March 14, 2014

Quick Five Friday 3/14/2014

Not Five Friday Favorites but just five random Friday things for you today. Mostly food-related, which isn't surprising. I have a busy, busy, busy weekend. A race expo after work, half marathon, going away party, Shamrock 5K, and travelling all in between. Yikes. I received some disappointing news yesterday so it was a big pity party for me all evening. Trying to stay in the mindset that "everything happens for a reason". A for effort on positivity, right? 

Five Friday Things
1. What you buy when you are sad and at the grocery store: 
It was amazing, and I would've eaten a bar of just the dark chocolate coating! Worth it. 

2. Don't forget to enter my giveaway to win some yummy organic snacks from LesserEvil
Enter here before Wednesday 3/19/2014 at midnight!

3. I made some awesome pork chops and asparagus for dinner last night. 
All I did was coat the asparagus in olive oil, Old Bay, salt and pepper and bake for 15 minutes. The porkchops were dipped in egg then a mixture of some panko bread crumbs, almond meal, salt and pepper and sauteed for 5 minutes then finished in the oven. Easy and delicious dinner for the win. I've got all the wife skills over here

4. I really need to do another Sorry we Missed You post because I've received a bunch of fun packages the past few weeks.
One fun package was my laptop and IPod GelaSkins that I won from a giveaway on Laura's blog. I love how pretty my laptop looks now!

5. I'll be at the Rock and Roll DC Half Marathon Saturday rocking this. 
Tank purchased from Abundant Heart Apparel
I'll be the girl wearing this with her hair in tiny pigtails trying to look like she is going to rock this half marathon. If you see me come say hi since I'm not feeling so good about it!

Do you have any big weekend plans? Running any races this weekend? Celebrating St. Patrick's Day? 


  1. i am so happy that asparagus are in season again!

  2. yay! i'm pumped you got your prizes. i love that laptop skin - gelaskins makes life so pretty. i love asparagus, that dinner looks yum!

    1. Thanks-I love the laptop skin a lot more than I thought I would :)

  3. GOOD LUCK with the race have fun and enjoy!

    PS where did you get that amazing looking chocolate bar thing??

    1. Harris Teeter. And buy more than one because it's only 3 in a box!

  4. Good luck! You are going to do great! And those gelato pops sound amazingggg!

  5. I'm running my first race of 2014!! And there is not risk of cancellation due to ice and snow! Waiting for the start and I'm like kid on Christmas morning waiting for everyone to wake up!

    1. Woohoo-it was my first 2 races of 2014 this wknd too! Hope all went well for you-I'm sure I'll read about it :)

  6. How did RNR go for you? Did you really wear a tank top? I would have frozen to death in that!

    1. I'm posting a recap soon, but it went well! I ran a bit faster than I had figured since my training was spotty. I started out with that tank (with another wicking one underneath), arm sleeves, and capris and knee high socks. I ended up getting so hot during the race I rolled my arm sleeves down! I suppose I'm just super sweaty haha