November 20, 2015

5 Friday Favorites featuring Pumpkin Cookie Butter, Aziz Ansari, and Milkshakes

Disclosure: I was sent the OGX Argan Oil shampoo in connection with my partnership with Women's Health as a Women's Health Action Hero. All other products were purchased on my own. No compensation was received for any mentions and as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

It's been too long since I've shared my Friday Favorites! Obviously school, racing, travel, and life has made me crazy busy, but I'm trying to get back into a more normal routine. Today is a rest day that started off with donuts and coffee for breakfast so I can't really complain! Today I am sharing some of my favorite things from the week with you.  

5 Friday Favorites

1. Favorite Treat: Christmas Cookie holiday milkshake from Shake Shack


Run don't walk to Shake Shack and try one of their new holiday milkshake flavors if you are looking for a treat. 

Or you can spin and then run over like I did last night. There was a special Shack Track and Field in partnership with Rev Cycle Studio last night that involved an awesome 45 minute spin class followed by a 2 mile run over to Shake Shack where I grabbed my free milkshake and purchased a burger for dinner because balance.  

Sarah and I both got this Christmas Cookie milkshake and OMG IT WAS DELICIOUS. It literally tasted like a sugar cookie and was covered in whipped cream and red and green sprinkles. Amazing and definitely the highlight of my day.

2. Favorite Haircare Product: Argan Oil Shampoo from OGX


I'm not going to lie, I love beauty products but I keep it pretty simple and low-key when it comes to my hair. Most of the shampoos I have I got for free or my mom bought for me. I was really excited when Women's Health sent over this OGX argan oil shampoo to try as part of a WH Action Hero campaign.  I've always been intrigued but too cheap to buy this stuff and instead went for the $2 shampoo on sale. 

I am pleasantly surprised! My hair is oily so I was skeptical of the OGX shampoo, but it actually leaves my hair really hydrated and shiny without getting greasy.  You can grab OGX products at most drugstores and places like Target or Ulta.  

3. Favorite Impulse Buy: Trader Joe's Pumpkin Cookie Butter


This is my favorite and least favorite of the week. I impulsively bought it at Trader Joe's because hey, it's a limited seasonal item right?! Well it's my favorite because it's delicious-like a pumpkin pie or pumpkin cookie in a jar. It's my least favorite because it's impossible not to eat tons of it, on everything. The jar has actually already been emptied for days between my boyfriend and I. 

I suggest only purchasing it if you are okay with the fact that you will eat the entire jar.

4. Favorite TV Show: Master of None with Aziz Ansari



I'm a big fan of Aziz Ansari from his stand-up, book, and time on Parks and Rec. I was really excited to hear all the buzz about his new Netflix show where he plays Dev, a semi-struggling Indian-American actor.  The show is funny, well-shot, hits on some of those truths in life and also tugs at your heartstrings (re: watch the episode about his immigrant parents played by his actual parents!).  If you are looking for something new to Netflix binge-check out Master of None

5. Favorite Hashtag: #BurntheTurkey to support Feeding America

Fitfluential has partnered up with Anytime Fitness for the Burn the Turkey Thanksgiving campaign.  For every (originial) photo or video shared with a #BurnTheTurkey hashtag and exercise, Anytime Fitness will donate $1 to the Feeding America organization (up to $25,000) which will help feed families in need this holiday season. By using the hashtag you're also entered for a chance to win a free 1-year Anytime Fitness membership. 

I know you'll be exercising through the holiday season and sharing on social media so why not share your exercises using the hashtag #BurnTheTurkey and help those in need at the same time!

What is one of your favorite things this week? Anything else seasonal I need to buy from Trader Joe's ? 

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  1. I love Aziz and the episode about his immigrant parents was just so well done - I laughed, I cried!

  2. Okay I need to try pumpkin cookie butter because that sounds like heaven in a jar. And OMG to those milkshakes. I'm still dreaming of them. I need to go back before they're gone...

  3. As a Shack Shack fan/lover/obsessor, I NEED to try that shake! It looks SO SO good!

  4. I didn't know Shake Shack had holiday milkshakes! Going to need to get one haha!

  5. I just started watching Master of None the other day and am already halfway through- I absolutely love it! Another win for Netflix! And yeah, I'm going to have to get my hands on one of those shakes pronto. Their regular shakes are so good, so I can imagine this would be heavenly!

  6. Okay I desperately want to find a place near me that has holiday flavored milkshakes! That sugar cookie sounds delightful!

  7. I have heard many great things about the Master of None show. I've added it to my Netflix list. Oh. My. Goodness. That milkshake. I want 5. Not all at once though, I think I'd have a heart attack from so much sugary goodness, haha!

  8. I love that shampoo too! Right now I'm all about the white chocolate covered pretzels with crushed peppermint at Trader Joes. So good!

  9. I'm so glad I don't like pumpkin flavored things (odd, I know)!

  10. That milkshake looks SO good! yum! I just bought some gingerbread tea and am loving some peppermint mocha k cups I just picked up.

  11. neeeeeed that milkshake. Actually, I need to visit a Shake Shack #bugerandfriesandmilkshakegoals. Happy to hear some good reviews about Master of None; was wondering if it was good and looking forward to watching some this week. Our local grocery store just got cookie butter and I can't bring myself to buy a jar because I have a feeling it'll be gone way too quickly. Happy Thanksgiving week!

  12. HOLD THE PHONE. Trader Joe's has pumpkin spice cookie butter?!?! How did I not know this? I legitimately might go to TJ's on the way home just to see if mine has it. I firmly believe it's my duty in life to try all cookie butter products, so it would be sinful for me to let this pass by without me trying it :P

    Bethany @ Accidental Intentions