February 18, 2016

Thinking Out Loud: Lattes and Love

Whew, with a snow day Monday and a completely packed week with school and some other things, it has been a long week. It's not even over yet! I'm gearing up for a couple of really crazy stressful weeks before spring break fun. So all I've got today is some random thoughts from the week in a thinking out loud post.  

1. Valentine's Day was really low-key for my boyfriend and I this year. He did a good job with my gift though-flowers, macarons (there was a 2nd box that were eaten quickly before a photo, oops) and some Lush bath bombs.  I definitely see a long, warm bath in my near future. 

Thinking Out Loud: Lattes and Love-macrons-lush

2. We stayed in and he cooked a nice steak dinner. Besides the beautiful flowers he made a whole chocolate cake recipe he made once ago years ago that is the best and called That Chocolate Cake. It's completely full fat, full sugar, and deliciously chocolatey. He said we'd give some it away, but we never got the chance to and literally have both eaten 3/4 of the cake this week. Oops. 

Also because I love supporting local businesses, the flowers below are from a small Baltimore florist called Steetcut Flower Co. They are a couple who runs the business out of their basement and held a little Valentine's weekend pop-up at Doobys.  Definitely check them out if you're in the area and need some flowers or floral arrangements. My bouquet is still looking great days later! 

Thinking Out Loud: Lattes and Love-flowers-cake

3. Almond milk lattes are awesome. This one is from Atwaters Bakery. My go-to order had been americanos for a long time, but this one is my current order. It's super creamy and has been hitting the spot.  Also people should stop buying skim milk and definitely stop putting it in their coffee or tea. My boyfriend had leftover heavy cream from the cake he made so he put it in our coffee Monday and Tuesday. I was like "why does the coffee taste so awesome this AM?", ohhhh that's why #FullFatfortheWin.

Thinking Out Loud: Lattes and Love-latte

4. Momentum Jewelry just kicked off a really awesome campaign called #sharethespark. They have two awesome limited edition #sharethespark motivate wraps with the sayings "NEVER GIVE UP" and "You got this!" which for the next two months are only $10 on the website (normally motivate wraps are $18.99).  It's an awesome deal and makes the perfect gift for a friend! 


Momentum gave all of their ambassadors 4 wraps to pay it forward by sharing some love and encouragement to 4 random strangers, friends, or anyone in their life who could use it. I included one in a little Valentine's care package I sent to my sister who is going after her dreams and currently working at an internship in Disney World. I love that girl and am so glad that she is loving life. 

Be on the lookout for some more #sharethespark moments from me!

5. As I mentioned, school plus some other things has made my schedule jam-packed. I'm working hard to get on a better sleep schedule and hopefully transition to morning workouts. I've at least gotten better at packing lunches by making it easier for myself by buying some pre-packaged salad mixes from the store which I spruced up with some extra romaine lettuce and hard-boiled eggs. I got a yummy brussel sprouts salad bag from Trader Joe's that was great. This little shortcut made prepping lunches a breeze! Let's hope I can keep this up. 

How has your week been? Did you celebrate Valentine's Day? 


  1. Yep he's a keeper ;) I would eat the whole chocolate cake in one sitting I think haha I always say I'm going going to have one bite but I end up eating the whole thing myself...

  2. Chocolate cake is always the best classic dessert, you can NEVER go wrong! Also, Almond milk lattes are the BEST! I make mine with my milk frother and put cinnamon on top!

  3. Ooooh those bracelets are so awesome! I've been dying to buy one for a while now, and this might be the perfect excuse!

  4. The Walking Dead was my Valentine! And it sure didn't disappoint! lol

    Otherwise, yes it was a fabulous weekend, even though I don't have a significant other.

  5. Mmmmmm cue craving for chocolate cake!