March 3, 2015

Dear Winter, It's time to go.


Dear Winter,

It's been real, but it's time for you to leave. I'm blaming you for my craptastic running this winter. I'll also be cursing you when I run a half marathon in less than two weeks that I'm wholly under-prepared for (I'm looking at you Rock 'n' Roll DC with those hills).  You forced me to struggle through a ten mile run on the treadmill yesterday morning that was only slightly bearable thanks to 3-4 episodes of Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

You're not all bad. I do like the beginning of winter and how lovely the season goes with the holidays. Bundling up around the fire with some hot chocolate is lovely.  A white Christmas always makes me smile too. Winter can be magical around the holidays. 

Not returning from a run drenched in sweat is nice. I can re-wear some of my layers because everything I wore isn't disgusting after a run. Having to put on 10 layers and bundle up before leaving the apartment is not so nice. I'd also like to be able to feel my fingers and toes again when I'm outside, thanks. 


Snow is pretty. It does make everything look like a winter wonderland. I'm all for having fun and building snowmen and making snow angels. Snow that causes a big mess and doesn't even get me ANY snow days off from work this year is not cool.  A couple measly two-hour delays are all you doled out to me this year which still forces to me to have a less than pleasant work commute.  I know Baltimore didn't get hit as hard as other cities, but it's just been annoying here. Slightly warmer and okay weather one day and then below freezing and an ice storm the next day. 

The main culprit lately has been ice. The devil of winter. I'll bundle up and take on the cold with minimal complaining. Taking a chance of wiping out and possibly busting myself up on a patch of ice? No thank-you. It was very unpleasant on Sunday to see the weather forecast as "ice pellets". 

The cold weather has made it difficult to do anything other than put my sweatpants on and curl up on the couch watching Netflix with a cup of tea. (Okay winter, you're right, part of that blame belongs to House of Cards too

I'm trying to be gentle because I think we could try it again next year.  I certainly don't want you to have any hard feelings and try to fight to stay around.  It's just that it's March which means it's time to start heading out. 

 Spring, come quickly!  I'm so ready for you. I'm ready for sunshine, outside events, cool & breezy weather, shorts, sunglasses, a little more sweat, flowers, and plenty more Vitamin D. (Spring is my favorite season, so don't take it personally, winter.)  




  1. I agree 1000000000000%. so over this winter! We're supposed to get 6-10 MORE inches on Thursday where I'm at.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more!!! I never liked winter. I don't know why I get back into a relationship with him year after year! Haha Plus he totally messes with my running too. Let's hope he's on the way OUT!!!

  3. I'm with you! I am so over winter! I hate doing long runs on the treadmill. Sprino couldn't get here fast enough. -L

  4. I am soooo with you! Winter needs to go ASAP!

  5. Winter can leave any time, although, it's been in the negatives for me where I live and now it's the mid twenties so it's like a heat wave for me now. Love those floral shorts on your ;)

  6. I hope winter peaces out for all of you, soon.

  7. HAHA! Love it. I'm heading out to San Diego in a few days, I can't wait to run in shorts and a tank although our Arizona winter has been really mild so I can't quite complain. Fingers crossed you get some relief soon.

  8. Consigned. another Lauren. I'm so over this! Was last winter this bad? I don't remember hating it half this much. I miss shorts and not running on ice. Let's get some spring going please!

  9. I couldn't agree more! I have also been forced to hit the treadmill and watch Gilmore Girls just so I don't go crazy. No more wind, no more cold air, no more jackets!