September 23, 2015

12 Reasons Why November Project-Baltimore is Awesome (and you should join us!)

I haven't talked about it in much detail in a while, but November Project-Baltimore is still my favorite, almost two years after joining in. 

Thanks to Facebook photos, it's all everyone thinks I ever do-no, seriously. 

It was really great to have tribe members to organize long runs for marathon training this summer, which let me get to know many people a lot better. Although I may be a little more reserved than other tribe members, I have just as much love, pride, and enthusiasm for this tribe and appreciate all their love, support, and sweaty hugs.  I thought it was time to show my tribe some love!  

Reasons Why November Project-Baltimore is Awesome (and you should join us!)

1. The tribe is weatherproof and never cancels any of our FREE workouts-we embrace it. 
And sometimes we make snow angels.  

2. We do lots of fun things outside of workouts including happy hours, training runs, dinners out, and races like the Cupid's Undie Run in February. 
Also free workouts mean more money for beer and food!

Yeah, most of us are actually friends and not like those people you kinda stare at while you work out in the gym.


3. We love running stairs and #hillsforbreakfast. 
I know that least Sarah and I think stairs are the best. 

4. We race everything.  
It doesn't matter how fast or slow you are. 

There's always a friend you can "convince" to run a race with you. 
Post-Sole of the City 10K 2014

5. We keep it weird, real weird. 
Whether you are throwing feathers around with other tribes. 
Post feathering at NorthFace Endurance Challenge DC 2014 

Or bopping each other on the noses. Or curtsying when you say "good morning". 

Or building plank pyramids at the end of the workout. 

6. We like giving hips-in hugs. 
There's nothing like a big sweaty hug early in the morning. 


7. We are really happy to be working out with November Project at 6:30 AM (or 5:30 AM!). 
Just trick yourself into getting to the workout before your brain knows what's happening. 


8. We love Baltimore and supporting our community. 
There is so much Baltimore pride present, and the tribe is always supporting things like local 5Ks,community events,  great organizations like Back on My Feet, and even the awesome cafes like Light Street Cafe and Grace's Acre that allow us to takeover after workouts.   


Helping out with the Back on My Feet Baltimore shoe drive earlier in the summer 
9. We are great at taking photos and rocking neon-colored grassroots gear. 
We promise you'll get an awesome new Facebook profile photo if you come workout with us. AND WE HAVE A CRAB TAG which is obviously awesome. 


10. Our workouts change every week and are always fun and sometimes strange. The workouts include everyone's favorites including lunges, burpees, hoistees, and partner push-ups.  

We also really love squatting with our good friend "Sally".

11. We work out so early that we see amazing sunrises over the city of Baltimore. 


12. We have AMAZING co-leaders that keep things fun and the energy high as well as do a great job of making it a welcoming environment. 
Shout-out to Pat, Sydney, and Nick for being amazing people!
November Project Baltimore is one of my favorite things about living in the city. I can't believe how many friends I've made through the tribe and love knowing I can always count on someone to be up for something, no matter how crazy it sounds. I'm so happy the tribe embraced this crazy runner lady

P.S. We also like dogs, beards, and butts

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If you are in Baltimore come join the tribe #bemore_bmore for a free workout on Wednesdays 6:30 AM (and 5:30 AM) at Rash Field and Fridays at 6:30 AM at Patterson Park. 

 If you are still confused about what November Project is, check out the website

See if one of the tribes in 23 cities across North America is near you, just waiting to give you a sweaty hug. 

Have you ever worked out with November Project? Do you belong to an awesome fitness group?


  1. YES YES YES YES YES to all of these.

    Just yes.

  2. SOOOOO jealous!!!! This looks like a blast with tons of quality peeps! (I'm in Iowa...nothing like that near me) #sadface

  3. The November Project looks amazing. We have a group in Philly and I still haven't made it out to one of their workouts. Hopefully soon!

  4. I would love to work out with NP Baltimore but it might be a bit of a commute!