September 14, 2016

Baltimore Bred: Wild Kombucha {by Mobtown Fermentation}

I'm starting a new little feature I've wanted to start for a while on the blog called Baltimore Bred in which I highlight a local Baltimore brand, company, or product that I love and want to share. First up we have Mobtown Fermentation. 

Baltimore Bred #1: Wild Kombucha by Mobtown Fermentation 


As a fan of Baltimore small businesses and local brands, I was excited to visit Mobtown Fermentation’s new digs in Lutherville-Timonium just over a month ago. I love supporting local businesses, and it was a great opportunity to learn more about this awesome company and get a behind-the-scenes look at their company. 

The three founders of the company, Adam, Sergio, and Sid, had recently moved their brewing operation from Hampden to this new, bigger space in order produce more of their delicious Wild Kombucha.  

Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage made of green tea, distilled water, probiotic cultures (bacteria and yeast) and natural fruit juices or sugars.  I’ve been a huge fan of kombucha for a while because I love that it’s a bubbly and carbonated beverage yet packed with probiotics.  Since kombucha is made with probiotic bacteria like yogurt and is said to have healthy benefits such as aiding in digestion and boosting the immune system-both things I could benefit from. 

Adam and Sergio, who are stepbrothers, were familiar with kombucha and the brew process from their parents’ own kombucha creations growing up. Mobtown Fermentation was started in May 2014 by the three childhood friends after experimenting with brewing their own delicious kombucha. Currently Wild Kombucha is available in three flavors including elderberry, ginger-grapefruit, and mango-peach. I can’t choose a favorite flavor! Their brand of kombucha is a little sweeter and less sour than some brands I’ve tried which makes it more accessible to those wary of trying kombucha. 


Right now Mobtown Fermentation is producing over 2000 bottles of Wild Kombucha per week.  These guys are seriously dedicated to their brew-they are still hand-bottling all of these! 

Last month when I visited their headquarters and met with Sid I even got the inside scoop on a special new flavor arriving just in time for fall. Don’t worry it’s not pumpkin spice but an apple spice kombucha. I tasted a test batch, and it was delicious and reminiscent of apple cider.

There are various spots in the Baltimore area to grab some Wild Kombucha including Whole Foods, local markets like Eddie’s, fitness studios like Yogaworks, and cafes like Charmingtons but you check out their website to find the location nearest you.  
They even do kegs of kombucha and are on tap at places like Taps Fill Station in Mt. Vernon Marketplaces, 3 Bean Coffee in Federal Hill, and the Healthy Grocer in Camp Hill, PA.


Wild Kombucha is a delicious bubbly Baltimore beverage with a great team of people behind it- go grab yourself some of their kombucha! 

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