June 5, 2013

Happy National Running Day 2013!

If you haven't heard, today is national running day! 

I really became a runner (who runs races and all that jazz) a little less than two years ago. It's crazy to think it has not been longer because of how big a part of my life it is. It has become the ultimate stress reliever and way for me to meditate. I'm thankful for all the people I've met and the running community in general for being so wonderful! 


Here are some fun ways to celebrate: 
1. Go for a run! Duh! Maybe try leaving your watch, HRM, and Ipod at home and just run for fun!

2. You can look at the National Running Day site to find group runs near you or make your own badge like I did above! 

3. If you are in Maryland, every Charm City Run store is having a group run at 6 PM-I'm going to try to make the Baltimore run!

4. The Rock'n' Roll Marathon Series is having a stellar deal today where you can save $20 off pretty much any event registration! Check it out here! I'm thinking of signing up for the DC Half for next spring!

Happy Running,everyone :)


  1. Hey Fit Possible siSTAR :)
    Love this post!!
    I've been thinking about the DC RnR.
    I have a friend who stays there and she'll be happy
    if I have a reason to come visit lol.
    Hmmmmm decisions decisions!

    1. haha love it! I have a friend in DC who I crash with when I'm racing. I signed up for the half-you should too!

  2. Definitely taking advantage of the RnR deal today!

    1. It's a great deal, I signed up for the DC half!

  3. Who knew that today was National Running Day? I hope you had a good run! I love Preshii's comment! I'm fit possible siSTAR!!! LOL!

    1. I love her comment too! I took my boyfriend for a run/walk to hopefully get him active :)