September 3, 2013

Oh wait, it's Tuesday?

My family was in town this weekend and my sister stayed through Labor Day. I was a cool sister and took her out to the bars and ate lots of greasy food and eggs. Sorry I missed my marvelous monday post!

Yesterday was spent resting, doing homework, food shopping, Neftlix, and looking like this:


Today I needed one of these in the morning to get some veggies in, along with a big bowl of peanut butter overnight oats :
picked this up at Whole Foods

Work has been extra crazy today with lots of things going on and as I try to get myself situated with the week and what I have to do I need to keep reminding myself that it's September. 

It's also already Wednesday tomorrow, which makes me feel like this: 


I'm coming up with some September goals this week and running a fun NFL Ravens football 5K tomorrow that begins and ends at M&T Bank Stadium where the Ravens play so that should be exciting and of course you'll hear all about it. Or at least see a photo or too :)

Did you do anything fun Labor Day weekend? Are you having trouble adjusting after a long weekend? 

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