April 4, 2014

5 Friday Favorites 4/4/2014

So yesterday was one of those crappy days where you need more sleep, little stupid things happen like you can't find your keys in the morning, and you end up just randomly crying in the afternoon. Yikes. Luckily I felt a lot better before I went to bed (a glass of wine might have contributed to this) and am ready to have a fun & sunny weekend! I also have a rare Saturday post on the blog tomorrow featuring a review and giveaway of some Bakery on Main gluten-free oatmeal so stay tuned!

Five Friday Things
1. Favorite Whole Foods find: Eat Pastry Dairy-free, Egg-free Cookie Dough

My boyfriend and I went into Whole Foods for two things we needed and ended up leaving with a bunch of things we didn't. I'm not going to lie, that pretty much always happens when I go to Whole Foods, Trader Joe's or the worst of them all-Target.  

Anyways we picked up this tub of cookie dough you can eat STRAIGHT from the container because, of course, it's definitely what we needed in our fridge haha. You can bake these too, but I've only been eating spoonfuls out of the container randomly. It's amazing. 

2. Favorite afternoon snack: Larabars


A few weeks ago I won a variety pack of Larabars from a giveaway on Danielle's blog . I've really like Larabars as a snack that also satisfies my sweet tooth, but have loved trying out all the flavors. Cherry Pie or the cookie dough one are still my favorites but Coconut Cream Pie and Blueberry Muffin are also both really good!

3. Favorite Race Photo of the week: Philly Love Run finish line photo

With the Philly Love Run one of the perks was receiving a free download of your finish line photo. Some people complained they didn't have one, but things were kind of messed up with the rain and lots of people's bibs and such weren't visible. Luckily I had remembered this fact when I was crossing the finish line and gave the camera the best smile and thumbs up I could muster. I was genuinely happy to be finished running in the cold downpour, and it shows! I never like my race photos, but this one isn't too bad considering the conditions! 

4. Favorite funny running article: Buzzfeed's 75 Thoughts Every Runner Has While Out for a Run
75 Thoughts Every Runner Has While Out For A Run

This article made me giggle this morning. Especially these thoughts that ring true for me: 

26. Alright, stay focused. What am I going to eat when I get home?

27. I’m running five miles so I should probably eat five slices of pizza.


72. Oh, no. Oh god no. Another runner. Should I wave?

73. No, be strong! Do not get burned again. 

74. OMG, SHE waved first! Hello! Yes! We are both runners! Look at us run!

5. What I'm most looking forward to this week: Hot Chocolate 15K in Philadelphia

Let's be honest, I'm looking forward to the chocolate goodies afterwards more than the race. I suppose after last weekend, it'll be a good run anyways if it isn't downpouring! I'm a blogger race ambassador for the series and am excited to run the Philly race with Sarah!

Running any races this weekend? What's your favorite thought from the Buzzfeed article?


  1. confession: i don't like most lara bars. the texture is just weird to me

    1. Fair enough. My boyfriend thinks they aren't too good either (more for me!)

  2. OBSESSED with lara bars! blueberry muffin is my fave : ) i did the hot chocolate race in chicago last year and it was a blast until i broke my foot at the finish line --true story. good luck this weekend! have so much fun!

    1. OMG broke your foot? Now that terrifies me. It ended up being a fun race for me!

  3. I must go to Whole Foods now to buy that cookie dough! Your photo from the LOVE run looks GREAT! Mine was okay.. a beautiful pic of me stopping my watch total #runnerfail :)

    1. haha don't worry, most of my race photos are awful and I look pained!

  4. I love the race pic! Congrats :)

  5. I also like the race pic with that 1:43 time above! :)
    And I love your blog, btw!. Followed you on Bloglovin. I hope you'd check my blog too and follow-back. :)

    Katherine @ Nested Thoughts

    1. Thanks so much! Definitely checking your blog out and returning the favor!

    2. Thank you! Means a lot to me ^^