March 9, 2015

ZOOMA Annapolis Kickoff

Last week we had two snow days after getting a little over 6 inches of snow on Thursday. While I should have been productive, I mostly snacked, slept, and watched a lot of Netflix. Living that pajama life, you know


  Sometimes a break like that is necessary and refreshing.  After lots of takeout and eating out, getting my butt out of bed Saturday morning to head to the ZOOMA Annapolis kickoff run event at Charm City Run Annapolis was just what I needed.  

I showed up bright and early right after the free yoga class ended in the store. I've actually never been to this location, but the staff were just as friendly as they are at other locations.  It was a bit chillier than I'd liked but the turnout was still great!  Unfortunately it was a little icy around the Annapolis Towne Center, but run leaders made sure everyone was safe and we got in a nice 3 mile run.  It was awesome to chat to more of the other ambassadors. 

We're a fun bunch, if you can't tell! 


Charm City Run was offering a 15% discount on gear so I snagged a cute shirt perfect for Saint Patrick's Day and got a sweet ZOOMA bag and tech shirt from the race last year with my purchase.  

They also had Einstein's bagels, coffee, and the fixings for mimosas.  I was ever so grateful for the coffee.  


I got to spread the Feetures! love and giveaway four pairs of socks which was great. It was awesome to see a few people come out who will be running their first 10K or half marathon at ZOOMA in May with us.  


I'm actually really excited to get to run the beautiful course through Annapolis at the end of May. You should join me on Saturday May 30-it's going to be such a great event! 


You can still use my discount code LAUREN15 to save 10% on registration for the 10K or half marathon. 

Luckily on Sunday it hit over 50 degrees in Baltimore so that meant running outside in the sunny weather capris.  It was crazy because half of the harbor was still frozen. It's amazing how happy the warm weather can make me (unlike the cold). I ran into Sarah on my long run so we ran together for a bit which made the miles go by quickly.  I ended up slowly finishing the last few miles to make it to 13.1 miles for the day. Spring needs to stay! 

I don't feel prepared for Rock 'n' Roll DC this weekend at all, eek! 

 Have you ever run a ZOOMA race? What are you most looking forward this spring?


  1. Yesterday was awesome and I'm hoping it sticks around a while. Or forever. Good luck this weekend with RnR, and with preparing for Zooma--I'm sure it is an amazing course there!

  2. I didn't get to run yesterday in the warmer temps - I had a bike ride on the schedule but I was on the trainer inside and still didn't have enough time to do the ride allocated! Plus I'm sick. It was fun on Saturday to see you - we'll have a great time at ZOOMA!

  3. I visited Annapolis a few years ago and it's so pretty! I think it would be a lovely destination for a race (if not a bit hilly!). I lived yesterday's weather in Baltimore too. It was so sunny and beautiful! And if you just ran 13.1 I think you'll be fine for the race this weekend!

  4. How fun you are an ambassador for Zooma Race. I have heard so many good things about this series. One being the great goodie bag you get. It's about time we start getting warmer weather. Hope it is here to stay. -L

  5. I'm running Rock 'n' Roll DC and thinking about running Zooma, but RnR will be my first post-injury race in a year. How long is the discount code valid for? I want to see how this weekend goes before I commit to another race.

    1. Awesome-good luck this weekend! I think the code is valid up until the race!

  6. I ran Zooma last year as an ambassador. So much fun!! I'm undecided on running this year, I already have 2 half marathons in May, my husband may divorce me if I sign up for another ;)

  7. I ran Zooma last year as an ambassador. So much fun!! I'm undecided on running this year, I already have 2 half marathons in May, my husband may divorce me if I sign up for another ;)

  8. FINALLY we have warmth and all this rain today is making everything melt! I'm so happy! You guys look like such a fun bunch and I really need to try out Feetures! I keep hearing so much about them!