November 3, 2015

Hood to Coast with Nuun Recap Part 3: Finally Sharing Thoughts on the Race

I know it's ridiculous that over a year later I'm processing some thoughts and sharing some moments from Hood to Coast 2014 with Nuun Hydration. Last year I was busy in the midst of marathon training and only shared Part 1 & Part 2 of my recap. I never really figured out how to talk about the race itself and share how great of an experience it was so I just let it slide.  It was hard and definitely not just like any other race recap I have on the blog-there was so much involved.  Finally I have something to say because I'm excited to be having a similar opportunity this upcoming weekend. 

I also did a guest post a little bit ago on Run Far Girl about the best and worst of overnight relay races that is all based on my Hood to Coast experience. 

Well, I'm ridiculously excited to be running another overnight relay race with Nuun Hydration in less than a week. This time we're taking on Ragnar Las Vegas! I would be the person to go to Las Vegas for the first time ever for a race #crazyrunnerlady.  

It's gotten me thinking about Hood to Coast 2014 a lot so here's a kind of list of thoughts, moments and photos. 

Hood to Coast 2014 Race Recap 


Running late to the start in Leg 1 because of Seattle to Portland traffic and that anxiety of being the first person from my van to have to rush and run.  It also didn't help that Lisa was the runner before me, and she's wicked fast. 


Running in rural Oregon with nothing but some vans and a few other runners was amazing. 

I ate countless peanut butter-filled pretzels. I couldn't control myself sitting next to a giant bag for 36 hours.  

Port-a-potty lines at a relay race are no joke. 

Getting maybe an hour of sleep and then being woken up after 3 AM to get ready to run on a dirt road past Portland in the pitch black of night was a unique experience.   

Compression socks are a relay race necessity. 

I loved these Pro Compression ones with the Nuun logo we were given!
The pacific Northwest is beautiful. SO BEAUTIFUL. Why do I live so far from it?! 

SO MUCH HAPPINESS & EXCITEMENT. Having a team cheering you on and running in a new place and being surrounded by nature. All of it makes me smile like this: 


I was in awe of all the amazing stories I heard from all my van-mates and all the Team Nuun runners. Frankly felt I didn't have much of a story to share. It's just a reminder that there must be more big adventures in store for me in this life.

Counting roadkills (runners you pass). My new favorite running pastime. 

Eff serious traffic during a relay race in the middle of nowhere. 

Showing that sign who's boss. 
 Always stay hydrated (Nuun is my drink of choice, obviously). 

Cheering on teammates as they come to the exchange points is so fun. Running up to really crowded ones with lots of excitement is also fun. Unless you can't find your teammate or your team hasn't made it there yet. Otherwise the energy is awesome!

Finishing my last leg on a sunny afternoon like the badass that I am in super fast time and running one of my fastest miles ever thanks to the push from an African guy who lived in NYC who challenged me to keep up with him was awesome. 
Finish strong, amiright?

Starbucks tastes amazing after sitting in a van for 30 hours. 
Best chai latte that you've ever had, and me. 

Pizza and beer also tastes amazing after an overnight relay. 

Even when it's foggy and cloudy on the beach at the finish line, runners know how to party.

The medal could be a little bigger. The memories and that big run happy smile are worth more though. 

Post-relay race yoga is a must. 

Waking up in Seaside, Oregon with this view is not awful. 

 I'm pretty sure Nuun Lemon-Lime Energy Van 2 will be friends for life. It's easy to get to know somebody once you're all stuck in a van together for over 36 hours.


Also Eric from the other Team Nuun team made this awesome video that captures some of the race in a few minutes. Check it out!

Of course I watch the video after writing this and going through all my photos, and I'm getting all weepy. Also I'm SO EXCITED for a new experience in Las Vegas this weekend!

Have you ever done an overnight relay race? What's one snack you always have on long car rides

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  1. Have fun this weekend! I don't know how you do it all while being in school!

  2. HAVE SO MUCH FUN IN VEGAS!!! You're going to have an amazing time-- try to eat at all the good restaurants for me. You really make me want to do a relay race. With friends, preferably, and ideally one on the water, but I'm sure I'd have a blast either way.

  3. Oh my gosh rural Oregon looks incredible!!!!

  4. I loved running Ragnar--I'm putting off my baby making plans because I'm running Ragnar (well, and Boston) next year, lol.
    And can I say that I miss the Oprah pearls of wisdom?
    Have fun in VEGAS

  5. Love those compression socks! Very cool! And I agree, what is UP with the medal? Definitely WAY too small! Hope to see you in Vegas!!

    1. Thanks lady! I know, right? Big race= big medal!

  6. That coast sounds like a beautiful place to run! Have fun in Vegas!

  7. What an awesome experience. The medal shot of you is great!