February 20, 2015

Five Friday Favorites 2/20/15 featuring Shake Shack Baltimore

Today I'm linking up with my 5 Friday favorites from the week here , here, and here. I'm sharing my favorite things from the past week. It's been a long and cold week so I'm happy it's Friday. Minus that today I woke up and it was 1 degree outside. I know Chicago and Boston have it worse, but I'm still not happy about it.  It makes me want to hibernate and never leave the apartment. 

1. Favorite Meal: Shake Shack Baltimore

Shake Shack Baltimore FINALLY opened this week on Monday. However I snagged an invite to the Friends and Family Day on the Sunday before which allowed my boyfriend and I to try out their menu as they trained their staff. 

As you can tell from the photo, we hated everything
It was also really sunny in there-no joke. 

I got the Hamburger which was so delicious and juicy. We split some crinkle fries which were glorious and crispy along with a special Baltimore-only concrete, the Pratt St. Pie Oh My. It's frozen vanilla custard with a slice of local Dangerously Delicious blueberry pancake pie mixed in. It was SERIOUSLY amazing. We split a single, and it was definitely satisfying enough after all the other food. It was all worth every single calorie! 

 I hope Shake Shack does well in Baltimore-I know it's where I'll be treating myself all the time. 

2. Favorite Feature: 2015 Feetures! socks ambassador


I found out in January that I was selected as an 2015 Feetures! running socks ambassador. I'm super excited about yes, socks, because after trying multiple brands during marathon training, I finally settled on Feetures! being my favorite last summer.  I just ordered a few more pairs so it's all I've been wearing to keep my feet blister-free and happy.
I'm also really excited because Feetures! is also a sponsor of the ZOOMA race series (just another good reason to register for the ZOOMA Annapolis race in May with my code LAUREN15 to save 10%)!

3. Favorite Date Night: Paint the Moon at Leinenkugel Beer Garden


I had RSVPed to a Blue Moon painting event Thursday evening at Leinenkugel Beer Garden in Power Plant that I randomly saw on Facebook mostly because it involved a free beer. 

Due to the awful traffic, we showed up late but ended up being the only ones painting some Blue Moon glasses and trying some complimentary Blue Moon Brewing Co.'s new IPA. Their IPA is not super bitter or hoppy but has a nice flavor and is very drinkable! 

I guess the cold weather scared everyone off, but this way we didn't have to share the paint markers (or the beer!). 

My boyfriend and I got really into the painting (it relaxes me like coloring does) even though we have different styles. We ended up having lots of fun hanging out, painting, and drinking a beer or three. It was a nice activity to break up a stressful week that didn't involve me binge-watching Netflix in my sweatpants. 

4. Favorite Delivery: Nuun Hydration goodies


It's always a happy day when I come home from work to find a package from Nuun Hydration waiting for me. I ordered some Nuun Energy Lemon-Lime to stock up for spring races and was also sent some ambassador goodies like some more Nuun tattoos, a new trucker hat, and another Nuun water bottle! I'll be looking so fresh and hydrated this spring. 

5. Favorite News: Blue Cross Broad Street Run 10 Miler


I love doing races in the Philadelphia-area because it's where I grew up. My first half marathon was even the Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half Marathon. 

The Broad Street Run has been on my list for a while now because it's such a big running event in Philadephia and looks like so much fun.  It's been going on for 35 year and is super popular so they have a lottery system in place for entry. I am happy to say that dates worked out for me this year and I'll be running down Broad Street on May 3, 2015. 

 I am definitely having a post-race soft pretzel and cheesesteak to celebrate!   

What is your favorite news from the week? Are you ready for Spring yet? Have you ever had Shake Shack?


  1. shake shack is my fav quick service burger place in dc. it's SOOOOO yummy. glad that you have one now close to you :) have a great weekend!

    1. SO good. I just need to get myself back there for a burger!

  2. Ahhhhh I am so excited about Shake Shack!!! We were supposed to go Wednesday night for dinner but the timing didn't work out. Maybe I can try for this weekend instead... I wish I had signed up for Broad Street... I've heard such good things about that race and I know so many people doing it! We missed you Wednesday!

  3. Great post! You have me craving a burger and fries. Oh and a shake! YUM! And congrats on being a Feetures and a NUUN ambassador! :-)

  4. Sorry if this is my second post - I don't think the first went through!

    Your post race meal sounds amazing, I'd love to eat it. Right. Now! SS! I wish Nor Cal had one, I'm dying to try it. I've fallen for the hype, mostly because I don't have one near to try! Although I don't drink beer, that event sounds awesome - I would have went too! I thought I was the only adult that enjoyed coloring... xoxo, ganeeban

  5. Congratulations on being a feetures ambassador. I am also a Nuun ambassador and did not receive anything from them yet. They sent me a few emails that I could purchase products for a discounted rate but I thought we were sent some goodies? That restaurant sounds amazing! -L

  6. Congrats on being a Feetures ambassador! Isn't it funny how something as simple as socks can make such a tremendous difference in your marathon training?

  7. I nearly lost my mind when I saw that Shake Shack downtown the other day. The thing is that it's right next to a new Nalley Fresh so it would be the hardest lunch decision ever for me. The Nuun swag is awesome right now! I'm so excited to place another order. I'm running out at the perfect time!
    I really need to try out Feetures!

  8. Love Shake Shack! Whenever we go to NYC it is so busy! Their burgers and custards are so good!! Congrats on being a Feetures ambassador! Recently tried them and they are great socks!

  9. I just moved from Philly and 1. I MISS SHAKE SHACK SOOOOO MUCH! The one in University City in Philly had a "running team" - you ran 3 miles with them once a month and got a free drink (or milkshake!) afterwards! And 2. I'm so jealous you're running Broad Street! When we moved to Alaska last minute in April I had to sell my bib and I was really sad about it. Good luck and have fun!

  10. I lived in NYC when the first Shake Shack opened. I have had delicious shakes there a few times. They are in Chicago now but I have not checked them out.

    I love the Broad St Run! I did it twice the years my husband was in B-school we lived in Philly. So fun!

  11. I have been dying to try Shake Shack DC. Hopefully soon! Yey for Nuun goodies and congrats on the Feetures ambassadorship! I was selected as well! Love them!

  12. I wish there was a Shake Shack near me, that looks amazing! Feetures socks is all I wear. Congrats on being an ambassador!

  13. Um SHAKE SHACK! I went once to our new one in Chicago so far. It was awesome!