April 17, 2013

Spring is here to stay!

Well this week has been an off week so far for me. Boston, trying to plan my summer weekends because apparently half of them are taken, and trying to get into the groove of a spring schedule! I'm currently trying to figure out the right balance this week of work, running, crossfit, and me time!  Due to some personal stuff I didn't make it to the gym last night. Breathing and not letting exercise become a stressor instead of a stress reliever is really important to me. I'm still working on releasing guilt from my life so it's tough. I spent some time with my bf and if we've learned anything from this week, it's to cherish the people we love. I still can't believe how warm the weather has been, but I definitely welcome all the sunshine and extra Vitamin D in my life.  My favorite things to look forward to in the beginning of spring are:

1. Iced coffees
I had one from Dunkin Donuts earliers this week that was delicious! I need to peition that they carry almond milk or figure out some way to transport it with me when the iced coffee craving strikes!

2. Sundresses
Target is so awful because I need to stop myself from buying another sundress when I go there. Who am I kidding, most times I cannot resist!

3. Baseball
Haven't been to my first game yet, but love heading out to the baseball park and enjoying an  ice cold beer!


4. Running in shorts
This was very exciting the first time I did it a few weeks ago. I hate bundling up and dealing with cold wind when running, ugh. Too bad I am vampire pale and rock some really white legs in shorts!

5. Outdoor festivals and concerts
I love all the arts festivals and outdoor concerts that come along with warm weather.  I'm also heading to Bonnaroo down in Tennessee for the first time for a long camping music festival extravaganza. 

Last year I went to the Firefly Festival in Delaware so I had a little practice at music festival camping. 

7. Finally I love the prospect of going to the beach soon. (and at least the motivation to workout hard at the prospect of being in a bathing suit  at some point soon)

 This past Saturday I went to the gym feeling unmotivated and not sure what to do so I made up a workout. It got me sweating so I thought I'd pass it along!

What are your favorite things about springtime and warmer weather?


  1. I'm very excited that spring is finally here. Some of my favorite things are baseball (fellow Phillies fan over here), runs on the boardwalk, and Rita's water ice.

    1. OMG yes water ice and the boardwalk! My friends here make fun of me because I saw water ice instead of Rita's italian ice!

  2. I really wanted to go to Bonnaroo! The lineup is great. It seems like every music festival this year is going to be awesome.

  3. Ooh, looks like a good workout!

    I am super excited about #1, 2, and 4 as well. Bring on summer!

  4. Running in shorts is the best. I'm so excited I can't even describe it!

  5. Half my sundresses are from Target, too! I love their jersey dresses.. sooo comfy..

    We're supposed to get snow here in Michigan tonight! Ugh!