili powder, paprika, oregano, brown sugar, salt & pepper to the mixture in the pot and stir well.  
3. Add lentils to vegetable mixture along with the tomato sauce and ketchup, mixing until combined.  Allow to simmer over low heat for 15-20 minutes, depending on the thickness of the you prefer. 
4. Dish lentil mixture onto buns/rolls of your choice and serve!

Let me know if you try it out! I'm thinking I need to make a pumpkin turkey chili next...

Do you have any great meatless recipes? What's your favorite cooler weather dinner?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Anything Can Happen on Race Day and Other Marathon Training Anxieties

Check out my latest post on the Women's Health Action Heroes blog where I talk about my tips for handling a busy summer taken from my experiences travelling a bunch these past few months!

Here we go for today's thinking out loud post. More thoughts about running the Chicago Marathon. Which is only 23 days away. 

Marathon Preparation 


How did it sneak up like this? 

I've got my 22-miler this weekend-the last really long run of training. Sadly I'll be travelling again for a couple more weddings. I'm trying to squeeze it in before I leave so it probably won't happen with my training group. Then again maybe it's better I just work it out and run 22 miles by my lonesome since I'll probably be running the race mostly alone. 

I'm already reaching the point of training where all my doubt and anxiety is quietly bubbling to the surface. 

I'm thinking that I didn't get my mileage as high as I wanted. I didn't follow my training plan strictly enough. I didn't push myself hard enough. The rational part of me knows that training is about all of those runs since June and hitting that long run mileage. 

This is the first time I'm actually flying somewhere before running a race as well. I'll be sure to take some Airborne and wear compression socks of course. The flight isn't that long, but it still causes some anxiety, especially since I've never been to Chicago. 

Another part of the marathon that is daunting is that anything can happen on race day. Even though I tapered right, stretched, and  foam-rolled last year, I still had really tight calves on race day for some odd reason.  You can do everything right, but sometimes your body has other plans in mind when you wake up that morning. Sometimes the weather or course conditions suck. Sometimes it just isn't your day. 

Anything Can Happen on Race Day1

Then again, sometimes it is your day. Race day might be awesome. You can only train hard, recover, and do your best. 

Not everything will be in your control, but that's life isn't it?

So after this week it's STOP-taper time. Sorry to throw in a dated MC Hammer joke. 

While I don't feel ready for race day I feel really ready to taper. All of my summer travelling made my training a little disjointed this year but nonetheless exhausting. 18 weeks of training with early Saturday morning runs in the summer, group runs, sore muscles, and raging hunger is no joke.  

I'm ready to get back to strength training, not follow a training plan, and run when I want to. 
I'm ready to hang out on the couch after work before cooking a nice dinner.  I'm ready to spend my evenings foam rolling in front of the TV as I watch the Mindy Project or whatever other fall show is back.  I'm ready for some carb-loading (I'm looking at you, pizza). 

Do you get anxious at the end of training?  What's your favorite carb-filled food?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hood to Coast with Nuun Recap Part 2: Brooks Running Tour and Preparations

If you missed the first part of my Hood to Coast recap and all about my first time in Seattle check it out here.

Thursday morning after a lovely night's sleep we gathered for a morning group shakeout run with all the Hood to Coast Nuun runners.The Seattle weather was cool and sunny, which was amazing. There were lots of silly running selfies and photos taken like this awesome Go-Pro group shot Eric took. 

Nuun Hood to Coast Shakeout Run1

It felt great to get in some slow miles after a day of travelling, and I loved the mini running tour of downtown Seattle.

Nuun Hood to Coast Shakeout Run2

Afterwards Megan from Nuun had a local treat for us- Top Pot Doughnuts. I immediately snagged a chocolate with rainbow jimmies doughnut but should have grabbed another for later! They were an awesome post-run treat -although that probably negated the whole running thing

Nuun Hood to Coast Top Pot Doughnuts

Later we were scheduled to check out the new Brooks Running Headquarters in the Fremont section of Seattle.  They had just moved into their new headquarters 3 days beforehand so things weren't all set up yet, but it was something I was really excited to see since I'm a huge Brooks Running fan.  The enormous building is LEED certified and is all things green & sustainable with energy efficient windows, toilets that use recycled rain water, and other features that reduces Brooks energy usage by 75%!

Nuun Hood to Coast Brooks Running HQ Tour

Following a quick building tour we had a private presentation from one of the Product Line Managers about the entire process of designing, creating, and selling a Brooks Running shoe.  It's crazy how much research goes into new and updated shoe designs!

While I like clearly like a bright hot pink running shoe, someone asked why women's shoes always come in pink. The Brooks manager said it is their best selling color by far and therefore isn't going anywhere! 

 We even got a top-secret sneak peak of shoes that'll be out in 2015, and since we weren't allowed to take photos I'll just say that you're going to want to keep your eyes out for all the new Brooks shoes hitting the market next year. Snazzy-looking, for sure. 
Nuun Hood to Coast Brooks Running HQ Tour2
I loved this artsy window on one of the Brooks HQ floors.

Sadly we didn't get any free swag at Brooks Running, but our last stop was getting to check out their amazing rooftop deck. 
Nuun Hood to Coast Brooks Running HQ Tour3
Nuun Hood to Coast group shot on the Brooks Running Roofdeck
Could you get a more amazing view of Seattle? I would be eating lunch out here everyday! 

Nuun Hood to Coast Brooks Running HQ Tour4

Afterwards Nuun treated us to a big group lunch at Pyramid Alehouse, where I had grabbed a beer before the Sounders game the night before. 

 We had numerous pitchers of beer on the table, clearly for relay race preparation & carb-loading purposes. 

Nuun Hood to Coast Pyramid Alehouse1

After some free-time in the afternoon spent exploring Seattle, we finally got to see the place where it all the magic happens-the Nuun headquarters! The company is so big in my mind that I was surprised by the smaller size of the office. It's one open-space office with lots of fun Nuun art and posters all around filled surrounding the employee desks. Of course they had every flavor Nuun lying around and even gave us bags full of awesome swag to wear during the relay race. The office even has a sweet little kitchen/break area which luckily included a fridge stocked with beers & sodas for all of us Nuun ambassadors.  

Nuun Hood to Coast Offices1

After a dinner of build-your-own Chipotle bowls (Thanks Nuun!) Megan, who manages their ambassador program,  and Kevin, the Nuun CEO,gave some grateful and enthusiastic speeches about Nuun and Hood to Coast. I felt we should be thanking them for this opportunity, not the other way around!

Nuun Hood to Coast Offices2

Finally before heading back for the night, Van 1 & 2 of each team had to decorate their vans for the race. 

Team Nuun Energy Lemon-Lime Van 2 did the best job of course.  We had an electrasaurus  (compliments of our teammate/artist Joe) chomping on Nuun tablets all the way around the van along with lots of Nuun logos, a space for Roadkill counts, and of course our Twitter handles (#bloggerproblems). 

Nuun Hood to Coast Offices3

Nuun Hood to Coast Offices4

Then it was off to get a good night sleep before a weekend of living in a van with little rest and lots of running! 

What's your favorite type of doughnut? What's your favorite color running shoe?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Five Linkup: 5 Blogs I'm Loving Right Now

This week I finally started recapping Hood to Coast (see here) and talked more about how my marathon training has been going in between all my travelling. YIKES there's 29 days left until the marathon-but more on that next week. 

It's been a busy week but taking a hot yoga class on Wednesday that felt like Bikram and left me completely drenched has turned my week around in a weird way. The whole class I felt weak (it's been a while for me & yoga) and was focusing on all the dripping I was doing, but when I stood up after corpse pose I felt completely relaxed. Weird but awesome

Hanging out in pretty much a sauna for an hour and a half has made it easier to stretch and crack my back the past couple of days too, victory!

I pretty much can't wait to hang around Baltimore, get in a nice group long run, and enjoy a couple glasses of vino this weekend while avoiding as much traffic for the Star Spangled Sailabration thing as possible (200th anniversary of the National Anthem celebration is happening this weekend in Baltimore). I hope to catch the supposedly awesome fireworks display though!

I've been loving some of the blog posts floating around on the interwebs this week so I thought I'd linkup and share my "Friday Five" blogs I'm loving right now. 

Courtney is awesome and actually mentioned MY blog which is a complete shock so go give her blog some love too!

FIVE FRIDAY FAVORITES: Blogs I'm loving right now

1. Slim Sanity Alysia is always posting really easy to read yet informative content, especially lots of how-to's about websites and blogging. It's a good mix of blog, health, fitness, and things-to-know posts. I love that she is a fellow science lady and really loved this reminder post this week about how important it is to take care of your contacts!

2. Run to the Finish I don't know how Amanda does it but pretty much every post is great. She shares tons of health, running, and fitness information in accessible and funny ways like this week's post on tips for a good race photo.  

3. Hummusapien I have been loving the recipes Alexis has been posting lately (always?). To be honest she completely won me over with her post on being healthy but human this week. It resonated so much with me and my food philosophy so to speak. Her food photos make everything look delicious yet her recipes are easy to follow, which is pretty much a win-win.  I've got some browning bananas calling me to make her delicious vegan banana chocolate chip muffins again!

4. Scribbles and Sass I love Laura's blog because she blogs about as she says her "little life full of pretty things". This Canadian always has beautiful posts on beauty, food, fashion, travelling, posh events and everything in between.  I was glad to be informed to head to MAC to pick up this makeup in the near future from her!

5. RunEatRepeat I know it's one of the "big blogs", but I've been reading blog posts a lot again and always read Monica's posts. They are usually pretty short and easy to read and funny which I think is refreshing to me.  She also has lots of long distance and marathon running experience so I love hearing her advice and tips. 
Monica and Lauren at Fitbloggin 2014
That time I quickly met Monica at Fitbloggin' this past June

What's one of your favorite blogs to read lately? Do you have any big weekend plans or are you planning on relaxing like me?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Road to Chicago-Marathon Training Weeks 8-10

I've been so busy the past month that I haven't had time to update much on my training. Ya know, because I'm running that little 26.2 mile race soon? With all of my travelling, I've been flexible with my past few weeks of marathon training out of necessity. 


Long runs:

Week 8 my long run was the Charles Street 12 miler, plus 4 miles beforehand to make up for a skipped long run the previous week. In case you missed my recap , I ran at my marathon race pace for 9 miles of the 12 mile race and allowed myself to speed up at the end. I felt great!  

Week 9 was a really awesome long run. I got in 18 miles at Loch Raven Reservoir. It was a cooler morning, with lots of shade on the trail. A bunch of running groups were there so it was lovely to be getting in lots of miles with so many other people around! I felt properly fueled and needed a little bit more water, but hopefully water on the course during race day will solve that problem.  
Marathon Training Week 9
Literally all smiles after 18 miles
I was scheduled to run 16 miles during Week 10 and got in around 15.9 during Hood to Coast split into my three legs pretty much at race pace or faster so that counts for sure!  I'll talk about how those runs went next week.

Right before my third leg at Hood to Coast repping #NP_BAL!

Weekly runs:

My training group did a few weeks of speedwork these past few weeks. 
Week 8 was some 3x 1-mile repeats at marathon race pace, and while I was keeping my pace a little faster than I should, I felt strong. 

Week 9 was some speedwork that was rained out so I did a version of it on the treadmill.  After doing not much treadmill running this summer, it was boring and hard. Thank goodness for Netflix

Week 10 was the week before and during the Hood to Coast relay. I missed my speed training due to staying late at work and ended up just getting in a sweaty Crossfit workout instead. I also missed a couple easy runs so my mileage wasn't as high as it would have been that week. 

As far as other runs, I've been trying to keep them easier and not focus on pace. I've been getting in a solid number of 4-5 mile runs but should probably get a few more closer to 6-7 like I had been earlier in training. 

With travelling there has been some missed easy runs, but I've always made sure to get in my long run and some tempo miles because they are the most important to me.  It's summer, and I've had an especially busy end of it. When I feel good on the high mileage long runs, it definitely quells my anxiety about race day (#breathedeeplyandrunchitown, for real!). 

Thumbs down: 

I've really been missing my strength training. Besides some weight gain, I've lost some arm definition and strength so now I'm itching for training season to be over so I can get back to more strength workouts and Crossfit.  I'm going to try to add in more quick arm and ab circuits to change things up, especially as I approach taper when my mileage decreases. 

Thumbs up: 
I think my fueling has been working well. I have the usual banana and peanut butter plus toast before my long runs.  I've tweaked what I used last training cycle- still taking GU gels every 5-6 miles, but now carrying a bag of fruit chews for when I need a little something in between. I carry Nuun Energy mixed with water in my fuel belt and plan on grabbing plain water on the course on race day.  It's nice that I haven't had to stress out about what works for me this summer!

 How do you deal with being flexible with summer training?  What are your favorite strength/cross-training workouts?

This post was linked up at Tuesdays on the Run

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hood to Coast with Nuun Recap Part 1: Seattle Sightseeing

I'm finally delving into recapping Hood to Coast so here's what I was up to on the beginning of my trip out in the Pacific Northwest. Thanks to all my Nuun friends for sharing photos! 

Flying across the country is interesting and exhausting. I haven't done it in a while, and while the time change was on my side on the way out there, I was still awake for a very long time with little sleep the night before due to last minute packing and excitement.  

This is post-coffee and pre-flight from Baltimore.
Once we landed and got checked into the hotel (thanks Arielle from Nuun for giving us a lift!), a group of us grabbed some food and a beer at Elysian Fields Brewery up the street. I broke my own rule of holding off on Fall things and grabbed a pumpkin beer because I couldn't resist it being on draft! 

Afterwards we walked a ways down to one of the big attractions I've always wanted to visit-Pike Place Market.  After a cool and cloudy typical Seattle morning, the weather warmed up and the sun was shining all afternoon. I took it as a good sign of things to come! 

Nuun Hood to Coast- Pike Place Market1

We even found the famous gum wall near the market. Yes, all of that on the wall is gum, and it went ALL the way down this little alley on both sides.

Nuun Hood to Coast- Pike Place Market2

Naturally we had our first group bonding activity and chewed then stuck some gum onto the wall too.  

Nuun Hood to Coast- Pike Place Market3

I was excited to take my own mini coffee tour through Seattle and the first Starbucks ever seemed like the perfect first stop, especially since we caught the line when it was pretty short. Apparently it sometimes wraps around the building and all the way down the block! 

Nuun Hood to Coast- Pike Place Market4

No the coffee didn't taste extra special or anything!

After hanging out around Pike Place a group of us headed back to the hotel to freshen up before heading over to Pyramid Breweries to grab a beer before catching the Seattle Sounders MLS soccer game.  

Nuun Hood to Coast- Seattle1

I'm a fan of soccer, but had no idea how crazy the Sounders fans were.  It was a Wednesday night and the game was still a sell-out! MLS soccer isn't big on the east coast coast so it was a treat to hear a roaring crowd and even get to see Clint Dempsey play a bit in the second half.  

After the game, most of the Nuun group had arrived at the hotel by now. We mingled and right before we split to head to our rooms to get some sleep, sneaky George decided to buy a round of fireball shots for the group even though we all had to be up for a shakeout run in the morning.

Let's just say I knew it was going to be a fun group of people!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Five Friday Favorites-Sweet Snacks featuring Blender Chocolate Banana Avocado Pudding

A Hood to Coast part 1 recap will be on the blog next week along with how my marathon training is going, but today is all about sweet snacks. I am always saying how I have a big sweet tooth so I thought I'd share some of those satisfying snacks I'm loving lately. 

Five Friday Favorites

1. Yasso frozen greek yogurt bars in sea salt caramel flavor 
I'm pretty sure I've raved about these bars before, but this flavor is heavenly. They are made with protein-packed greek yogurt but taste like an actual ice cream bar with delicious caramel swirled in. I don't know how they do it! 
At 100 calories, it's totally okay if you eat two in one day (been there, done that). 

2. About Time Whey Protein Shake in peanut butter flavor
About Time was kind enough to send over a few of their products for me to sample which interested me because About Time protein products are gluten-free, lactose-free, and stevia-sweetened. I'm always skeptical of protein powders because they never taste that great, but this peanut butter flavor tasted awesome with some vanilla almond milk shaken in. 

I loved having this in my purse as a sweet snack on the go and being able to recycle the bottle and not carry around a shaker afterwards.

3. EnerChi bites
I won some EnerChi bites from someone else's giveaway a couple months ago and recently have been loving them. They are gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, and all natural snacks with a texture similar to Larabars. 

They are the perfect sweet pre-workout or after dinner bite. I was sent Cocoa Date, Coconut Oatmeal Raisin, and Apple Cinnamon bites. I thought the Cocoa Date would be my favorite but lately I'm digging the apple cinnamon which taste like little pie bites.  EnerChi bites have a great kickstarter campaign running right now so if you're interested in them, check it out!

3. Strawberries
I found a ridiculous sale (3 packs for $5!) on strawberries at the grocery store this week so I have been eating them everyday. I love summer berries and will have my fill before it gets cold again for sure. 

A favorite dessert this week has been sliced strawberries topped with whipped cream. I found TruWhip at the store which is non-GMO, gluten-free, and made with all natural sweeteners and no processed crap. 

The other night I got fancy and drizzled a chocolate shell on top. 

I made the chocolate shell by simply mixing 2 tablespoons of liquid coconut oil (my jar is liquid due to the heat but if not, microwave for 20 seconds) and 2-3 teaspoons of cacao powder (cocoa powder works fine), and a few drops of liquid stevia (you could use any sweetener you'd like!). I mixed everything together in a bowl, drizzled on my strawberries, and popped in the freezer for 10 seconds. 

4. Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels
If any of my Hood to Coast teammates read this, they will definitely agree about this snack. In our vans' snack boxes there was a big bag of peanut butter filled pretzels from Costco. Let's just say I'm pretty sure our bag was empty by the time the trip ended.

 I love the combination of sweet peanut butter and the salty pretzel, and they made great fuel for running!I don't know if I can buy these similar ones from Trader Joe's without finishing the bag in 2 days. 

Trader Joe's Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels
Image from here-apparently they are the best!

5. Blender Chocolate Banana Avocado Pudding


I had tweeted my photo of my chocolate pudding I whipped up in my NutriNinja yesterday and Ninja Kitchen decided it would be a great Labor Day treat so I'm putting it up on the blog! Last night I literally just wanted something post-dinner to satisfy my sweet tooth so I did a take on my chocolate avocado mousse. Everything was just thrown in my NutriNinja and blended within seconds!  


Makes: 1 serving

1 banana (skin removed)
1 small avocado (pitted and skin removed)
2 tbsp cacao powder (cocoa powder works fine)
1/2 cup almond milk
5 drops of liquid stevia (any sweetener you have on hand works-honey,agave,sugar,etc!)

Add all ingredients to a blend and pulse until smooth. Serve & enjoy


Of course I topped it with more fresh strawberries because chocolate and strawberries are quite the pair. 

What are your favorite sweet snacks lately? What do you like to eat strawberries with?

*I included this post in this linkup.

Disclaimer: I was given a set of About Time products and a NutriNinja blender to review on my blog. I received no other compensation for this post.  All other items unless otherwise mentioned were purchased with my own money.  All thoughts and opinions are my own, as always. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cheribundi 7-Day Challenge: Recovery With Cherries!

I'll just say that Hood to Coast was amazing so don't worry, you'll be hearing plenty more about it!

While I clearly love things like compression socks, I'm always looking for new ways to help speed recovery and reduce soreness especially during a big training cycle like marathon training.

That's why I was really excited to learn that sour cherries could help with recovery

I really like cherries, especially in pie, so I knew you wouldn't have to twist my arm to get me to drink some cherry juice!

Cherry pie is always yummy. 

 Sour or tart cherries are not only delicious, but also happen to be superfruits loaded with nutrients. I learned that they are tart and red because of the amount of anthocyanins inside. The chemistry nerd I am loves learning all the real science behind things like food.  Anthocyanins are also responsible for health-promoting properties such as reducing muscle soreness, easing arthritis pain, and promoting heart health. Cherries also may help in improving sleep due to the melatonin they contain. 

So  sour cherries are pretty much awesome-plus they are loaded with antioxidants!

Disclaimer: I was given a set of juice and Cheribundi coupons for the duration of the challenge along with two free cases of Cheribundi juice to review on my blog. I received no other compensation for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own, as always. 

The product: 

After learning about the science, I couldn't turn down a chance to add some Cheribundi cherry juice to my diet. Each bottle of Cheribundi contains at least 40 tart cherries so you are sure to be getting all the phytonutrients, potassium, iron, calcium in each bottle! In case you were wondering, Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice is only 130 calories per bottle and tastes delicious. 

You can also read more about all the cherry growers Cheribundi works with-I love reading about how they source their fruit.

 I was also surprised to find out that Cheribundi is a vendor to over 90 professional and college sports teams including my Philadelphia Phillies, the NY Yankees, New York Knicks, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, and New England Patriots. 

Ultramarathoner Scott Jurek is even one of their brand ambassadors!

The challenge: 

Cheribundi's 7 Day Challenge involves drinking two 8 ounce servings of Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice, Tart Cherry Juice Light, Restore, Rebuild or Relax on the first day of the challenge. After Day 1 you simply drink one 8 ounce serving each day for the next six days. 

Here's some of the basic differences between their cherry juice products: 
  • Tart Cherry Juice Light has less sugar. 
  • Restore has vitamins and electrolytes added
  • Rebuild contains added protein. 
  • Relax includes L-Theanine for extra relaxation properties. 
I stopped taking the l-glutamine and Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator supplements I have been using during marathon training while participating in this 7-day challenge to really focus on what effects I could attribute to the cherry juice.

.My favorite combo was drinking the Tart Cherry Juice before a workout and the Cherry Rebuild afterwards to get a dose of protein post-workout!

Cheribundi provides a few questions to answer before and after the challenge so you can compare answers and focus on the changes cherry juice may have on your recovery and sleep. 
Don't worry, it's not a test!

My thoughts: 

I loved the taste of the cherry juice and usually drank it straight out of the refrigerator or over ice.

It does have a lot of natural sugar in the juice, so that might be a downside if you worry about that. Not this fruit-loving gal. 
 I still am working on getting enough sleep so I didn't notice a huge change there. I did find that my recovery was just as good or even better post-run than when I was previously just using protein shakes and any sort of supplement. I didn't feel very sore post-run, not even after my 18 mile training run toward the end of the week.  

If you are looking for an all-natural recovery source, I'd recommend checking out Cheribundi and tart cherry juice. It's definitely something delicious I'd love to continue to incorporate into my training. 

You can sign up to try a 7-day Cheribundi challenge here and receive some coupons to make it easier on your wallet!

*I included this post in this linkup.

Have you ever tried tart cherry juice?  What is your favorite post-recovery drink/snack? Are you a fellow fruit-lover?
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