June 3, 2015

National Running Day 2015: 10 Ways to Celebrate

Happy 7th Annual National Running Day! Yes, this is a thing. It is a holiday held since 2009 and sponsored by the New York Road Runners and other associations including Running USA and B.A.A as a way to celebrate the sport and share the running love.  Look for the hashtag #NationalRunningDay on social media to see how others are celebrating. 

 Since I've been a runner I've celebrated in  2013 and 2014  and love seeing this sport getting some attention. You can read about how I first got into running in 2011-2012 here.  It's inspiring to see so many runners out there share their stories. 

I always feel so grateful for all that running has brought to my life. Amazing experiences, happiness, challenges, and awesome people. 

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10 Ways to Celebrate National Running Day

1. Go for a run of course! You search the event Facebook group to find a run, your local running store for runs, or even grab a friend to go for a run! 

2. Virtual run with Nuun: Nuun has teamed up with Motigo to sponsor a virtual run. You can download the iPhone app or follow other instructions if you've got Android like me to get personalized audio messages from your biggest fans to motivate your run and maybe win a prize! Check out all the details on the website

3. Run for Others: Download CharityMiles app on your phone to donate the miles you walk or run to your selected charity. 

4. Just show up to November Project: Join a Wednesday 6:30 AM November Project workout to try something new. All workouts are free and involve lots of sweat, high-fives, hugs, and fun. Check out all the growing list of locations here


5. Get inspired: If you can't get out for a run, get inspired. Check out some awesome running bloggers or read (or join) yesterday's race recap link-up!

6. Run to fight hunger: Run one of the RUN10FEED10 10K races sponsored by Women's Health Magazine to benefit the FEED Foundation which fights hunger in America. You can see all their events all over the country here (which includes a virtual run option!) and save with code WHSESERKO-$5 off major runs and fun runs and 10% off solo runs.

7. Run Baltimore: If you're local, join Charm City Run and Team in Training for a 1-4 miles run at all store locations, a Nike raffle of a pair of shoes, and more. 10% of sales will be donated to help fight Leukemia and Lymphona. All the details here
8.  Tweet Along: Join @nyrr and @runnersworld for a Twitter chat from 2-3 PM EST. Use the hashtag #RunningDayChat to join and follow the conversation
9. Stay Safe: Head over to Road ID to get a $10 gift card by filling out a simple form on their website. I love their wrist bands and foot IDS as means of identification and information in case of an accident. I never run without mine! 
10. Run Rock 'n' Roll: The Rock 'n' Roll race series will be having a huge discount of up to $20 off on select races here. As always you can use my code below to save on any race but Vegas. This doesn't stack with the National Running Day discount, sorry!

BONUS Update: I forgot to include the special Momentum discount going on for the entire month of JUNE while I was talking about discounts. Just use my link for 10% off their athletic jewelry and footnotes and receive a FREE Run Happy single footnote with your purchase. 


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Why do you run? Are you celebrating today? If you don't run, what's your workout of choice? 


  1. I love your reasons why you run! I also run because it challenges me and makes me feel strong. I already got my run in today, and I am excited to read about why everyone else loves to run!

    1. Thanks so much! I love reading everyone's posts about running too!

  2. Yay! Happy National Running Day! These are all great ways to celebrate - thanks for sharing, I didn't know about some of them! I'm going to celebrate by...RUNNINGGG! It's my fave. :)

  3. Happy National Running Day! All such great ways to celebrate. I need to get myself down to a November Project meetup at some point!

    1. You definitely do! We're always there Wed & Fri!

  4. National Running day--only the BEST holiday out there. :) I loved reflecting on the reasons I run during my 7 miler this morning--made the miles fly by!

    1. Yes, I agree! It's nice to reflect on an activity or sport we spend so much time doing and talking about!

  5. Happy National Running Day! I love that there are so many ways out there to celebrate our love for running!

    1. I know-I think my favorite is the charitymiles partnership!

  6. Happy National Running Day! I ran four miles this morning while the sun came up and it was perfect! Hope you have a great day!

  7. I celebrated this morning on a nice, easy 60 minute run. It was great just to get out there, enjoy the weather, and focus on being present! : ) Hope you have a fabulous day!!