December 3, 2012

December Goals

Let's see how I did with my November goals first!

November Goals:
1. Drink 1 gallon of water a day.- Haven't quite been drinking a gallon. It's hard to drink at my job since I'm in a biohazard lab with no food or drink allowed inside and definitely harder on the weekends when I don't have my water bottle with me at all times. Still need to work on this.  
2. Eat consciously and limit snacking between meals. I was pretty good on this besides this weekend when my Internet was acting up and my food logging was not as consistent. 
3. Allow one "cheat" treat a week. I think I need to allow myself one  meal without guilt. I still try to get something more healthy and end up having little treats.  
4. Keep logging food and try to focus on mostly clean meals. I've been better at logging and trying to plan my meals. 
5. Be positive about myself-This I accomplished. I still want to drop some weight but have been admiring the muscle I put on in the past few months!

December Goals

1. Clean eats and maintain calorie goals!
2. Drink more water and green tea instead of coffee!
3. Compliment myself everyday!
4. Lose 5 pounds before NYE! 
5. Eat more veggies with meals and as snacks!

A big help this month has been the #Elf4Health challenge.  You are paired with an elf for 2 weeks (and then the partners change) with daily challenges that focus on physical and mental well-being.  Today the challenge is to track fiber intake!

I'm excited to continue doing this challenge and become even healthier this holiday season instead of falling of the wagon! I was doing really well on my healthy goals this week and even lost a pound but went off track Saturday night with one too many beers.  My weight is back up again but I'm hoping it's just water weight.  I'm back to clean eating and good workouts this week! Hopefully I see some progress!

What are your goals for December?


  1. Looks like you are doing great and have a wonderful plan set up for this month!! Way to go! Keep working hard! U should be so proud of yourself!! Spa <3

  2. Thanks @Jenna! I forget how hard I work sometimes!

  3. 5 lbs by NYE! I am in! Me too!