April 3, 2015

5 Friday Favorites: Good Things 4/3/15

Congrats to Leah on winning my MealEnders giveaway !

Since there's lots of be happy about right now, the DC Trifecta Friday Five linkup of five good things seemed perfect. My life has been super hectic right now, topped off with a late Friday work day (which should be illegal) so you're getting this late-night Friday Faves post.  

5 Friday Favorites: Good Things

1. Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas


The Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon has been on my bucket list race for a while. I mean who doesn't want to run on the famous Las Vegas strip at night and then continue the party afterwards? It didn't seem like it would work out this year,but with a few changes of plans I'm in and could not be more excited! My friend is celebrating her birthday that weekend so we're going to run the half and then celebrate. I'm a crazy runner lady so that sounds like an awesome birthday to me.

If you want to join me, register here !

 (Sorry you can't use my Rock 'n' Blog discount for Las Vegas right now, but use LAUREN15 to save on any other RNR half or full marathon in 2015!) 

2. Springtime Temperatures


Okay so those rainy day forecasts aren't fun, but seeing lows in the 40s and temperatures averaging in the 60s for the next few days makes me happy. See you next year, winter! I'm ready for shorts & flip-flops!

3. November Project

Photo courtesy of November Project Baltimore

November Project Baltimore is always a good thing in my book, but this Wednesday's workout was special. We organized a little Coaches' Appreciation Day and pulled a surprise off for our three fearless co-leaders on April Fool's by showing up as a group with masks of the co-leaders on. I ran there just in time for the big surprise! It was really great to give the co-leaders three big cards some of the members crafted and show how much we appreciate them! 

4. Peanut Butter & Jelly 

I do not know what it is, but I especially cannot get enough peanut butter & jelly these days. PB&J sandwiches, PB&J toast, PB&J crackers, PB&J smoothies-whatever.  Clearly I've always been a huge fan since childhood but right now my craving can't be satisfied. It's the best, so I'm not complaining. 

5. Gundalow Ambassadors

I've been a big fan of Gundalow juice  long before I reviewed their juice package, so I'm really excited to be one of their ambassadors.  We had our first ambassadors team meeting at Gundalow this week and got to taste some new spring juice flavors that will introduced soon so stay tuned-they are delicious!  Besides yummy juices, I left the meeting so freaking inspired. The whole Gundalow team is doing so many amazing things that I am so motivated to reach my dreams empowered by Gundalow and help Baltimore continue to thrive.  More sappiness and juice loving to come. 

I'm also linking up with ClareJill,Katie, and Heather

What's something good going on in your life right now? Any fun weekend plans? 


  1. So many great favorites! RNR Vegas would be awesome to run! A unique experience for sure. Congrats on the ambassadorship. They're lucky to have you :)

  2. I've been craving PB&J all week after the Love Half last weekend (the Smuckers did it).

  3. Vegas is going to be so much fun! Glad to hear you were able to make it work.

  4. it snowed Saturday and Sunday, which definitely sucked; BUT it's sunny this morning (ahead of nearly 10 straight days of rain) and I found half price reese eggs and pretzel buns, so today's a good day

  5. YUM! PB&J's are always good! If you haven't, you'll have to try it grilled- the same way you'd make a grilled cheese, just with PB & jelly!