December 12, 2013

HLB Tea Swap 2013 and New Goods

Well it's been a crazy week. I've been super frustrated with my computer and am blaming it for the lack of progress on my grad school applications-which I will SERIOUSLY work hard on this weekend. See, I'm accountable now because I told you all.  My laptop I had since freshman year of college finally bit the dust about a year ago so I have been using my dad's old laptop from circa 2003, a.k.a  a senior citizen in the laptop world. The buggy Internet connections and general inability to keep up with me having 10+ Google Chrome tabs open and a couple programs running at the same time was taking it's toll on me. Yesterday I had a wonderful package to open-a new laptop!


 I purchased a Dell on Cyber Monday, and it's all fancy with Windows 8. I don't really know much about technology in detail but knew I wanted an i5 processor and a good price-I got both so I'm happy.  


Since I'm behind on everything, a couple weeks ago I received a special surprise in the mail. It was some tea from the HLB Tea Swap Fall 2013 that I participated in. I love tea so was excited to participate for the second year in a row. It's pretty simple-you're matched up with another member of the Healthy Living Blogs community and send them a little note and 2 of your favorite bags of tea and then receive the same from a different member.  I have a bunch of boxes of tea because I love having lots of flavors to choose from, but I've had to stop myself from buying more until I use up what I have! I sometimes drink a cup in the morning and usually have one before bed at night . I love getting to try just a few bags of other people's favorite teas!


I received an envelope from Dianne "Veggiegirl" (check out her great blog here!) with an adorable tea-themed card and three bags of tea. I couldn't get over how the cute the card was with a few little buttons glued onto it-so perfect for this occasion!


 I've had the Tazo black tea before, and love chai teas so the red chai herbal tea was yummy. I brewed a cup of the Teeccino chocolate flavor last night, and it was AMAZING. I'm so glad Dianne sent it even though it's not really a tea, per say.  Teecino is apparently a caffeine-free herbal coffee that is made to brew and taste just like coffee without the caffeiene and acidity, which is great for people trying to cut down on coffee or bothered by it like I can be when I'm having some tummy troubles.  I am definitely going to be picking some up. 

What is your favorite type of tea or hot beverage (for you non-tea drinkers!)? 


  1. congrats on the new laptop! mine is on it's last leg too, but i don't want to give up on it yet.

  2. So glad you liked the tea! :)

  3. A tea trade?! How awesome!!

    I was recently sucked into Teavana... but it's so good!! They had a pumpkin spice brulee flavor that I cannot get enough of, and it is definitely not cheap! But so good. I've not had red tea, but it sounds very interesting.

  4. Nice new laptop!!! Dell is such a solid brand too!

    If you like green tea you have to try Mighty Leaf (brand) Green tea tropical. It's amazing and I am addicted to it!