October 7, 2013

MIMM #13-A Pumpkin Filled Weekend

Well first of all, this is my 100th blog post-what?! If you would have asked me almost a year ago (this week!) when I started this blog if I'd still be blogging away consistently I probably would have said no. Crazy.

My weekend was full of lots of relaxation and smiling. That's a nice change of pace. Here is my MIMM pumpkin themed weekend recap!


Marvelous is a nice, final long run with my training group Saturday morning-it was bit hotter than it has been which made for a sweaty run.  

I stopped by the local running store and finally met Sarah in person. The Brooks Running people were there with their Run Happy Island touring van, and I won ANOTHER pair of Brooks shoes of my choice. SA-WEET and oh so marvelous

Marvelous is going pumpkin picking with my boyfriend and getting three huge, bright orange pumpkins. It was a nice farm where you could go in the patch and pick your own pumpkins. They also had a huge corn maze and farm animals. 


It's amazing how many types of gourds and squash they grow-like this ginormous butternut squash. 


Marvelous is spending the afternoon tasting pumpkin beers including my favorite-Southern Tier Pumpking on draft. 

Last night I made this marvelous and healthy bacon pumpkin pasta from A Pinch of Yum and even my boyfriend couldn't believe it was healthy because of how creamy and tasty it was-I should have doubled the batch! I added extra bacon and used almondmilk instead of evaporated milk. I also added some sauteed spinach into the mix to get some more veggies.  Delicious.

To end the pumpkin-filled weekend, I made pumpkin spice donuts I found on Sarah's blog, Ingredients of a Fit Chick here. They were a yummy dessert to end a marvelous weekend! I made a little frosting with some cream cheese, greek yogurt, and vanilla-flavored liquid stevia.   


 Oh and I went through a box of these pumpkin pastries from Trader Joe's on my latest trip to pick up some autumnal goodies. They are delicious-like a pumpkin flavored brown sugar poptart. I wrote that box off as carb-loading :)


What is your favorite pumpkin treat?


  1. holy wow that pasta looks amazing!!

    1. It was even better than I expected-make it!

  2. Soooo next time we hang out we will actually have to get our picture taken, preferably when I'm not working ;) I still can't believe how lucky you are with the shoe thing! That is seriously so awesome. Pumpkin donuts sound perfect right now. I ate a pumpkin cookie yesterday and fell in love.

    1. Yes, yes-send me your digits! I know the shoe thing is crazy-totally unexpected. Pumpkin sweets are the best :)

  3. Another pair of shoes? Aren't you just one lucky gal )

  4. Where did you guys go pumpkin picking? That would be a super fun weekend activity!

  5. I love pop tarts I used to eat them every night when I was a kid (prob wasn't a good idea) I haven't had one in years now but I do want to eat a pumpkin one ohhhh and a peanut butter one! I just don't need a whole box! haha

  6. OKAY - THAT Butternut SQUASH takes the cake!!!!!! I would buy it just because it's so flipping big. LOL. That's what she said. Yes yes I did!