November 5, 2013

November Goals

So I didn't get a chance to post my usual marvelous highlights from my weekend. Boo.  It involved running and doing some yoga with Sarah, NY Marathon brunch get together with my running buddies to track our friend, sleeping in, and grocery shopping.  My legs were really tight, but I managed to get a couple 6 mile runs in at around an 8:45 pace.  I am still in awe of the fact that it's November, and I need to do some holiday planning already. Where does the time go?!?! I seem to plan to do many things and rarely get around to most of them. 

I've started back up again making  lists for everything, which is my favorite way to stay organized. I've been neglecting my planner recently and need to start writing reminders about everything down before I forget all the little events , due dates, and projects on my plate. I have a bunch of to-do lists and managed to check a few things off this weekend, which is such a satisfying feeling.  I have a mid-term today but after that it's back to be super productive. 

Here are some of my November goals: 

1. Be happy and positive.
2. Drink more water (have fallen off the wagon on this post-marathon!)
3. Make a plan and stick to it-use time wisely!
4. Put away the phone and pick up a book. 
5. Try one new recipe a week. 
6. Attend one yoga class a week. 

 As part of my new plan to stay productive, I've decided to participate in two challenges for the month of November.  

Like I had mentioned in my last post, I'm taking part in the  "30 Days of Little Things Challenge"  from Savvy Eats  blog.  It's been great to meditate on my day and how I'm feeling and pick one thing I'm grateful for.  It's a personal challenge to find positivity in all aspects of my life. One day I was grateful for my legs that allow me to run. Yesterday I was grateful for caramel flavored coffee, which was getting me through the day. Download the printable and join the November challenge with me!

LOVE these blissnotes from BexLife!
I'm also going to try to do this challenge from the Clean Eating Mama. Today would be Day 1 for me (oops!). I usually am awful at sticking to daily challenges, but I'm really going to try. I really have wanted to strengthen my core and work on my planks for a while, and I like that this challenge breaks the planks up into sets!


It seems like a lot but if I can break it up between morning and night or throughout the day I think it would be awesome to finish! Join me by grabbing the exercise chart here and help keep me accountable!

Since I'm feeling super go-getter and positive today, if this story doesn't make you smile-you aren't human. I loved rooting for my runner friend Liz in the New York Marathon and seeing the winners, fans, and all the runners on TV and then there are stories like that one. It is amazing. 


I love marathons and runners-we are an awesome community of people. 

Are you going to join in the challenges with me? What are your goals for November?


  1. Yayyy for a solid run! We need to make that a regular thing. With some yoga thrown in there so I keep going to it too. For some reason the cold weather makes me so much less excited about drinking water and I feel like I'm dehydrated. But I also suck at making goals so I don't even want to say I'm going to do them with you because I'll never stick to it haha maybe I'll see you tonight!

    1. Definitely a regular thing-esp to get me out of bed on the weekends as it gets colder!

  2. i hadn't heard of those challenges but they sound awesome! love that last quote too.

  3. Great goals! I am a slacker about challenges so I don't go along with them (although sometimes I will do them anyway, without being all official about it), but these sounds great. I love the one about being more positive. Great goal!

    1. Thanks-I'm a slacker but hopefully I'll finish the challenges, since I told the interwebs about it, haha.

  4. Drinking more water is one of my goals as well! I'm also going to try and get my butt outside and run because I have a half marathon coming up in Feb and definitely need to train for it! :)

    1. Yay for half marathon training-I'm transitioning into that after the holidays.

  5. Put down the phone and pick up the book - right what I've been thinking lately! Or put down the laptop and pick up the vacuum. Got to be more productive during the week. I'm working on a few fitness challenges too - Pile on the Miles from Run Eat Repeat and also to work on my pull-up skills (blog post coming eh next day or so!)

    1. I like teh vacuum suggestion-do you think that works for my boyfriend with putting down the video game controller and picking up a broom? I'm doing Pile on the Miles too and need some pullup help! Great goals!