September 12, 2016

Chicago Marathon Training Weeks 10 &11 Recap

Things have been way more hectic in my training now that graduate school has started again for the semester. The weather has been bouncing around between cooler mornings and the usual hot & humid weather which has made how I feel on runs more variable than usual.  Here's a recap of weeks 10 & 11 of my Chicago Marathon training. 


Marathon Training 2016 Week 10 (8/22-8/28)
Monday: morning run with 3 tempo miles thrown in the middle, 6.0 miles
Tuesday: speedwork run with 4x 1 mile repeats, 5.4 miles
Wednesday: November Project-Baltimore workout and some extra miles , 8.0 miles 
Thursday:  easy morning run, 4.25 miles
Friday: Rest
Saturday:  long run in NJ that felt great and my 18 miles for the day eneded up being 20 with two tempo miles at the end 

This run was such a surprise! I met up with some people from the Run856 Facebook group and ran with some people who all had different distances. This guy ended up running the full 18 with me which was great, and with some water fountain stops and different little loops I ended up feeling like I could keep going and at the end finished the last couple of miles fast around my tempo pace just to see. After refueling with Wawa donut and coffee (which makes me SO happy) and then having a big breakfast when I got home, I napped! 

Sunday: recovery run on treadmill and some core, 3.1 miles


Total miles: 46.75

Marathon Training 2016 Week 11 (8/29-9/4)
Mondayeasy morning run, 5.5 miles
Tuesday:  Rest
Wednesday: November Project-Baltimore: PR Day workout (8.0), 6.0 miles
Thursday:  Humid progressive tempo lunch run, 5.1 miles
Friday: Rest-travelling but my run was thrwarted by the tropical storm so I ended up not having anywhere to run blah. 
Saturday:long easy run in SC on Spanish Moss Trail, 17.5 miles
I went out on the run after waking up a little late with my stomach feeling kinda weird  and not being sure if I was going to do the whole thing, telling myself to at least get 10 miles in. Once I was on the trail it was shady so I decided no, if I can do 10 miles I can do my long run and ended up with 17.5 instead of 18. 

Sunday: treadmill run and upper body strength, 3.1 miles

Total miles: 37.2

STILL need to work on foam rolling more and adding in a cool down to my runs. I notice a difference in how I feel when I can spend half a mile or mile in cool down to get my heart rate lowered. Also I've been noticing a lot of tightness in my calves with the increased mileage so I need to roll it out! 

I am really happy with hitting the higher mileage runs especially that really great 20 miler.  I again am pretty proud of sticking to my plan somewhat during travels and am reminded on days like Week 11's Sunday that even adding a little bit of lifting and strength is better than nothing-not every workout has to be an hour long! 

What's your favorite post-long run treat? How is your training going? 

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  1. Great work on getting those runs in! I did 20 two weekends ago and refueled with a donut as well :) Pretty sure that's a requirement for proper recovery after you've run 20 miles :P

  2. I'm all about a burger and ice cream or cake after a long run. But not for several hours after haha I can usually only stomach a bagel immediately following. Great job on the almost 50 mile week!!! You're killing it especially in the heat. I need to do more foam rolling too. I don't know why I have such a hard time fitting it in!

  3. Great couple of weeks - I'm literally sitting on a roller right now as I type this :)

  4. My favourite post-run treat is always Starbucks. I had a plain glazed donut the other day after 18 miles and I swear it tasted like heaven.

  5. my body is a mess yet I always "forget" to roll...

    post run treats: chocolate milk or a homemade smoothie with yoghurt, fruit, raw organic cacao powder, or ice cream or... a grilled cheese sandwich with vegemite (sounds weird, I know).

    I'm 11 days from my marathon, so I'm tapering. Need to stay focused and not #eatallthethings . I'm so tired and I'm ready for this thing to happen now.

  6. yes! strength training!! Makes you look good and a stronger runner :) great runs lady!

  7. My favorite post run treat would be coffee. Starbucks, if I've been to a race and just not running around my neighborhood. It sounds like you've had some great long runs and are ready to tackle Chicago. This whole training cycle has been nothing but a scorcher for me. It will definitely make for an interesting marathon. Thanks for linking, Lauren!

  8. What a great attitude to have Lauren. I think you had a great week as well and sometimes it is about pushing and other times just finishing.
    Waffles and pretzels are my favorite post long run treats!

  9. Glad to hear you have a nice week training. Meeting and chatting with new friends who have the same hobbies are fantastic, I think. Take care, my dear!

  10. You're a great positive girl.
    Banana and chocolate milk is my favorite post-run treat. They are full of good carbohydrates and keep me hydrated as well.
    Try it someday (:

  11. Finish something that we have planned is a great achievement. It sounds like you had a great week.I love jogging but I never take part in a marathon. I wish I could have a long-distance running like your. My favorite post-run treat would be coconut juice.

  12. You've done great work on your training weeks. I always choose sweet foods as my favorite treats after running. Keep updating to share with us. Thumbs up.

  13. My favorite post-run treat is Starkbucks or good sweet foods. It likes having a sweet treat and a compliment for all my effort.