May 8, 2015

5 Friday Favorites 5/8/15-Ways to Share Running & Fitness Love

I obviously  love sharing running & fitness love so today's  DC Trifecta Friday Five linkup seemed like a perfect topic to discuss on the blog . Life is still cray and busy and I'm not caught up on life or even unpacked after my vacation, race, and birthday.  Hoping to make some progress Sunday but if it's sunny outside, all bets are off! 


5 Friday Favorites: Ways to Share the Running/Fitness Love

1. Find a group. 

Whether you recruit friends to run with you or join a local running group, running with others is my favorite way to share the love.  In Baltimore, check out local running groups through Charm City Run, a race training group like the Baltimore Women's Classic 5K training,  join this month's Shake Shack Track & Field run, or drop in for a free November Project-Baltimore workout with me! People who sweat together, stay together!

Mid-run Team Nuun Hood to Coast selfie from August 2014

2. Connect online. 

I love finding motivation, encouragement, and friends through connecting with others online. There are Facebook groups like the Half Fanatics, Twitter, blogs, and Instagram. You can search for hashtags like #runchat, #run, #fitfluential to find some posts about running & fitness and be inspired! 

3. Make it a date. 

Encourage a friend to try out a new fitness studio for a happy hour workout (and even follow it with post-workout drinks!). Make working out a planned activity with a friend or significant other and mark it in your calendar.  Make a date with someone to attend a group fitness class. Afraid of looking silly trying to do barre the first time? Invite a friend and laugh at each other as you tuck, tuck, tuck.  

Trying FloyoFit yoga at Beachfit Baltimore

4. Be Positive. 

When people see how happy and healthy you are from all those running & fitness activities, they will ask you about them and possibly be inspired to get involved too! I've had multiple people say how I've motivated them or inspired them to get into running or making their lives a little healthier. It's awesome to see that kind of love spread! 

5. Races 

Clearly I'm a race addict and love running races. There is something so special about lining up with a crowd of people all with the same mission-to finish the race! I usually meet people at race expos and talk to people in the corral before the race starts because even though running can be a one-person sport, it can also be very social. I also think it's great to be able to wear the race medal or race gear after the event and spread the running love!

Post-2014 B.A.A. 5K rocking a new medal and my 2013 Baltimore Marathon shirt!

Want to run a fun race with me or a group of your friends? 
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I'm also linking up with ClareJill,Katie, and Heather

How do you share fitness and running love? What is your dream race vacation? 


  1. The Mr. and I have our eyes set on London and Maui next year! I love planning trips in advance because you have plenty of time to scope of what you want to see and save some cash. I think any trip that involves the beach is probably my favorite :)

    1. Both of those trips sound fabulous! I agree-beach vacations are the best!

  2. Run dates are my favorite runs. My husband and I both look forward to them :) Running groups are awesome too!

    1. That's nice-I'm trying to get my boyfriend into running so we could at least do some short runs together!

  3. Ha just realized we had a similar race schedule last year - I was also at the BAA 5K in 2014. Workout dates are my favorite - definitely holds me accountable!

    1. Haha that's awesome! I wish I could've been up there for the BAA 5K again this year!

  4. groups are the best! love it. hope you had a great weekend :)

    1. Thanks so much! I need to get together and run with you sometime :)

  5. I love running lots of races and planning race-cations with friends!

    1. I need more race-cations in my life. Running races is my favorite too!