April 10, 2015

Five Friday Favorites:Trips to Take 4/10/15

I was going to post something else today but once I saw the fun  DC Trifecta Friday Five linkup of five trips to take I wanted to participate. It was really hard to narrow it down and decide between awesome places I've been versus places I dream of going. I There's a milltion places I want to go in the U.S. and nationally. Yes, I've got a serious case of wanderlust. Anyhow I ended up going with a mix plus some recent trips I will be taking thrown in! 

5 Friday Favorites: Trips to Take


1. Las Vegas, NV

I have never been to Las Vegas and as I said last week, am beyond excited to celebrate my friend's birthday and run the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon in November. I'm not a huge gambler (mostly because I'm poor) but cannot wait to get dressed up, explore the nightlife, hang out at a pool bar, and eat some great food.  I definitely need suggestions on places to eat and things to do!

2. Paris, France

I know it's cliche to babble on about how Paris is one of the greatest cities in the world, but I think it's true! I went to France right after my senior year of high school with other French students and had an amazing time. I got to explore Paris freely, learn their metro system, and eat lots of delicious foods.  Even though all the skills I gained as a French minor in college are disappearing,  I really need to go abroad again STAT.  

This was back in the day before I had a camera phone so all my copies of photos are on my hard drive . So here's a photo of me at a French restaurant in DC pretending I'm actually in France. 


3. Italy

I tried not be stereotypical and just list Western European countries even though I have not been and wish to visit most.  However, I feel like Italy would be an absolute dream for a foodie like me. Definitely a trip where I would need to pack multiple pairs of yoga pants.  I also really want to see Venice before it's completely underwater. If you hadn't heard, it's a crisis. To satisfy my craving of beaches, there is the gorgeous Island of Capri. Pizza, pasta, old churches, art museums, red wine, gelato, and beaches-all my favorite things in one place! 

4. Tahiti

Tahiti is the most populous island in French Polynesia located in the Pacific Ocean. From what I can tell it is the ultimate island vacation.  This is definitely an expensive, wish-list vacation dream for me. I follow the Tahitian Tourism's Instagram which always gives me a moment of escape when I look at the photos. I imagine sitting on a white sandy beach with bright blue waters and a cold drink in my hand. Tahiti (and Bora Bora) are where most of those stunning photos of overwater bungalows you see are from. Sign me up!

5. Disney World in Orlando, FL

It's a slightly silly addition to the list with so many amazing trips out there, but I'm mostly excited because I'll be going back in a few weeks on another family vacation. I've been there a least a handful of times already, but it's always a different experience. My sister has been interning through the Disney College Program this semester so we get to visit her plus got a great deal on a Disney hotel & the parks!  It's in it's own category of theme parks and truly is such a magical place-especially if it's your first time visiting.


I'm also linking up with ClareJill,Katie, and Heather

Where was the best trip you have taken to? What is your dream vacation spot?


  1. Paris is on my list as well! I've been to France, but haven't been to Paris. C'est tragique!

  2. I was born in Vegas and visited when I was in middle school. Next time I go will be "for real" haha. Next time you come to Florida plan to come for a Disney race!

  3. I love Paris, too, even if it is cliche! Really, I have yet to hit a spot in Europe I don't like. My favorite all-time trip, though, was to Australia. Just amazing--I could live there with ease.

  4. Vegas will be a grand ol' time - what a fun and crazy place to run! I have no doubt you will make it to Italy - I've been to Rome and loved it - must visit more places there!

  5. Disney World truly is one of my favorite places on the planet, especially now that I have a little one! I have never been to Europe and it's on my bucket list. Italy is a dream for me!

  6. I've already been to Disney World so just have to figure out how to do the other four on your list ;)

  7. I went to Beijing last year. It was amazing. I had the time of my life.

  8. Your blouse with the collar is so my style!! Loving your blog:) xx, Hayley www.dailydoseofdarling.com

  9. Fiji is my dream destination! Have a great weekend :)


  10. Great choices, Lauren! I used to work at Disney in Orlando and I believe in the magic of that place! I also studied abroad in Italy and Florence was my favorite city. Never been to Paris, but would love to! I also want to go to the Greek islands! Happy Friday!

  11. I love, love, love Paris (it's on my list, too) and Italy is amazing as well. How fun that you get to go to Las Vegas and run the half with friends!

  12. Greece & Ireland have been my fav vacation spots! Hawaii and England are next on the list! :)

  13. Italy would be amazing! I have always wanted to go there. One of these days.

  14. Hehe...I put Vegas on my list today too! That race is going to be so amazing!

  15. I would love to go to Paris, Italy or Tahiti. One day :)

    Have a wonderful weekend friend! XOXO

  16. I dream about going back to Paris. It was the best trip I have ever taken!

  17. Rock n Roll Vegas is SO on my radar for next year. Wish I could do it this year but it's just way too close o my Ironman. Also all these pics of the Paris marathon really has me wanting to do that one as well.

  18. Italy is my favorite place int he world! If you get the chance, go to the Piedmont region. There's a little town there called Alba that is unreal.

    You'll have a blast in Vegas! Check out Giada's - you'll need a reservation but it's 100% worth it! I liked Mon Ami in Paris too. There's a bar in Paris at the top where you can grab a glass of champagne and dessert while watch the water show across the street at the Bellagio.