December 7, 2012

First EVER Friday Favorites 12/7/12

Hello all and happy Friday to you!
I've decided to do a Friday favorites post since I try lots of things, have a Pinterest full of boards and pins, and bookmark like crazy online,and I love the ones done by Carlyn at "Just Keep Sweating" and Kristin at "Iowa Girl Eats".

Favorite Winter Beer of the Week
(Image from Lagunitas Brewing Company site)

My boyfriend got me turned onto Brown Shugga from Lagunitas Brewing Company last weekend when he picked up a six pack. There are so many awesome winter beers out there. This ale isn't too dark and does have brown sugar and caramel notes which make it very yummy!

Favorite Workout Song of the Week

Ke$ha gets me pumped, and I'm not ashamed.

Fashion Must Have of the Week

(Image from
I am always pining over the chic items from Kate Spade but have fallen hard for these heels.  The colors of this Krysta shoe are my favorite and the bow is such a cute touch. You can buy these for me here :)

Current Cute Overload
(Image from Boo's FB)

Boo, the world's cutest dog, has an internet senstation with his facebook page for a while, but I just can't get enough of him. I didn't think I liked Pomeranians before I saw him! I want a puppy who is as adorable and full of love as he is!

Favorite Product of the Week
The Corkcicle is a super cute and interesting way to chill beer. It is like a reusable ice cube that fits in a wine bottle and comes in a variety of bright colors, but  of course I'd go for the hot pink one!
(Image from

Current Must-Try Holiday Recipe

This honeycrisp sangria from Nutmeg Nanny combines my favorite type of apple with my favorite spice-cinnamon! It looks like a very refreshing holiday drink that is great for parties.  I guess I'll have to make a batch to taste test it!

Album on Repeat All Week

I LOVE the Avett Brothers and their latest album The Carpenter does not disappoint. They have beautiful harmonies and poetic lyrics which break my heart. Check out a live performance of a track off the album above!

Hope everybody likes my favorites for the week and check in next Friday :)


  1. AGH. That dog is absolutely adorable! I wish I could reach into the screen and pull him out! :)

    1. I know- at first I didn't even believe it was real and NOT a stuffed animal!

  2. Omg!! Those heels are seriously to die for!! I love them!! Anything with a bow is my favorite!! And I'm not a beer girl at all, but that actually sounds like a pretty good one!! Have a great wkend!! Spa <3

  3. Should I be embarrassed that the two items that got me the most excited are both alcohol-related? The Brown Shugga sounds yummy and the corkcicle is pretty interesting.

  4. Ok this may be a little late but isnt Brown Sugga amazing? My boyfriend LOVES it, mostly because of the high alcohol content. haha

    1. Not too late-it's so delicious! My boyfriend didn't realize the alcohol content until he was feeling fineeeee after drinking a couple haha

  5. I really want to get a corkcicle! When my fiancé and I take a bottle of wine down to our basement to watch a show or movies, the wine always gets warm. (I like mine cold!) So that would be so perfect for me!

    1. It looks so cool-it's on my amazon wish list!