May 5, 2014

Birthday Cake and Tiny Hamsters

I had a pretty fabulous weekend with lots of delicious food and drinks (including cake and crab cakes and beer) to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday. I also got in a really nice run around the harbor with the Lululemon Run Club with a bunch of November Project peoples on Friday evening.  It was a great start to a busy weekend! For Scott's birthday celebrations we had an awesome lemon cake from La Cakerie with a raspberry buttercream frosting and raspberry puree layered in the cake. Yes, it was just as delicious at it sounds!   

Cake is pretty much my favorite part of birthdays. I definitely went back for seconds plus an extra spoonful or two of icing! It was a great day, and in the honor of cake and May the 4th (be with you) here's this Disney throwback to my vacation last year. 

delicious chocolate cupcake during Star Wars weekend
 I also had a great time running the Fiesta 5K Saturday morning with KIND Snacks, but that recap will be up later this week because today is my birthday!

 I sadly have back to back exams for the one class I'm taking, after work (seriously, life?) so I'm hopefully getting in a great AM workout (it's been sooooo long) and then having a mini birthday celebration after my exams with champagne and cake. I don't feel like running a marathon tomorrow so maybe I'll just run 2.6 birthday miles instead! There will probably be some tacos involved too because it's Cinco de Mayo/Mexican Monday, and honestly they are just super easy to make! Hopefully I'll have balloons because I love them, and they help make getting older less depressing! 

amazing birthday balloons from last year
 Happy Cinco de Mayo! Get your sweat on and then enjoy some tacos or big margarita for me! 

Or you can chow down on some burritos like this little hamster in this video that makes me giggle:

If you're having your own festive dinner check out my mango salsa recipe from a while back! 

Are you having a festive dinner tomorrow? What is your favorite part of birthdays?


  1. happy birthday!! my friend sent me that video last week, it's adorable! enjoy your day :)

  2. helium balloons make absolutely every event that much better! i love them.

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

  4. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day!