December 13, 2013

Friday Favorites 12/13/2013

I totally forgot to mention yesterday that the winner of my Beats by Dre giveaway  was Marcia from Too Cute Runner! Congrats! I'm so glad it's Friday- even if it is a spooky Friday the 13th! Apparently there is some wintry weather  in the forecast for tomorrow which should make the annual Celtic Solstice 5-Mile Race interesting for me. They held the race even during an infamous snowstorm once so there is no chance of it being cancelled! Can I just run in my puffer coat and boots?
Five Favorite Things This Week

Favorite hot beverage: 
Hot Chocolate

I don't know if it's just the colder weather and the holiday season, but I have been loving having hot chocolate in the morning or after dinner this week! I have a little Penzeys hot chocolate mix I've been using with almond milk but these bad boys picture above are a homemade mint hot chocolate my boyfriend whipped up with some almond milk, cacao powder, mint stevia, and other various ingredients. It was awesome, and yes, I called the Han Solo mug.

Favorite snack: 
Pickybars Runner's High flavor

I picked this up when running errands this week and it was a delicious and satisfying snack. I saw they are renaming the bar but am glad they aren't changing it's delicious blueberry and vanilla flavor. It's also gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan!

Favorite type of work day: 
Snow day (especially when it doesn't snow much)

Snow days off from work are awesome. It snowed a bit in the morning but eventually nothing really stuck and it stopped by 1 PM in the city. I treated myself to a little skinny peppermint mocha and a bunch of Netflix-watching. 

Favorite dinner: 
Homemade burgers (and bun!)

My boyfriend brought home some discounted Omaha Steaks products his dad came upon so we had delicious steak burgers for dinner this past week. We were unprepared without any buns so I whipped up a couple of these homemade paleo burger buns with what I had lying around. It tasted more like a biscuit with the dense texture from the coconut flour, but it was delicious! Somehow burgers replaced french fries as what I always want to eat! 

Favorite surprise: 
Beyonce's new self-titled album

Beyonce is queen, in case you were wondering.  She surprised everyone with releasing a fifth album today described as a "visual album" where the record comes with videos for each of the 14 songs. Check out some of the details here. AMAZING. 

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Did you have a snow day this week? What's your favorite hot chocolate recipe or brand?


  1. Queen B killed it, not that i should be surprised

  2. I've heard about those bars before and been meaning to try them! Sounds delicious. Great idea with the homemade burger buns!

  3. Wow, yes, Beyoncé... and I just finished sipping hot chocolate myself - love it!!

  4. YESS I bow down to Queen Bey. Seriously as someone who works in marketing I keep marveling at how brilliant it all is. She released a surprise album, did NO marketing/PR effort, but because it's a surprise album, the marketing practically does itself because literally everyone is talking about it. So so so jealous you had a snow day. I was really hoping for one on Tuesday. I called my office weather line 11 times before heading in I just couldn't let go of hope. SAturday snow is stupid...can't get me a snow day so what's the point?! haha.

    1. Gah that sucks. weekend snow is stupid too! And beyonce is queen and talented of course!

  5. Hot chocolate is my favorite, but you already knew that ;) SEE YOU TOMORROW BRIGHT AND EARLY!

  6. Im a coffee addict.Coming from Fitness Friday. Check out my site too!

  7. I've heard great things about Picky bars! I need to try them.

  8. Coincidentally, I am also sipping Hershey's hot chocolate and reading your blog. Nice!
    You can check mine out at
    happy running!

  9. that burger looks SO freaking good because my beef (ha ha haaaa) with most burgers is that the bun is just too thick and overpowers the meat. i wish places served burgers on thin bread or sandwich thins!
    that picky bar looks fantastic too; i love how hearty the ingredients are. you can just see it!

    1. I agree- I usually don't eat all of the bun because it's too much bread!