October 5, 2016

Chicago Marathon Training Weeks 14 & 15 Recap

IT'S RACE WEEK, GUYS. Seriously can't believe at the end of this week I'll be out running the Chicago Marathon for the third year in a row. Here's a recap of really my last two weeks of training. Don't worry a post on race goals and taper madness will come later.  Here's a recap of weeks 14 & 15 of my Chicago Marathon training. 


Marathon Training 2016 Week 14 (9/19-9/25)

Tuesday: Charm City Run training group coaching, 3.1 miles  I wanted to squeeze in a workout but didn't make it there early enough due to traffic. BLAH
Wednesday: November Project-Baltimore workout at the top of Fed Hill and run there/back , 5.0 miles 
Thursday:  Tempo Run with 4 miles at race pace, 8.4 miles 
cooler temps mean HOT DAMN feeling strong
Friday: Nuun Year Dash virtual run , 5.25 miles
Saturday:  Long run coaching and a couple miles to finish it out, 15.04 miles 

I FINALLY got the chance to meet Erica in person and she joined  me for 6ish miles around the Inner Harbor!
Bloggers always need a photo op

: Dogfish Dash 8K, 4.9 miles

Felt really strong and held a faster pace than I expected I was 8th female with a surprisingly speedy, beer-loving crowd. Full race recap to come!  

Total miles: 41.69 miles

Marathon Training 2016 Week 15 (9/26-10/2)
MondayRest and a massage :) 
Tuesday:  CCR training group coaching plus an easy run , 6.64 miles
Wednesday: November Project-Baltimore workout-PR day but took it easy, 5.25 miles
Thursday:  Rest
FridayNovember Project-Baltimore rainy circuit workout & extra tempo miles x2 at the gym , 4.9 miles
Felt SUPER crappy at NP and then post-bagel and coffee decided to get in 2ish tempo miles on the treadmill and felt a little better. 

Yup there's me on the stairs in the purple rain jacket looking tired

Saturday: Rainy running: CCR training group coaching followed by running to the start of the Donate Life Fun Run 5K and running back to my car, 10.21 miles

Didn't feel super strong but still managed to snag 2nd female in the 5K and run okay in the rain
Sunday: Easy recovery run, 6.0 miles

Total miles: 32.99 miles

Feeling really blah and crappy during Week 15. Maybe it was because of some taper weirdness or feeling generally crappy and like I was almost coming down with something. Maybe my body just needed some rest too! Anyways it always sucks not feeling great with less than two weeks to go until race day. 

I am happy to have a couple shorter races thrown into the mix, despite not actually gearing up for them as races. I think that getting to the start line and practicing pacing on a short distance helps-it also counts as speed work for me! Also I'm still healthy so let's keep that going. 

 How is your training going?  Have you done any races lately? 

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  1. Woo hoo! It's here! I'll be at mile 13 with Marcia and Erica, cheering you on!

  2. Congratulations on the Dogfish Dash and the Donate Life runs! I felt pretty crappy the first week of taper. Headaches, sore throat-I think my body was saying "OK, enough". Good luck at the race! I didn't get the corral placement I wanted, for whatever reason. (Age discrimination? LOL.) Since the weather will be nice, I'm hoping it doesn't matter. Thanks for linking, Lauren!

  3. Yay so soon! I'm practically counting down the minutes until Sunday morning. I'm so excited for the race, and hope you have a FANTASTIC run!

  4. How fun you got to meet Erika and hey remembering to take a picture was something! Yes Chicago is almost here! I can't wait to hear how all my friends and there are a bunch of you running it! I have serious FOMO! I'll be cheering you on from Mississippi!

  5. Have a great race tomorrow!