November 25, 2012

Post Thanksgiving Blues

I'm sure many of you indulged this past weekend with Thanksgiving festivities and travelling to relatives' houses.  My mom is a fabulous cook, and I definitely cheated on non-paleo treats this weekend.  I had a couple moments of severe food guilt and bad body  image.  I've decided to move on and get on a plan to look fabulous for Christmas.  Lots of water, logging my food, exercising, and working on moderation during the slew of holiday parties and events on the calendar already. 

 I've found drinking some lemon water in the morning has helped.  I also have started taking all my multivitamins and supplements including probiotics (helps with my IBS), Super B Complex, and the new addition of CLA tablets.  Tonalin CLA is derived from safflower oil and supposedly helps with reducing fat and increasing resting metabolism.

I'm coming to terms with some weight gain I've had recently and have decided that if I can lose a couple inches I KNOW I've gained lots of muscle from consistent strength training through Tina's Best Body Bootcamp .  Maybe with healthy eating and exercise, the CLA will help!

With my increased consistent use of supplements I've been turning to a lot of online shopping.  It's easier, and I can find great deals to save me money.  I've come across a site called Vitacost who was looking for people to review their products. Vitacost sells the high quality health and wellness products I want at super affordable prices.  According to Vitacost, they have over 2,000 of the top natural brands and health living products such as baking flours, chia seeds, vitamins, protein bars, and pre-workout aminos.

The thing that makes it the most affordable is that if your order is $49 or more you get FREE SHIPPING.  Even if you are only picking up a few things that total less than $49, your order will ship for only $4.99, no matter the size.  Like I said, I'll be reviewing some products from them, if you are still skeptical.

I thought I'd just pass on a great find, especially since like the whole world, they are having a Black Friday/Cyber Weekend sale which ends Monday Night (11/26) at 11:59 where you get 15% off EVERYTHING! Check out Vitacost

What supplements or health products do you love and use?

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  1. I am really bad about taking vitamins/supplements regularly. I need to be better about taking them. I have read that drinking a big glass of lemon water is good for your system.