February 16, 2015

Cupid's Undie Run Baltimore 2015

I spent my Valentine's Day in my underwear with the November Project Baltimore team NP_BALs to the WALL for the Cupid's Undie Run. Yes, it is an actual run in your underwear. Yes, this past Saturday when it snowed. We are crazy people. 


Luckily it was only flurrying when I arrived down at Power Plant Live! on Saturday around 12:30 in the afternoon.  I quickly got in line to pick up my gear and head inside Luckie's Tavern before the run. I raised $50 so I got a tee shirt and a sweet pair of underwear. Apparently the run sold out that morning with 700 runners registered!


Aside from all the fun and silliness,the Cupid's Undie Run supports an awesome cause. Clearly I hate being cold so I wasn't doing it just for fun.  The Cupid's Undie Run is a Valentine's Day weekend fundraiser for the Children's Tumor Foundation to fund research for the genetic disorder neurofibromatosis. The run is staged in 38 cities around the world and overall has already exceeded it's goal of raising 3 million dollars. Now if you happen to be somewhere that doesn't become an icy tundra in the winter, I'm sure this event is much more comfortable! 

I was really proud that NP_BALs to the WALL raised over $1200 as a team and Baltimore itself raised $50,000 for the cause. I kept telling myself it was for the kids as I ran in my grassroots gear sports bra, tights, and my hot pink underwear. 

The bar opened at noon with the run start time for 2:00, so there was plenty of time to hang out and have some fun. I think it was so everyone could get a nice and toasty beer-coat on before running outside.  I was pleasantly surprised that drinks were really reasonable priced and that the bar was well-staffed. 


I had so much fun hanging with some November Project Baltimore members I know and some I've never met! We had a few drinks, laughed, and danced. They played lots of awesome music including my current jam Uptown Funk and some fun line dances, held some costumes contests, and gave out prizes to the top-fundraising teams & individuals. 


I was talking with a fellow NP lady how it really was spectacular for people watching. It reminded me of a strange sort of Halloween were everyone, not just girls dressed up as slutty {insert costume here}.was hanging out in their underwear. Many people were in costume and really had a lot of fun with the event.  

We also thought it would be a great event to incorporate a body love message or campaign with.  I was a bit nervous because my body isn't quite where I want it to be, and I wasn't sure how it'd look especially after eating and having a few drinks. Once I got there and saw most people just putting it all out there, including a few guys wearing less than I was (I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing), it was kind of inspiring. 

Nobody was judging how everyone else looked. We were all there just to have fun and raise money for the kids. 

They say it's a 1 mile run. It felt shorter than that, but maybe I was just running fast so I could get out of the cold. Clearly, not a chip-timed or serious race or run.

We ran from Power Plant Live! in Baltimore down to the Inner Harbor area past the aquarium to around the Urban Outfitters and turned back around. There were many tourists and other people in the area who were highly amused/confused with what was going on. A friend and I decided to try to just book it so we could get back to the warm bar as soon as possible. 

Post-Undie Run!
I can now check running around Baltimore in my underwear when it's 32 degrees outside off my list of things to do. 

After some more post-run drinking and dancing, I'd say it was a successful event and definitely something super fun to do with a group of friends. 

When my boyfriend came to pick me up so I could get ready for our Valentine's Day date he had an amazing bunch of balloons waiting for me because he knows I love balloons.  It was fabulous to end my Valentine's Day with an intimate date that included red wine, burrata cheese, and brick-oven pizza at Verde in Canton followed by a snowy car ride home to homemade chocolate covered strawberries and a cozy night in. 


It was a really nice Valentine's Day and incorporated all my favorite things: running, November Project, helping out a great charity, chocolate, boozy drinks, and a fabulous dinner date with my Valentine. 

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Did you do anything special on Valentine's Day? Would you run in your underwear in February in the cold? 


  1. We kept looking at pictures of the Undie Run and laughing. But also glad we weren't there running around half-naked haha you guys are brave!! I do kind of wish I could have gone even though I hate being cold. It's a great cause and even better people so you can't really beat that. And I love Verde! Sounds like the absolute best way to spend a Valentine's Day night. Now I'm craving chocolate covered strawberries haha

    1. Thanks so much! Totally ate the rest of the strawberries for breakfast the next day...

  2. I give you props for baring what you did in the cold! It sounds like it was a lot of fun though!

  3. What a great cause! I had never heard of this race. Sounds fun but too cold. I don't think I could be brave enough to do that. Kudos to u! I had a great valentine's day as well. I went to see that movie and it was so good! -L

  4. Cute!! This sounds like such a fun race. :)

  5. I'm cold just looking at you! What a good idea, though. Hope you took a nice hot shower after :)

  6. That's AWESOME!!! I did a Santa Speedo Run - same concept. It was hilarious.

    1. Ah that does sound hilarious! Sometimes there is too much that I don't want to see lol

  7. Great job! I don't think I'd bare it all to run in my undies but MORE power to you!

  8. You are brave! It was so cold this weekend I can't even imagine! I had a friend do the DC one this weekend too!

    1. Thanks so much. I was just glad the snowing held off for the race, brrr!

  9. The NP crew looks so cool! I definitely want to do this one next year. Your boyfriend is so sweet and it sounds like a wonderful Valentines! (You're so cute with all your balloons!) Saturday night was definitely a stay-at-home kind of evening for us too!

    1. The snow was surprisingly coming down a lot Saturday night so it was perfect to stay in after dinner!