September 8, 2014

Hood to Coast with Nuun Recap Part 1: Seattle Sightseeing

I'm finally delving into recapping Hood to Coast so here's what I was up to on the beginning of my trip out in the Pacific Northwest. Thanks to all my Nuun friends for sharing photos! 

Flying across the country is interesting and exhausting. I haven't done it in a while, and while the time change was on my side on the way out there, I was still awake for a very long time with little sleep the night before due to last minute packing and excitement.  

This is post-coffee and pre-flight from Baltimore.
Once we landed and got checked into the hotel (thanks Arielle from Nuun for giving us a lift!), a group of us grabbed some food and a beer at Elysian Fields Brewery up the street. I broke my own rule of holding off on Fall things and grabbed a pumpkin beer because I couldn't resist it being on draft! 

Afterwards we walked a ways down to one of the big attractions I've always wanted to visit-Pike Place Market.  After a cool and cloudy typical Seattle morning, the weather warmed up and the sun was shining all afternoon. I took it as a good sign of things to come! 


We even found the famous gum wall near the market. Yes, all of that on the wall is gum, and it went ALL the way down this little alley on both sides.


Naturally we had our first group bonding activity and chewed then stuck some gum onto the wall too.  


I was excited to take my own mini coffee tour through Seattle and the first Starbucks ever seemed like the perfect first stop, especially since we caught the line when it was pretty short. Apparently it sometimes wraps around the building and all the way down the block! 


No the coffee didn't taste extra special or anything!

After hanging out around Pike Place a group of us headed back to the hotel to freshen up before heading over to Pyramid Breweries to grab a beer before catching the Seattle Sounders MLS soccer game.  


I'm a fan of soccer, but had no idea how crazy the Sounders fans were.  It was a Wednesday night and the game was still a sell-out! MLS soccer isn't big on the east coast coast so it was a treat to hear a roaring crowd and even get to see Clint Dempsey play a bit in the second half.  


After the game, most of the Nuun group had arrived at the hotel by now. We mingled and right before we split to head to our rooms to get some sleep, sneaky George decided to buy a round of fireball shots for the group even though we all had to be up for a shakeout run in the morning.

Let's just say I knew it was going to be a fun group of people!


  1. Fireball shots before a run? Y'all are brave (or maybe I just can't drink like I used to LOL)! Sounds like it was a fun day - looking forward to part 2 of your recap!

  2. Alli and i went to Seattle last year and chewed gum and stuck it on the gum wall, too. it was pretty gross and kind of cool all at the same time. i wish i lied closer so i could buy all of the cheap bouquets of flowers every day!

  3. Yay!! Such a fun experience!! So glad I got to meet you!

  4. Wow how fun!! I've been waiting for your recaps. I have always wanted to visit Seattle.

  5. I'm loving this as I head into my own relay this weekend - reach the beach in NH. I'm a newbie so I hope someone buys me some shots pre-race!! :-)

  6. I'm going to love living vicariously through you in these recaps. I've always wanted to run Hood to Coast and visit Seattle. Looks like you're off to a great start!

  7. I got to have a fireball the following evening but it just wasn't the same experience. Sorry I missed that part.