August 30, 2013

Marathon Training Week 10 and Friday Favorites 8/30/13


The Road to 26.2 -Marathon Training Week 10

Short runs: My training group revisited our 2 mile time trials for our speedwork session this week. One of the first speed sessions we did as a group was a two mile time trial so this was a great way to see any progress made since the beginning of training. My time was around 20 seconds or so faster which is great, since it was already pretty speedy. I had a pretty crappy day so I channeled a lot of negative energy into the run and went out just a bit too fast.  It's been a little warmer and more humid than it had the past few weeks so I got in a couple sweaty short runs this week too. 

Long Run- Saturday was an easy 12 mile long run week. I actually felt great, even with my training buddies running a faster pace than we probably should have been-it was almost as fast as that 12 mile race we ran! It was a nice, flat run along the water in downtown Baltimore.

What was awesome last week:  Staying stress-free about getting my workouts in.  If my legs kill and I'm at work late and feel like crap, that probably means I should take a rest day. If I make it to Crossfit that's great. If not, it's okay.  As long as I keep a few runs with a long run, a week I'm going to be okay.  

What I need to work on this week: I've been having lots of tummy trouble so my eating hasn't really been on point.  I don't really know how to figure out what my triggers are besides crappy food, lots of dairy, gluten, and STRESS.  I'm going to try to take it easy (besides some beers this weekend!) and keep it fairly clean to get my body balanced and get my IBS flare-up under control.  

Training wise, it was a pretty solid week, and I haven't let my stomach problems get in the way of my miles!

Favorite snack: Chocolate Avocado Pudding

If you don't have protein powder, you can just omit it!
I whipped this baby up last night after having some overripe avocados in the fridge to use up and a hankering for something sweet (okay, so I could always go for something sweet, but still).  I added protein powder to make it super filling, but you could totally leave it out. It came out delicious and was one of those snacks where I was sad I didn't eat it slower and totally licked the bowl clean.  

Favorite food find: MINI Chiquita bananas


I picked these up at Harris Teeter last week during my grocery shopping and almost squealed at how cute they are. Everything is cuter when it's mini. It's the little things, people.

Favorite accessory: J. Crew Factory mint green necklace


Last time I was in A.C. I picked up this necklace for 30% an already awesome factory outlet price. I LOVE anything mint green and have already worn it twice this week. 

Favorite labor day deal: Delta Labs Labor Day sale

I know I mentioned this earlier but again, Delta Labs is having a Labor Day sale where all orders will be 50% with the coupon code"LABORDAY" when you place an order through their site here

If you are looking for some great women's health and wellness supplements check out Delta Labs products including their newly improved vegan Hair, Skin & Nails Formula which has even more biotin added! I've been taking biotin for months now to help with my weak, chipping nails and it definitely helps!

It's a holiday weekend, and besides the Grand Prix wreaking it's traffic havoc in downtown Baltimore, it should be lovely!  I'll be staying put in the city and enjoying some time outdoors in the beautiful weather. My family will be visiting, and I can't wait to hang out with them.  Enjoy the last weekend of summer!

                   Do you have any plans or travelling going on for the long weekend? 


  1. Yay great job with the 20 seconds! Sorry to hear about the stomach issues. Hope you figure it out ! I haven't been to HT in a while but those bananas are adorable and I maaayy have to go find them!

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, those bananas make me smile. I may just buy some more mini ones for that reason!

  2. Sounds like you had some good runs!

    1. Thanks-I can't complain about how well training has been going!

  3. Good some on your workouts. Sorry to hear about your tummy!

    Went to Lake Placid for the long weekend. It was awesome!

    Thanks for linking up to #RECIPEFRIDAY :)

    1. Anytime-love your recipes! Lake Placid sounds fun-I've never been out there!

  4. Nice week of training, I am glad you are able to reduce the stress of it, hopefully that helps your stomach. IBS issues are no joke, been there done that..... just really figure it out with trial and error and I think that's what you seem to be doing so you will get to the bottom of it! Have a good Labor day!

    1. It's just hard because trial and error takes a while and sometimes my issues feel so random!