March 11, 2015

My Big Fall Goal Race & RNR Brooklyn

It seems that everyone has running fever now that the weather is warming up. That means sporadically signing up for all the races #raceeverything! It's hard because with trips and events you have to sign up and book so early in advance. Sometimes it's difficult to plan for things you've signed up for 6 months out especially with commitments just popping up all the time. 

I am happy to share that Rock 'n' Roll Marathon series finally announced that the inaugural Brooklyn half marathon will take place Saturday, October 10, 2015.  Registration is open for only Tourpass holders until March 15, and the general registration will open to the public on Monday March 16. You can sign up for an email reminder about registration here

Check out the full details on the race here!


I really wanted to run this race, but I unfortunately can't because I'll be in Chicago getting ready to run the Chicago Marathon on October 11, 2015

Yes, it was quite lovely to see this email in my inbox this morning: 


Thanks to last year's Chicago Marathon time, I time-qualified for guaranteed entry this year.  I'm running Chicago again because despite being sick the week before, I had a really amazing race. I came only 1 minute shy of a 3:35 Boston-qualifying time for my age & gender group. I know in my heart that I can come back and get my goal time of 3:30 on it's fast, flat, energetic course.  Part of me wanted to re-type that and just say under 3:35, but let's be honest I'm aiming for 3:30. 

Goals are supposed to be big & scary, right?

Hopefully I can have a strong training cycle and show up to race day healthy and ready to run!

The 2015 Chicago Marathon lottery entry opened yesterday and closes Tuesday, April,21 so check it out if you are looking for a great big fall marathon!  Be sure to read my recaps from last year's expo and race.  

It looks like it's going to be another summer of #breathedeeplyandrunchitown. 

at last year's Chi Marathon expo. word. 

Do you have a goal Fall race picked out yet? Are you already planning big events for later in the year?


  1. I was unsure of my fall plans but I just got into the Marine Corps 17.75 which guarantees me entry into MCM so - that's looking like my fall goal race!

  2. awesome that you have guaranteed entry! i threw my name in to the lottery yesterday, so hopefully chicago will be my big fall race!

  3. Wow that's amazing that you came so close to qualifying for the Boston Marathon and that your time for the Chicago Marathon guaranteed your entry for this year! I'm sure my first marathon will be the Chicago Marathon one day. :)

  4. Congratulations on getting into Chicago!
    I'm hoping to sub-4 this year and then look at time qualifying for Chicago and maybe Boston??

  5. Awesome!! Love this :) yay for Chicago! I'll be running wineglass and marine corps marathons this fall!

  6. Awesome goal and very doable on a good day in Chicago! Here is to a healthy, happy spring, summer and fall! I just did Phoenix (best time since 2006 - 3:31!) and am planning on Grandma's in June and NYC!

  7. Congrats on your time qualifier! I threw my name in the Chi lottery, we'll see what happens in March. If I do not get into Chicago, RnR Brooklyn would be interesting to run (I've done NYRR Brooklyn Half), but Staten Island Half is the day after as well. So many choices!

  8. That's great you have a time qualifier for Chicago. Congrats, it is supposed to be a great race! My big fall race is NYC Marathon, also by time qualifying. However, I was really sad that not one of the ladies I run with was drawn in the lottery....the odds for that one are so small at 18%

  9. Chicago was my first marathon....many years ago! I will be running NYC Marathon this fall, as well as a few shorter races along the way....TBD!

  10. MCM will be my goal again this year. I'm determined to have a better experience this year!

  11. Sounds like you have a whole lot of awesome heading your way this fall! It's great that you get to run Chicago again this year! I haven't decided on a fall goal yet, but I'm really excited to do my first Ragnar!

  12. Congratulations on your guaranteed entry to Chicago! I live in Chicago and the whole running community is abuzz now regarding the lottery. I'm a little biased (I ran Chicago in 2012) but I think it is an AMAZING experience.

    BTW - congrats on Rock N Roll DC this past weekend!!! Mother Nature really wanted to give us a nice challenge on Saturday, eh? Way to push through!