March 19, 2014

Two Big Blog Announcements-WH Action Hero 2014 and HTC

Well I still feel exhausted from this long weekend (thanks snow day for giving me extra time to study for my A&P lab practical!).  I was lucky enough to takeover the I'm Fit Possible community Instagram on Saturday so you might have been following along with my half marathon adventures in DC.  I'll have a big weekend race(s) recap later this week or so once I get down to writing it. Here's a spoiler alert: it went well and beer was had :)


Well 2014 is turning out to be not too shabby, despite some recent crappy news and this never ending winter we are living in.  I've got not one, but TWO big blog news tidbits to share today. Drum roll please!


I've been keeping this a little bit under the radar, but I was chosen as a 2014 Women's Health Action Hero!

I had seen this ad below in my Women's Health magazine a few months ago and decided to apply on a whim.

 I didn't think my little blog and running escapades would qualify me to be chosen out of thousands of applicants, but hey, I convinced someone :) 

Women's Health is one of the biggest women's health & fitness magazine companies in the world so I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them in 2014! I was selected along with around 50 other inspiring women across the country to be able to review new products, blog on the WH Action Hero blog, and promote and participate in the Women's Health annual Run 10k Feed 10 race series sponsored by the FEED program.  
Soon I'll have a profile up on the Women's Health website to share, along with more information about upcoming Run 10 Feed 10 races, training, and more about what the FEED project does to fight hunger.  So far,everyone I've been in contact with at Women's Health and all the fellow ambassadors have been so nice and welcoming.

I even received this awesome welcome package:



I have less information about this, but am ECSTATIC that I just need to let you all know! After applying, I was selected to run the Hood to Coast relay this August as part of the Nuun Ambassador team!
hood-to-coastNuun: Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tabs

 I need to figure out how to fly out to Seattle but am positive this will be the highlight of my summer! I was so excited to get the chance to apply, knowing I might not be selected, and literally screamed when I received the selection email last night.
I looked like like this:

Eh, actually more like this:

My boyfriend thought something bad had happened! 

I have been saying I really want to run a relay race, and now I'll be running the mother of all relays. Of course I'll be updating all through the spring with more information.  It'll be my first trip to the Northwest, and I can't imagine a better way to experience it then running in a 24 hour, 200 mile relay race with 20 Nuun-loving strangers :)

Do you have any summer plans you are excited about? How was your weekend? 


  1. Congrats, girl!!!!

    And I LOVE the move Enchanted.. :)

  2. CONGRATS! that's so fabulous!

  3. This is amazing, CONGRATULATIONS on both things!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  4. wooo! congrats Lauren! You're getting to some of my favourite places this year.

  5. Congrats those are both huge, and very exciting things for you!

  6. Woo! Congratulations!! Both of those are so exciting!! :)

  7. Congrats on hood to coast lady!!!! everyone i know that runs it, loves it!

  8. Congratulations!! Such amazing and exciting news :)

  9. I was just as excited about reading the email from Megan, but I was at work so I was some what contained. Can't wait until August now. :-)

  10. Wow congrats! Both of those things are amazing!!!!

  11. congratulations on your awesome news... on both fronts. 2014 is shaping up to be EPIC!

  12. Congrats on BOTH huge announcements!! That's so exciting!! :)