September 12, 2014

Friday Five Linkup: 5 Blogs I'm Loving Right Now

This week I finally started recapping Hood to Coast (see here) and talked more about how my marathon training has been going in between all my travelling. YIKES there's 29 days left until the marathon-but more on that next week. 

It's been a busy week but taking a hot yoga class on Wednesday that felt like Bikram and left me completely drenched has turned my week around in a weird way. The whole class I felt weak (it's been a while for me & yoga) and was focusing on all the dripping I was doing, but when I stood up after corpse pose I felt completely relaxed. Weird but awesome

Hanging out in pretty much a sauna for an hour and a half has made it easier to stretch and crack my back the past couple of days too, victory!

I pretty much can't wait to hang around Baltimore, get in a nice group long run, and enjoy a couple glasses of vino this weekend while avoiding as much traffic for the Star Spangled Sailabration thing as possible (200th anniversary of the National Anthem celebration is happening this weekend in Baltimore). I hope to catch the supposedly awesome fireworks display though!

I've been loving some of the blog posts floating around on the interwebs this week so I thought I'd linkup and share my "Friday Five" blogs I'm loving right now. 

Courtney is awesome and actually mentioned MY blog which is a complete shock so go give her blog some love too!

FIVE FRIDAY FAVORITES: Blogs I'm loving right now

1. Slim Sanity Alysia is always posting really easy to read yet informative content, especially lots of how-to's about websites and blogging. It's a good mix of blog, health, fitness, and things-to-know posts. I love that she is a fellow science lady and really loved this reminder post this week about how important it is to take care of your contacts!

2. Run to the Finish I don't know how Amanda does it but pretty much every post is great. She shares tons of health, running, and fitness information in accessible and funny ways like this week's post on tips for a good race photo.  

3. Hummusapien I have been loving the recipes Alexis has been posting lately (always?). To be honest she completely won me over with her post on being healthy but human this week. It resonated so much with me and my food philosophy so to speak. Her food photos make everything look delicious yet her recipes are easy to follow, which is pretty much a win-win.  I've got some browning bananas calling me to make her delicious vegan banana chocolate chip muffins again!

4. Scribbles and Sass I love Laura's blog because she blogs about as she says her "little life full of pretty things". This Canadian always has beautiful posts on beauty, food, fashion, travelling, posh events and everything in between.  I was glad to be informed to head to MAC to pick up this makeup in the near future from her!

5. RunEatRepeat I know it's one of the "big blogs", but I've been reading blog posts a lot again and always read Monica's posts. They are usually pretty short and easy to read and funny which I think is refreshing to me.  She also has lots of long distance and marathon running experience so I love hearing her advice and tips. 
That time I quickly met Monica at Fitbloggin' this past June

What's one of your favorite blogs to read lately? Do you have any big weekend plans or are you planning on relaxing like me?


  1. all great choices! some of my favorites too!!

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words, Lauren! :)

  3. I love reading post that are informative and I can relate to. -L

  4. Ohh thank you for introducing me to Scribbles and Sass!

    1. thanks for the blog love, Erin. come stop by and i'll have to check you out, too.

  5. ahhh i think google ate my first comment! if so, here it is again:

    thanks for the blog love, ladybug. you're the sweetest. i should blog about my fitness more, but the photos just aren't as pretty. i'm thinking a little trip north of the border is in order for you - or you could play tour guide to sister and i in charm city come the warmer months.

  6. Lauren, thanks so much for sharing your list on the link-up today; I'm so glad you participate, because that's how I found you! Can't wait to see more of your Hood to Coast recap and I know you're going to do GREAT in Chicago!!

  7. Thanks for sharing - can't wait to read more about your HTC experience.

  8. I totally agree that Amanda always has great info.

  9. love this list, lady! thanks for sharing some new to me blogs :)

  10. Thanks girl for the list! It's fun to hear your opinions about some of the blogs I know about:)