Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Mile is a Mile is a Mile {Workout Comparisons}

A mile is a mile. It doesn't matter if you are a marathoner, a new runner, or record-setting Deena Kastor. No one's workout is better than someone else's. If you challenged yourself with a two mile run, that doesn't make it worse than someone who ran 12 the same day. While a mile as a distance is the same, everybody's miles are different. Everybody's workouts, bodies, and goals are different too.  

Sorry if this gets a little rant-y as I think out loud, this has just been a topic that has been on my mind recently. I find that it is so easy to play the comparison game with other people.  With a culture of over-sharing and social media it's easy to just see other people's mileage and workouts. Online there are lots of gym selfies, workout recaps on blogs, and #runbrags. 

How many photos of Garmin watch faces and heart rate monitors post-workout are posted online everyday?   

Sometimes that all can be motivating and creates a supportive community.  

However personally sometimes it causes me to doubt myself, especially since I follow so many inspiring athletes, fellow runners, and bloggers.  Stepping away from the fitness and blogger community I realize that many people would think it's crazy awesome just to work out 4-5 days a week like I do. 

I just  am friends with too many kickass people! 

I'll be out for a run at a slower pace than I wanted and feel badly about it. It's easy to get caught up in things like who ran how many miles today and how that person that passed you on your run is running way faster.  Maybe they are faster, more fit, or more experience than you. Then again, maybe you are just having an off day. 

Sadly sometimes true. 

Or you look at someone's workout recaps or post-run Instagram and see that they ran double the miles you did, fit in my workouts, burned more calories, or lifted more than you did.  It's so easy to get caught up in the numbers game and compare weekly mileage, paces, weights, and calorie burns.  

It's not all online either. Maybe a friend said they were feeling a little tired or sore so they were taking it easy on your run together. Meanwhile your breathing is getting heavier as you struggle to keep up so now you feel like you must be out of shape or not as good of a runner. 

Then I just remember that my run is not the same as your run. Just like my race isn't the same as someone else's, even if we are running the exact same miles, course and distance-wise. Everybody is on their own journey.    

Your run or workout is different because you are different. Your sleep,your fitness, your eats, your mood, and what's going on in your life are all different and all differently affect your runs or workouts. 

Just because someone who is also training for the same race runs more miles than you doesn't mean that their training is better. Everybody's training can be different to fit your own needs. Just because someone worked out more days a week than you doesn't mean they are stronger or faster. 

It's important to remember that even if you ran the same race as someone, they did not have the same experience. You don't know how they were feeling, their thoughts, or what's going on in their lives that affected those miles. 

So guess what, getting your sweat on counts no matter what. 

Running 2 miles is better than no miles. Doing a 20 minute body-weight circuit in your living room because that's all you could fit in today is awesome. Deciding to start running and feeling accomplished when you can run a mile straight through is awesome. 

It's okay to get motivated by scrolling through your Instagram feed or following fitness blogs. It's okay to post your accomplishments or post-workout selfies when you are proud of yourself. Just remember that you don't need to prove anything to anyone. 

Your workouts are for you. 


Anybody else get caught up in the comparison game?  Do you find motivation from social media? 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Broad Street Run 2015 Race Recap

I am originally from the Philly area and got into running after I moved away so I was really excited to be able to run Broad Street for the first time . The Broad Street Run is the largest 10 mile road race in the country and is most definitely a staple of Philadelphia-area running. It's actually so popular now that they moved to a lottery system for entry a few years ago. It always falls near my birthday so I was excited to be able to run it and get in the lottery this year.  


Expo: The expo was a decent size and efficient. I didn't get the tech tee initially, but ended up buying a tech shirt vintage design from Modell's on sale while I was at the expo. They had it in the convention center so it was spacious but not overloaded with vendors. I'd like being able to go on a Friday afternoon and beating the crowds.  I had just gotten back from a family vacation the day before so it was nice to be able to have a relaxed day in the city.  


Of course I stopped by the Bondiband booth to check out their designs. 

Remember you can always use my code BREATHEBLOG to save 10% on their website off their headbands compression socks, and more!
Race: My boyfriend and I parked at the Stadium Complex at the start since it's a point-to-point race. We took the Septa train from there all the way to the start at the beginning of the line. They let runners ride for free to the start so even though it was packed, thank goodness there was no ticketing delays. The trains got very crowded, and it seemed that people in the middle of the line at stops couldn't get on. Once we got off, we parted ways as I made my way towards the corral. The weather was already quite warm so I immediately ditched my throwaway shirt as I entered the crowd of people.  


I was pissed that I wasn't even close to getting into my corral because it was too crowded. I thought it wouldn't be so bad since I was in the Orange corral which wasn't too far back. However, once the race started and my corral went I was able to get in pretty smoothly. It was amazing starting a race with 45,000 runners. The energy was amazing! 


 My legs weren't feeling the best probably due to my lack of stretching plus all the walking I'd done over the past week in Disney World so my goal was honestly to just have fun and enjoy this race. I've heard so much about it and wanted to enjoy the beautiful day in Philadelphia. 

I loved the spectators, especially in the middle of the race. It was a warm day so I really appreciated the consistent water stops with plenty of enthusiastic volunteers. I was out there just to have fun and really loved the energy and atmosphere of the race. Most races in Philly start on the Ben Franklin Pkwy and go through Fairmount Park so it was really awesome to get to run down an area that you usually don't get to! I loved passing some areas you may not usually run by. I don't think Broad Street is completely shut down for any other races.  I remember passing Temple University and loving the crowd and the fact that they had their band out there playing. I also came by an awesome cheer zone that featured some of the November Project Philadelphia tribe. High-fives are always welcome during a race for me. 

Since it is literally 10 straight, flat miles down Broad Street so there were points later in the race that I was getting bored from running so straight. It did get a little warm after I'd been running for a while too. I'm glad I had my visor and had chosen shorts & tank instead of a different outfit. I really loved the finish at the last mile by the Navy Yard and going through that chute with spectators all around. I even found a fellow Team Nuun ambassador decked out in Nuun gear within the last mile whom I got to say hi to.  

I finished in 1:17:15, average 7:43 min/mi pace with a negative split.   It's not my fastest 10 miler, but is still a great time especially for how much fun I had! Finishing in the top 10% in such a big race is also an awesome feeling. It was also a definite reminder that I need to up my hydration and get used to running in the heat again.  


Post-RaceI wish we got the medals sooner after finishing because it was a little confusing. There was a nice finish area, but I was really upset my boyfriend wasn't allowed in because he had a bag. I thought they would just check his bag and let him in, but he was refused so that sucks. I don't think that was advertised well.  I love when I get refreshments in a bag after a race and especially LOVE Philly soft pretzels as my post-race carbs so I was happy. I didn't stick around the finish area long so I could meet up with my boyfriend outside of it. 


They did a nice job making it fair-like at the end of the race. There was lots of open space on the grass, plenty of vendors, and even some activities for kids like a petting zoo. You know I totally went and checked out the little goats! 



The mile walk back to the stadium wasn't bad. There was lots going on in the city that day, but I honestly just felt like going home, getting into comfy clothes, and having breakfast with my family.  I think I was still drained from travelling and now running in the heat.  

Overall: I thought it was a well-organized, fun, high-energy race and would definitely do it again. It's something ever Philly-area runner should do at least once!

Positive energy always helps! My bracelet is from Momentum Jewelry (click on the link to save!). 

Have you ever ran or heard of the Broad Street Run? What's your favorite post-race refreshment?

Thursday, May 14, 2015

TOL: Everyday I'm hustlin'

Yes I've been hustlin', as always it seems. I'm still behind on blogging and have like 10 overdue race recaps. Life has been crazypants. So here's some random thoughts and updates as for Thinking Out Loud Thursdays


1. I've been so busy I can't even be bothered to put my socks on the correct feet, even though I'm not sure it makes a difference.  
Shout-out to my comfy Feetures! Running socks. 
2. My birthday was pretty low-key but awesome. 27 is a pretty weird age to turn, but I'm trying to just focus on continuing to do awesome things. If "nobody likes you when you're 23" I don't know who likes you at 27, haha. The actual day involved a couple margaritas, a cupcake & some unpictured cannolis leftovers from when I was with my parents, and tacos with my boyfriend. 
Clearly eating is my favorite. 


3. I also was really pumped to be sung to by the November Project Baltimore tribe after the workout a couple days after my birthday. It's the little things. It's also definitely how I talked myself into getting out of bed last Wednesday.   


4. Speaking of November Project, I really freaking love the tribe. Sometimes I forget when my alarm goes off early Wednesday mornings, but by the end of the workout I'm so happy. I even scored this awesome 3D-printed keychain thanks to a guy from the November Project NYC tribe.


The weather was so nice and cool on Wednesday-the perfect temperature to get sweaty in. This week's workout included high-fives, piggyback rides, skipping, planks, and stairs. Yes, all of that and more. 
Oh how I love pushing through sets of stairs. 

I'm in the blue pants!

5. The first official Baltimore Shack Track & Field run (all the details here) happened on Tuesday. I'm in love. There was a huge turn out and despite my legs feeling really freaking tired, I pushed through 5 miles with friends after finishing a quick Crossfit WOD beforehand.  To be honest, all I kept thinking about was the free milkshake waiting for me at the end at Shake Shack


I had a glorious peanut butter milkshake that was gone before I even thought to take a photo.  

That cup is empty, sadly. 
I also got burgers to go for my boyfriend and I when he swung by to pick me up because we couldn't resist. I didn't think I could run back to my apartment with a milkshake in my belly, yikes. As always, #willrunforfoodandbeer. Thanks so much to Charm City Run for organizing the routes. 

 Be sure to come out the 2nd Tuesday of each month!

6. The middle of May is a reminder that marathon training starts next month.  Say what?! I'm totally not ready mentally get back into it, but am still excited for the prospect of running Chicago again. Apparently marathoners forget how painful it was so we keep signing up for them. I completely agree. I don't remember all that negativity, the tears, the pain in my legs and feet. 

All I remember from Chicago is how fun eating these were afterwards: 
Glazed & Infused ftw. 

What was your favorite workout this week? Do you forget how painful races were? 

Monday, May 11, 2015

5 Tips For Getting Back into A Routine

My mojo has been missing lately, and I'm over it! I haven't been following a running training plan or scheduling out my weeks. Lots of missed workouts, shorter runs, and not enough stretching & yoga.  Also I've been really slacking on my greens and water intake (as I try to to drink a Gundalow green juice after an indulgent wedding weekend).  Side note, the Tone it Up ladies posted a great list of how to bounce back eating-wise after an indulgent weekend. 

I like being flexible with my schedule and being comfortable with getting in what I can when things come up throughout the week #wycwyc).  It's the only way I stay sane. That meant when I woke up feeling under the weather on Saturday and had to travel to a wedding later, I did 4 miles instead of the 8 I had planned. That meant eating out for dinner many times this week due to birthday celebrations.  

With being busy at work, vacation, social events, and my birthday, I've gotten off track. Before the start of a new week and as the spring/summer only proves to be busier, I want to get things in line again. 

Being organized keeps me happy, less anxious, and more productive!

Getting my life re-organized is easier said than done. 
Here's 5 ways I'm setting myself up for this week:


1. Drink more water. 

With the warmer weather I have definitely been noticing  that I am more dehydrated and really need to step up my water intake, especially when outdoor are in the mix.  You here this advice so often because it's so important! More water makes your body happy & balanced, gives you clearer skin, and gets rid of bloat. I'm aiming for half my body weight in ounces in water each day based. I use a 32 oz. water bottle so I only have to drink 2 bottles a day which makes it easier for me.  

 2. Go to bed at a reasonable time.

This is probably the hardest one for me. I'm a night owl, but have been in this awful pattern for months and months now of staying up late, sleeping in later because I need sleep, and repeat. If I go to bed earlier I can workout before work and not feel completely like death all morning.  This will definitely help me to fit in all my workouts. The less I need to do after work the better, especially with a full calendar these days.  
Truth {from Skreened}

3. Write Everything Down.  
I updated my planner with all my upcoming scheduled events and dates. If I do not write everything down, I can't remember everything or plan efficiently!  I also I use the Believe training journal from professional runners Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas this year and love it. I'm old school and like physically writing down my workouts and mileage, while also making a list of my workout plans for the week 

4. Get inspired. 
Besides all the daily inspiration I see from people I follow online, friends, and fellow fit friends, I find motivation in reading books and magazines like Runner's World.  Seeing other people make things happen encourages me to get back on track. Also there are inspiring stories, new workouts interesting recipes, and plenty more to make me excited about the week.  

Some weekend reading
5. Make a list and check it twice. 
I'm a huge fan of lists. It is my favorite way to stay organized because I have everything I need to do written down right in front of me and can check tasks off as I complete them. I have a list for shopping, lists of things to do , a blog checklist, and lists of snacks and dinners to make. I find that having organized lists and making my routine, workouts, and scheduled tasks a priority will make this more a habit.  If that means less TV at night so I get on to bed earlier or less time surfing the internet to get through my to-do list, that's how it will have to be to get my routine to stick! 

How do you get back into a routine? What's your favorite way to stay organized?

Friday, May 8, 2015

5 Friday Favorites 5/8/15-Ways to Share Running & Fitness Love

I obviously  love sharing running & fitness love so today's  DC Trifecta Friday Five linkup seemed like a perfect topic to discuss on the blog . Life is still cray and busy and I'm not caught up on life or even unpacked after my vacation, race, and birthday.  Hoping to make some progress Sunday but if it's sunny outside, all bets are off! 


5 Friday Favorites: Ways to Share the Running/Fitness Love

1. Find a group. 

Whether you recruit friends to run with you or join a local running group, running with others is my favorite way to share the love.  In Baltimore, check out local running groups through Charm City Run, a race training group like the Baltimore Women's Classic 5K training,  join this month's Shake Shack Track & Field run, or drop in for a free November Project-Baltimore workout with me! People who sweat together, stay together!

Mid-run Team Nuun Hood to Coast selfie from August 2014

2. Connect online. 

I love finding motivation, encouragement, and friends through connecting with others online. There are Facebook groups like the Half Fanatics, Twitter, blogs, and Instagram. You can search for hashtags like #runchat, #run, #fitfluential to find some posts about running & fitness and be inspired! 

3. Make it a date. 

Encourage a friend to try out a new fitness studio for a happy hour workout (and even follow it with post-workout drinks!). Make working out a planned activity with a friend or significant other and mark it in your calendar.  Make a date with someone to attend a group fitness class. Afraid of looking silly trying to do barre the first time? Invite a friend and laugh at each other as you tuck, tuck, tuck.  

Trying FloyoFit yoga at Beachfit Baltimore

4. Be Positive. 

When people see how happy and healthy you are from all those running & fitness activities, they will ask you about them and possibly be inspired to get involved too! I've had multiple people say how I've motivated them or inspired them to get into running or making their lives a little healthier. It's awesome to see that kind of love spread! 

5. Races 

Clearly I'm a race addict and love running races. There is something so special about lining up with a crowd of people all with the same mission-to finish the race! I usually meet people at race expos and talk to people in the corral before the race starts because even though running can be a one-person sport, it can also be very social. I also think it's great to be able to wear the race medal or race gear after the event and spread the running love!

Post-2014 B.A.A. 5K rocking a new medal and my 2013 Baltimore Marathon shirt!

Want to run a fun race with me or a group of your friends? 
Here are some discount codes:

Save $15 on any Rock 'n' Roll Half or Full Marathon with code RUNWITHLAUREN! 

Run ZOOMA Annapolis with me on May 30 and register here with code LAUREN15 to save 10% off registration-price increases on 5/16! 

Run the ODDyssey Half Marathon in Philadelphia with me on June 14 and register with team "Breathe Deeply and Smile". It is 80% sold out already so sign up soon!

I'm also linking up with ClareJill,Katie, and Heather

How do you share fitness and running love? What is your dream race vacation? 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Birthday Check-in

Life has been crazy with travelling, a family vacation, my first Broad Street Run, the BWC training group, and now my 27th birthday. 

Yep Cinco de Mayo is also a celebration of my day of birth, didn't you know?  It also happens to fortuitously fall on Taco Tuesday. So go eat some guacamole and tacos tonight and think of me!


I swear I'll eventually get all caught up-it just might take a few weeks!

Yesterday my guest post went live on Chrissy's blog Snacking in Sneakers. I shared an easy, no equipment at-home arms and abs workout so please check it out and share! 


Monday, May 4, 2015

Baltimore Women's Classic Charm City Run Training Starts TONIGHT

I've run the Baltimore Women's Classic 5k the past two years in a row (2013 recap here) and love this all-women's race that takes over the Inner Harbor. Besides being the mid-atlantic's largest all-women's 5K, the race is well-organized, always fun, and benefits the Cancerve which supports women cancer patients. This year is the race's 40th anniversary is taking place in Baltimore on June 28, 2015.  


I also love my local running store Charm City Run (CCR) and have participated in their fall marathon training group the past two years. They do a great job of helping you follow a training plan, meet fellow runners, and learn specifics about running such as nutrition. 

I am excited to say that I'll be volunteering as an assistant coach for Charm City Run's Baltimore Women's Classic Training Group that meets in Patterson Park starting tonight.  

The training program is in locations all across the area and is for anyone from a beginner or intermediate walker, walker to run, and beginning or intermediate runners. It doesn't matter if you have never run a race before or have never even run before!  You also aren't obligated to sign up for the 5K if you so choose, although I highly encourage it. The weekly group runs will be once a week (day depending on the location of the group) from 6:30-7:30 PM.    


CCR Baltimore Women's Classic 2015 training starts TONIGHT at 6:30 PM in the following locations: 

Tonight, May 4th
Lake Montebello in Baltimore
Patterson Park in Baltimore
Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis

Tuesday, May 5th
Centennial Park in Ellicott City
Goucher College in Towson

Wednesday, May 6th
Cedar Lane Park in Bel Air
Winter Mill High School in Westminster

Thursday, May 7th
CCBC Catonsville Track in Catonsville

The program only costs $25 and includes the 8-week training plan, weekly group runs, a t-shirt, a 10% discount to Charm City Run and more! 

Register here online or just show up at 6:30 PM at any of the training locations this week and sign up in person! 

Grab your friends and come sign up for a fun way to get in shape this season and possibly run a great race (maybe even your first!).  You can check out the race website or the Facebook page for more details.  

Have you ever joined a training group? Have you run in an all-women's race?

Friday, May 1, 2015

Things That Shouldn't Exist {Part 1}

Edit: I wrote this post before I went out of town which coincided with all the the unrest and news coverage on Baltimore. My apartment was less than a mile from riots, looting, and police altercations but luckily all my friends and my apartment building & boyfriend were all safe. It seems like a trivial post now, but maybe a little laughter will help a few who haven't had much to laugh about in Baltimore lately.  My heart aches for a place I call home, and as I head back I want to help the city heal and stay strong anyway I can.  There will probably be a longer post about what happened and my feelings but I felt I had to just mention this now.  The ladies at BmoreTone have posted a great round-up of ways to help Baltimore.  #OneBaltimore

I loved this post Emily did so I decided to do my own version.

This is of course the more insignificant annoying things to me at the moment. Serious issues like cancer, war,hate crimes etc. of course should not exist.  There will probably be more posts like this because commiserating with others over annoying things is fun. 

Things That Shouldn't Exist  Part I

1. That evil little bottom part of a banana.

2. Places without Wawa.
It's a New Jersey thing. It's the best convenience store with delicious Icees, coffee, sandwiches, and snacks, 24-7.  Thank goodness there are some in Maryland. 

3. Drivers who sit in the left lane and aren't passing other cars.  
The left lane is not for doing right under the speed limit. 

4. Commericals. 
It's why Netflix is the best. I hate interrupted television. 

5.People confusing "their", "there" and "they're". 

6. Hangnails

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Love Run Philadelphia Half Marathon 2015 Recap

Life won't slow down, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Unfortunately that means a lot of half finished blog posts sitting in my draft box. Today I rallied and managed to get this race recap out for you!

The last weekend in March I returned to Philadelphia to seek vengeance on the Love Run Half Marathon.  Last year was the inaugural race and was really well organized. I loved everything about it except for the down-pouring rain for most of the race. It figures that one of the few races my parents came to see me finish there is a record rainfall that day for Philadelphia.   I knew I had to come back and run it again, this time hopefully without rain.  


I had just been in Philly the past weekend and had gotten a little run around the Ben Franklin Parkway where the half marathon would start & finish. This is where most of the races I've run in Philadelphia start. 


I had quickly gone to the expo at Citizens Bank Park the day before and picked up my bib, mug, free 2 Phillies' ticket vouchers,neck buff, nice long-sleeve red tech-tee. It was really windy and cold in the stadium so I grabbed my  things, purchased an awesome Bondiband with the race logo, redeemed my ticket vouchers, and left.  I loved the stadium expo because it was easy to navigate, convenient for parking, and a cool place to visit. If it was warmer I probably would have rushed around less. 

Race morning I left a little later than I wanted to get into the city thanks to my driver/boyfriend, but managed to get to the start line with 15 minutes to spare. Now we had been having some nice spurts of spring weather ,but this particular weekend showed March would not be tamed as temperatures were downright wintry in the high 30s. That means it was somewhere in the 20s on race morning-yikes!  I was representing ZOOMA Annapolis (register here with my code LAUREN15 to save 10%) but had to layer my cute Oiselle ZOOMA tank over a cold-gear zip-up. 

Photo taken from Love Run Philadelphia. I love this city. 

I lined up around the 1:35 half marathoners  in the corral, which I found spacious. I shivered with my November Project buff over my face for 10 minutes and eventually found another girl in the crowd with an NP buff over her face. She came over  to me and I found out she was from the DC tribe. I love the November Project community! 

November Project running ninja

Right before the race started I realized I grabbed my earphones but had left my little iPod in the car. Luckily I had my phone and used the RockmyRun app to listen to some music mixes.  Once we were off the race goes a bit through the city and passed some through the historical areas of the city.  My legs were feeling a little tight at the start since I have  been forgetting to foamroll lately.  I didn't really have any specific goals for the race. I just wanted no rain and to have a really nice run.

Miles 3-6 are a blur. It was fairly flat and my legs were feeling great.  I just started running and felt out how I was feeling. I went with the flow and was grateful for the sunshine.  There wasn't much crowd support as we got further toward Fairmount Park, but I was just happy to be running. My pace felt really comfortable as I tried to keep myself from going to fast and to just settle in. 

Around miles 7-9 there were some hills including one bigger one I remember from last year. I pushed up the hills, focused on my form uphill, and tried to keep my pace around 7:45 min/mi.  Once we got to the Strawberry Mansion bridge I knew we'd be heading back towards the downtown soon. There is a section of the course that is an out-and-back.  I really love running in Fairmount Park and along the Schuylkill River. 

There was enough water stops, and I had to keep reminding myself to take some sips of water despite the cold temperatures.  I was also happy to see that since it could have been icy in some spots that CGI racing salted some areas around water stops and put cones near some big potholes or icy patches on the course.  

Despite the cold temperatures, I was really in the running zone. I had layered enough and worn gloves so it really didn't feel cold when I was running.  Totally having that "run happy" high during this race.  Once we hit mile 11 I knew I wanted to keep the pace but the end started to seem so far away. There is a long stretch along the river back toward the Art Museum that seems to go on forever. It's just long and straight.  Mentally I was ready to be finished and grab some food.   

That last mile I was just telling myself to "run strong, you're almost there".  They had a really fun announcer at the finish calling out peoples names and sometimes adding special notes such as if a person was a first time half-marathoner. I like those extra touches when I'm paying good money for a race. 

I finished in 1:41:27, average 7:44 min/mi pace, which is exactly what I was aiming for! It's creepily exactly a minute faster than last year's Love Run Half. It's actually my second fastest half, despite me always finishing between 1:40-1:48 in my races.  It was awesome enough for 31 in my division and 446 overall out of almost 10,000 runners. 



After the race ended I grabbed a soft pretzel and a snack bag that included tastycakes.  Pretty much the best post-race food ever. Every race should have Philly soft pretzels to replenish carbs. The finish line area was right in front of the Art Museum and the famous Rocky steps. The area was really open and it was easy to navigate and find my boyfriend.  

I was also really happily surprised with the race. My pace didn't feel like I had to push it the entire time and felt comfortable. It also was my 10th half marathon! It felt really special because 3 years ago I ran my first half marathon in Philadelphia and finished right at the Art Museum as well. Look how far I've come as a runner since then! 

Lately I have not been doing speedwork and feel like maybe I've been getting slower, especially after a crappy winter of running.  A great race always pushes all that negativity right out the door. 

Cheesin'. Half Marathon #10-complete!
I love the huge spinner finisher medal we received.  Much more enjoyable than finishing in the pouring rain as well.  


Once I stopped running, my body was freezing. FREEZING. However, I will take sunny freezing temperatures over chilly rain any day. My boyfriend and I made a stop to grab some green juice at a random fitness studio we googled. Next we grabbed a hard-to-get beer on the east coast, Pliny the Elder, at Monk's Cafe.  We had been trying to get it for a couple weeks (#beernerds).  After I finally warmed up, we had a delicious brunch and afternoon in the city. 


Overall: The Philly Love Run Half Marathon is still a really well organized race with a nice course and awesome swag. I especially like the addition of the free home game Phillies tickets. It's a nice spring half marathon and great way to jump-start your spring running.  

GUYS, amidst awkward race photos with bad facial expressions and eyes closed, I managed to get maybe my best race photo ever. I usually hate my race photos because the angle is awful giving me extra fat-looking face, my eyes are always closed, and I'm always mid-pose. This time the camera got me in a full thumbs up, looking right at it, and smiling! It's a race photo miracle!


Do you prefer running in the cold or heat? Do you ever like your race photos? 

This post was linked up at the Race Recap Linkup.  

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