December 25, 2013

5 Rules for Christmas Break

I'm just popping in to drop some Christmas and holiday rules on you before I get back to hanging out with my family.

1. Unplug-post your obligatory holiday greeting and show off your awesome holiday food and gifts on facebook/twitter/instagram/whatever, but then leave the laptop shut off and your phone plugged in somewhere rather than in your hand or pocket.

2. Only eat one cookie-of each variety! Too many delicious desserts to fill up on one type of cookie-save room to try one of everything! I know I only get to enjoy some delicious peanut butter blossoms and Polish chrusciki cookies at this time of year so I'm going to make the most of it. 

3. Be flexible- okay so you usually hit the gym in the AM and refuel with your oats or green smoothie. I'm going to partake in my mom's breakfast casserole or go to the movies to see one of the many films I want to see (I'm looking at you, American Hustle, Frozen, Wolf of Wall Street, and Saving Mr. Banks) instead of working out one day. I swear you'll survive. 

4. Eat some greens-along with green tree spritz cookies and green & red sprinkles, try to eat some of the veggie platter or throw a salad in here or there. You can worry about your waistline in January, but you'll probably feel better right now with some nutritious food to fuel you through the holidays too! Balance=sanity, people. 

5. Live, laugh, smile. The holidays are one of the only times of year I actually see all of my family in the span of a few days. Share your hobbies with people and spend time with others doing what they like. After all, the holidays aren't just about the food you eat, the gifts,  and the decorations, but just about spending time making memories with the ones you love! 


Merry Christmas and happy holidays from me to you. May the New Year be full of health, happiness, and many PRs :-)


  1. I definitely have NOT been unplugging - LOL! It's because my family lives in such a remote location! If I unplugged then I would TRULY BE LOST! ba ha ha ha! ;)

    Merry XMAS!

    1. Well, that's an exception that can be allowed then :) Happy Holidays!

  2. Great tips!! I need to unplug right now!! Enjoy! (especially all the holiday cookies!)

  3. I love these tips :) I need some more cookies in my diet I think

    1. Yay thanks! And yes more cookies-I run for cookies haha