October 29, 2014

Think of the Possibilities: Mizuno Wave Rider 18 Review

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Mizuno on behalf of Fitfluential. As always all opinions and thoughts are my own!

This summer, I talked about how it was a big deal for me to switch to the Adidas Energy Boost 2 running shoes for marathon training since I had only been running in Brooks shoes for 2 1/2 years. Once you find a brand you like, usually you stick with them.  Also if I'm throwing down some dough for shoes, I don't have a lot of wiggle room to be adventurous in case they don't work out.  

I've always heard great things about Mizuno but just didn't think I was a Mizuno girl. 

Naturally I jumped at the chance to try their new Wave Rider 18 shoes when the Fitfluential opportunity came up because I was intrigued by the brand. In my post-marathon transition stage, it seemed like the perfect time to play around with a new pair of shoes. I could try on being a Mizuno girl for a little bit and see how it feels!

Mizuno Wave Rider 18 Review1

The Wave Rider 18 is a neutral shoe is said to provide a smooth and responsive ride while being a lightweight daily trainer.  They have been on sale since the beginning of the month for the MRP of $119.99.  They come in black/silver (what I received), blue atoll/silver, and white/fuchsia purple color schemes for women. You can check out the men's color schemes here


When the box arrived I squealed because they were pretty and I liked the eye catching black & silver color design. While how the shoes feels is important, I'm always looking for shoes that look cool as well. 

The first things I noticed when I slipped them on was how the toe box was more narrow than I was used to, that they were very lightweight (only 7.8 oz), and that the midsole fit snug.  The shoe definitely fits tightly around each foot with no need to make sure my laces are tied tight enough which I liked. It is like a big hug for my feet from my Mizunos.

Mizuno Wave Rider 18 Review2

My stride felt very smooth when I was running and also my foot felt very stable even during faster bursts in my runs. They are really lightweight which I loved, even though the Wave Rider 18 doesn't have that super minimal look to it.  


The cushioning uses Mizuno's patented Wave Technology for maximum responsiveness and "harmonious feel" which makes running feel stable from landing to toe-off.  I had been running in the Brooks Pure Connects and then the Adidas Energy Boost all summer so the heel cushioning felt less bouncy and responsive then I'm used to.  The heel cushioning felt hard while I was running, but I suppose that's because I'm coming from the super responsive Adidas Energy Boost. Even though I am not a huge fan of the cushioning, I do like the amount of support and flexibility in the shoe.

Final Thoughts: 

I do like that the whole design comes from the Japanese concept of "Hado", the intrinsic vibrational life force energy that promotes powerful transfomrations. It reminds me of the Mizuno #ifeverybodyran campaign, calling to mind the possibility of each run.  

I'm just starting to run again post-marathon which is tough, but I finally had a good run the other night. Lately I have been thinking of what's next. Will I become a Mizuno girl next year? What are my running goals?  Will I get my Boston time? What are the possibilities for me and running next year?  

Next time I consider lacing up my shoes even though it's getting chilly outside, maybe I should think of the possibility that a run is just the thing I need today.  

And hey, I'm telling YOU to go for a run if you haven't considered its possibilities lately. 


#WaveRider16 #realizethepowerwithin 

Have you ever run in Mizuno shoes? When is the last time you had a good run? 


  1. I love Mizuno WR 16s. They got me through my first full marathon. I do not care for the 17s. Why? I am not sure but they are just not right for me. I want to try 18s but I am afraid.

    1. It's difficult when brands change the shoe model to model and sadly you never know until you run in them!

  2. I have never ran in Mizunos but heard great things about them from many runners. Maybe I will give them a try. Love the colors! -L

  3. Great review! I too have been running in and loving the Mizuno WaveRider 18! :)

  4. Ohh I love that last image! Mizunos are my favorite!

    1. So many people love Mizunos, I'm glad I got to finally try them!

  5. I ran in my Mizuno's Monday morning and it was a great run, so was the one I took this morning with my baby in tow. :)

  6. I was given a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 10s to try about a year ago. I loved the look, but those are a stability shoe and I run in a neutral Newton (Gravity). I ended up giving them to someone else. The WaveRider sounds like a shoe that could potentially work for me and you're right about the styling - super cool.

    My last great run was last night. I think I'm finally recovered from my marathon at least to go short distances. Hoping for 5 miles tomorrow as my "long" run - which just seems crazy.

    1. I've also never tried Newton but heard good things. These are definitely a neutral shoe so they may be worth a try. Yes, I know what you mean-6 miles was my last long run, so strange!

  7. A friend of mine is sponsored by Mizuno and she loves them; she's currently training for the '16 Olympic Marathon Trials, so I usually trust her opinion! I've never run in their shoes, because I've had a hard time breaking out of my ASICS comfort zone, but I'm glad you are enjoying them! Great post, Lauren!

    1. That's awesome about your friend! Thanks for stopping by!