August 6, 2013

Mango Salsa and More Colorful Running Deals!

Well, first of all I have some big news-I was chosen to be a Delta Labs Ambassador! You'll be hearing plenty more about the company and their products but I'm really excited so I just had to mention it. I feel so small time in the blogosphere so I'm really excited for this opportunity,  It's a company owned and operated by women which sells all natural, affordable health and wellness products. I'm all about empowering women so it's a great fit!


Also, if you missed out on the Color Me Rad 5K discount I posted a few weeks ago, here is another chance to do a fun colorful run for a little bit cheaper!  I'm all about getting people excited about running and also love color.  While I found the last color run I participated in a little unorganized, if a group of my friends wants to run a 5K I'm always up for it! 

If you are unfamiliar, the Color Run is the "Happiest 5K on the Planet" and is an un-timed 5K where all the runners are covered in different colored powder by the end of the race.  The race celebrates health, happiness, and community.  The Color run is offering $5 off an entry to any city that is NOT sold out, just enter the promo code "COLOR5OFF" at the registration page.  Check to see if the Color Run is coming to a city near you here.


Also if you are running with a group of friends, registering in a team of 4 or more is automatically $5 cheaper, but if you use the code "COLOR5OFF" on your registration you will be saving $10 total!

I know I promoted the Color Me Rad and Color Run 5K, but I just really like seeing people running and happy.  Events that bring people out to feel healthy, have fun, and have a big party are good things in my book.  I don't think I can run the next Baltimore one due to the Philadelphia Half Marathon but maybe I'll find another city to run in :)

Post Color Run Baltimore 2013

Lastly in this random post, I have an awesome recipe to share.  I baked some frozen flounder filets for most of my lunches this week. I had some avocados sitting on my counter that were at the perfect ripeness and needed to be used up. I decided to create a topping for my fish, and it came out so delicious that I'm going to share the recipe with you. 

This recipe is super simple and you could substitute or add ingredients, depending on what you have on hand. I used sriarcha for some heat because it's all I had, but you could use some jalapeno peppers if you like your salsa spicy! 

I made a small batch for my lunches, but you could probably double or triple this recipe for a get together as a dip! It's kind of a hybrid salsa and guacamole and was even delicious on some leftover turkey burgers for dinner last night. 

Do you have any great lunches planned this week?  What are your favorite recipes to use up ripened avocados?

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  1. I had such a great time doing the Color Run! And congrats on your new ambassadorship! I'm all about empowering women so it's great to learn about another female-forward company.