October 4, 2013

Five Friday Faves-Marathon Training Edition! 10/4/2013

Hello and happy Friday! I'm hopefully going to have a relaxing weekend and get to enjoy this unusually warm weather we are having.

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This week, in honor of my first full marathon being in 8 days, for my Five Friday Favorites I'm going to show you my five favorite marathon training items. 

Five Friday Favorites: Marathon Training Edition

1. My Garmin GPS watch has been super helpful in not only tracking how many miles I have left to run on long runs but also in helping me stay on my marathon race pace during speedwork and tempo runs. It is fabulous and far less bulky than my smartphone. I am super jealous of the newer models that come in bright colors though (Christmas gift, anyone?).

2. Compression Sleeves
The day after a long run you can find me rocking my PRO compression sleeves. I usually wear them after a long run or the next day for recovery. I think they work well in aiding recovery and help with my tight,sore calves. I usually do long runs in the sleeves and recover with the socks. I find my feet swelling makes running in the compression socks uncomfortable. 

 Fuel Belt (nutrition too!)

At first I thought wearing a fuel belt would be awful with it bobbing on my waist and me adjusting it every few seconds. Now I've mastered wearing it higher on my waist and securing it tightly-even though it's not fashionable at all, it's the only way it stays comfortable. This one also has a handy pocket that I can stash some gels or chews in along with 2 small water bottles.  I've experimented with fuel, but my go-to choices are chocolate/vanilla GU (but adding salted caramel in the mix!), honey stinger chews, and Nuun!

4..  My Brooks Ravennas are a more supportive shoe than I'm used to running in because I was previously running in the more minimal Brooks PureConnects and PureFlows. They feel good (the most important factor) and have nice support and cushion for my feet. I have a fresh pair on deck for the race with only a couple runs on them. The bright purple color is also nice and flashy!


5. Almond Butter. As a nut butter addict, I eat all kinds of nut butter everyday. The TJ's almond butter with a banana on cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread or a P28 bagel has been my go-to snack before a long run. It never lets me down!


What are your favorite race training items? Any fun weekend plans?


  1. Love almond butter so much :) The race is so soon, I'm excited for you!

    1. Thanks :) Almond butter is amazing-I can't believe I just started eating it a few years ago!

  2. Wooooo I love running talk :) I wanted to pipe in and say that we're the opposite with compression stuff. I run in socks and recover in sleeves. Except I do it wrong and the way you do it is what you're supposed to do so I should probably take a lesson or five. Hopefully I will get to see you tomorrowwww slash maybe sunday. or next week. SOON is all that matters!

    1. As long as the compression feels good-do it your way!

  3. I love all of these! Have you tries TJ's flax alomd butter? So good!

    1. Ooh, no I haven't tried the flax almond butter. I'll be on the lookout!